Ups and downs of MindTouch
Updated May 16, 2016

Ups and downs of MindTouch

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Overall Satisfaction with MindTouch

MindTouch is being used as a client facing knowledge base. My documentation team is 80% responsible for content creation and maintenance. We may receive content to add from the training team, but only my team uses the MindTouch product. We have a web master that is responsible for the look and feel and solving technical problems. Our new clients/potential clients/seasoned clients use MindTouch. We help solve the problem of product support.
  • I think MindTouch does a good job of versions and the ability to view and revert to a prior version.
  • It does a good job of setting permissions at the page and folder level.
  • It has a good interface for setting up MindTouch users.
  • OMG, our company could write a book here! The product's functionality is flaky and is slow to respond. Yes, it crashes. Some functionality doesn't work the way I would expect. For example, when you copy a doc say to a drafts area, it removes the number prefix so when you copy it back it does NOT overwrite the existing doc.
  • There is nothing to support the doc processes such as drafting a review, reviewing process and adding comments. In my company, when I draft something for review, I have to copy the contents out to a Google doc so people can comment.
  • What happened to MindTouch support? They use to respond within 24 hours, that is no longer the case. Seriously, it was 6 months before an account manager reached out to us. MindTouch has really gone down hill.
  • Why does someone have to have a user account to leave feedback or see the last modification date?
  • Why can't I have control over what categories generate the Related Articles? My categories are made up of entirely different products and I don't want to see a cross over of different products.
  • To me, I don't think the original designers of the product had any understanding of the online docs. It irritates me the a "User Guide" metaphor is used. Please understand the User Guides are for paper formats NOT online docs.
  • Our customers complain bitterly about searching. They want full text searching and not tag based.
  • At first, I was very excited to transition to MindTouch. However, the process was NOT easy. Training was fast and incomplete. I felt very weary after migrating 1,000 docs with many, many graphics. I am not happy with MindTouch. The company is not happy with MindTouch.
  • Last one, the URLs are way too long. Customers complain. I don't know why they don't use numbering for the articles.
  • Yes, since it has been rolled out we have an improved NPS.
  • We have had to add additional writers because MindTouch processes are hard.
  • KBPublisher
We went from using KBPublisher software. We switched because there is no automatic table of contents, and searching was not acceptable. The interface was hard to use.

We evaluated several other products but MindTouch seemed to be the best at the time. We liked the reports, analytics, and automatic table of contents but what we failed to realize was that the product is still in its infancy as far as development and it seems to be going backward in that regard.

>>>>>5/16 update: Still a startup but now listening and addressing our concerns with us. So many problems were solved with upgrading to a newer version.