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December 04, 2017
Seth Faber | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using MindTouch as a central repository for support knowledge, product documentation, processes & procedures. We started within the support department and quickly expanded to include delivering product documentation as native web content (not PDF) and now we targeting field service and deliver content. Centralizing information into a single highly accessible solution allows anyone to find relevant information quickly.
  • Authoring content is simple and not overly burdensome
  • APIs and connectors allow integration into CRM systems and anything else we can imagine
  • Flexibility which allows us to replace a knowledge base, wiki, PDF manuals and various team sites, Creating a single tool that delivers the right content to the right audience, all in one place.
  • Reporting for large amount of contributors is difficult as each has to be search separately
  • Advanced enterprise type of features like synonyms, full page content reuse (not just sections), use case to article linking data in search result prioritization as content reuse is not accounted for but page views are
  • MindTouch only searches content within MindTouch so our support website has 2 search boxes that act differently. One performs federated search across the entire website including MindTouch and the other only searches MindTouch. It is difficult to present both options on MindTouch pages but users need to also find content that is not in MindTouch.
MindTouch does a great job of handling content as varied as product manuals to a knowledge base replacement. Content is easy to make within MindTouch but it is also flexible enough that content can be pushed into it from other authoring tools via APis. It does not replace our entire support website but is easily integrated into the support site for a seamless experience.
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October 20, 2017
Nina Wishbow | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use MindTouch for our help website and context-sensitive help in our product user interface.
  • The MindTouch service has been more reliable than other, similar products I've used.
  • It also is easy to customize the appearance and layout of pages once you're familiar with how the product is structured.
  • It allows embedding of videos, which we don't do very much of at present but would like to do more of.
  • Surprisingly for a content delivery company, I found the documentation to be very sparse, so at first it was learning by trial and error.
  • The product is also not very flexible at the highest level. You have to fit your topic structure into their framework, which can be somewhat limiting.
MindTouch is particularly good if you have some HTML/CSS skill, so that you can customize their defaults. It also is well suited to a smaller documentation set and for a "mobile-first" strategy. Their display framework, which appears a set of boxes set in a grid on the page, can introduce usability issues for large or complex documentation sets because it forces the user to drill down into topics instead of being able to scan long lists of topics in a tree.
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October 17, 2017
Kristen Kiley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our training team set up MindTouch to house all our training videos and articles. The site is used by our customers as well as our internal departments such as support and sales. The articles contain detailed documentation on our product's features. We also use it for release notes and to link to Gotomeeting registration pages for our live training classes.

We recently starting using a separate LMS system so we can assign and track our customers' training during onboarding scenarios. We use an LMS for this because MindTouch can't do this.
  • Good privacy settings for each page. I can set a new article to semi-private until it's approved to go live. And I can send a link to that page out for review.
  • Good tracking on each page history.
  • Ability to view and restore previous page versions.
  • I like the category search bars that only search the current category.
  • When they release product updates each Thursday, sometimes those break areas of our site. Either it interacts with and breaks our custom branding or it breaks the layout and responsiveness of existing pages. So far MindTouch has not been able to find a solution to any of my tickets on these issues. So that puts the problem back on us to go through all of our 3,000+ pages and apply a fix, or to rebrand certain areas like our customized search page which broke and was reverted back to default.
  • The reports could be more helpful. I'd like to filter these reports further before I export.
  • the search feature isn't strong enough. Doesn't always pull up the best results, and it's difficult to sort through the results and know what is what. Is it a video? An article?

It's good at easily creating and housing all our documentation/articles.

It has a simple and effective way for customers to contact support. With the 3 contact methods appearing on certain pages of the site. And a good support contact form that integrates with our Salesforce.

The user community features look to be a good fit for us, but we've not implemented it yet because our engineering department still needs to prepare the single-sign-on for us.

It's not as appropriate for housing all our video tutorials. Right now we can put each video on its own page and list them similar to articles. It would be better if we could easily move and navigate between videos without having to click into individual pages. It'd also be nice to have more linking/association between videos and articles of the same subject matter.

It's not as appropriate for offering our live class schedule or registration. I'd like to see a GoToMeeting integration. Or even a good way to display classes on a calendar, with the ability to filter which classes display on the calendar.

I find the authoring of content to be simple and quick in MindTouch. The content editor and WYSIWYG is pretty good - although they recently updated to a paired down WYSIWYG which I find takes more time to use since the tools and options are hidden in drop-downs. The workflow is solid due to the 4 privacy options and the draft mode.

The struggle I have with MindTouch is that it doesn't provided an automated content inventory tool or workflow. I'd like to communicate the website size to stakeholders. And have an inventory that helps provide a consolidated picture of the overall structure of a site:
the major sections, pages, and distribution of content. And a way to audit the content and mark/track which pages need to be updated.
Our first Account Manager was great - he was proactive and watched over any tickets to make sure our problems got solved. But our level of support plummeted when we got a new Account Manager. We've been relying on a certain support personal to step in and help us out as she's able.
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October 10, 2017
Lila Krutel Meyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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At Gainsight, our documentation team members are the primary authors in MindTouch, but the published docs are utilized by other internal teams as well as our customers. We use MindTouch to share product release notes, user guides and admin configuration guides, tutorials, troubleshooting tips, FAQs, as well as some short feature overview videos. Our internal teams can submit feedback on individual articles directly in MT, and the docs team receives email notifications. Our Biz Ops team is working on documentation to support new customer on-boarding, and we're planning to host that in its own category on MT. Additionally, our support team is starting to use a private category on MT to host their internal technical documentation.
  • Authoring and editing articles is quick and easy.
  • Mindtouch has a really responsive and helpful support team.
  • You can customize the structure of your documentation on MT.
  • You can easily re-use content from one article in another, as well as pull in multiple articles to a path or sequence of documentation.
  • You can't easily manage the sequence of articles in a sub-category or guide.
  • If you are migrating documentation from another platform to MT, you may encounter a rocky road and lots of manual QA.
  • There's no real draft management functionality available. If you want to offer article feedback to someone, all you can do is enter text in a single comment box at the end of the article. As a result, we still use Google Docs for drafting and sharing articles for review, and then when they're finalized, we publish them on MT.
  • Some of their backend tools for reviewing broken hyperlinks, or locating unpublished articles, as well as their OOTB reporting options need improvement. They feel somewhat buried in the backend and inflexible; for example, you can't export a long list of records for easier review.
If you don't already have a documentation portal in place, MT is a great option. If you need to have private and public categories, and different people need to be able to edit/view articles in different categories, MT has the permissions structure in place to handle that. If you want to re-use content, including media, MT can support those use cases. If you want to present some articles in a path, to help users tackle a larger task or process, MT can do it with their paths feature.

If you're migrating docs from another platform, be sure to figure out how your existing article URLs will be handled. All of our old article URLs were broken in the migration, which created a bad end user experience that we were dealing with for several months.

If you need to have detailed reporting capabilities on user activity, you'll probably have to connect MT to Google Analytics or another tool.

Authoring and updating content in MT is easy and fast. In Zendesk, it used to take maybe 4 clicks to start editing an article, while in MT it takes 2 clicks. It's also easy to modify content and leave it in draft status until we're ready to publish it, which is helpful when we're working on updates in association with an upcoming product release. It's also easy to add images or video to articles, and perform basic text formatting. I can't copy and paste text from a Google or Word doc into MT without the formatting being altered in undesired ways, but we manage to work around this.
MT Support is helpful and responsive, and actually assisted a fair amount with our initial implementation.
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October 10, 2017
Travis Sousa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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MindTouch is being used by DealerTeam to the fullest measure.

Internally - Structured content allows for new hires to read self-help articles and learn about tribal knowledge without taking valuable time away from top producers. MT has saved time and improved the efficiency behind new and existing employee training. Team building has also improved as we can now share articles around the office by copying and pasting a link. Whether it's to answer an employee question or provide an answer to a client, sharing content is fast and easy.

Externally - A web centric knowledge base with public facing URL's for each piece of content!! Are you kidding me? Nope, that's what you get with MindTouch. Don't worry, you can keep sensitive content private with Roles and Permissions. Creating public facing content structured like a website has made a huge impact for our customer support channels. Self-help content available 24/7 has successfully catered to our niche in the automotive retail industry. With high turnover and constant re-training, our clients can now direct their employees to our Customer Success site and not our phone lines. I have personally reduced my time on the phone and webinars by over 50%.

Help Tickets - When ticket deflection doesn't serve up the answer automatically, our Agents are responding faster to help tickets through the MindTouch Service Cloud integration. The Genius Link displays top rated articles and provides matches based off key words for fast content sharing. But seeing the User search history is the real hero for customer support. Our Agents can track where the customer has already view content on our MT site making each response relevant and progressive when solving the case. Even when the answer is to draft new content, our customers' questions are perpetually dictating a better success site.

The DealerTeam Community - We wanted to build a community for our customers to get real value. The idea was to use SSO and provide a single place for customers to provide Ideas, access Knowledge, Release Notes, Cases Management, and The DealerTeam Academy for LMS. MindTouch is so progressive it already had an integration for our Customer Community. Using custom code to leverage the integration, we can provide our customers a seamless experience to content in MindTouch we used to create our Learning Management System. I cannot express the time saving advantage enough. Because MindTouch is structured in a way that promotes content sharing, we were able to leverage the platform to build our LMS and control the message delivered to every customer, no matter where they choose to access the content.

Organic Search and SEO - MindTouch puts Google to work in your advantage. I had no SEO experience prior to building the success site, so don't expect me to get technical here. By following SEO best practices and using the MT content structure, our published articles started to land on page one search results. The simple fact anyone can use their browser from any device and search for DealerTeam help content is amazing.
  • MindTouch has build a relevant platform to create and host public facing help content. It is easy to use yet robust enough to get highly technical with API's and seamless integrations.
  • MindTouch continues to revolutionize customer success. In the two years I have subscribed to their services, they continue to release new and useful features, educate and inspire the industry, drive innovation, and build strategic partnerships for long-term success.
  • MindTouch provides amazing customer and technical support. On top of a stellar product, they go out of there way to offer the best customer experience.
  • The Company Culture at MindTouch is impressive. Upon several visits to headquarters in downtown San Diego I have had the pleasure to become aquatinted with many of the employees. The company is comprised of stand-out talent and exceptional people working for the common goal of customer success
  • A dominate social media presence. If you want to know about MindTouch, you don't have to go very far. These guys are experts at what they sell and practice everything they preach.
  • Every emerging technology strives to improve. Not all problems are foreseeable and bugs exist. If I could dream up where MindTouch can improve, I can assure you they have already begun.
  • The standard pay structure of buying a full year in advance might be tuff for smaller startups
  • I would love MindTouch to provide video hosting as part of their service.
Because of the many ways MindTouch can be structured any business providing customer support and documentation can benefit.
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October 02, 2017
Carol Menzigian | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Initially, we chose Mindtouch as a solution for authoring and publishing technical product documentation and support FAQs/knowledge base. Operationally, we were looking for an out-of-the-box, cloud-based documentation solution where writers can easily create content, collaborate, and publish. For customers, we wanted to move from PDFs to self-service support. Mindtouch checked all these boxes for us. Feedback from the field has been positive.

Since our launch, other departments expressed interest in using Mindtouch for their content or are now using Mindtouch to publish best practices, videos, and other customer-facing content.
  • The initial launch - prepping the site for go-live. We were able to brand our site with minimal customizations and minimal technical support. Mindtouch provides a semi-structured architecture for organizing content - once you are familiar with this model - it was easy for us to organize our content.
  • The editor is awesome. Seasoned tech writers and occasional writers can easily write, and publish their content with minimal training and support. Tech writers appreciate abilities for advanced techniques, such as content reuse, linking, or embedding JavaScript. Occasional writers appreciate the ease-of-use and a familiar editor ui (such MS Word).
  • Publishing workflow and revision tracking. Tech writers working on content for feature releases appreciate the edit live or edit as a draft features. We use edit as a draft when collaborating with SMEs - enabling SMEs to co-write as a Draft Contributor. Revision history is great for either reverting content OR reviewing change history -- especially when multiple authors are involved.
  • Mindtouch is a great alternative to traditional technical documentation authoring solutions (HATs). We appreciate that content can be viewed as a knowledgebase and as contextual help from the application. My team is more productive and able to deliver more quality documentation - on time.
  • Localization/translation solution and workflow is cumbersome. At the moment we translate to one language, but can foresee complexities in change management if we needed to manage many locales.
  • Improved documentation on advanced topics, such as working with underlying css classes and understanding dependencies. Overall though, Mindtouch documentation has improved significantly over the years.
Mindtouch is great for organizations whose focus is producing content. You want to get ramped up quickly and maintain your site with minimum resources. It may not be a good solution if your organization has a complex content architecture, want to implement strictly structured content, such as DITA, or want to have complete control over maintaining the technology.
Authoring in Mindtouch is very easy. Minimal training is required to be a contributing writer. The editor has a familiar user interface (similar to MS Word) and it is relative easy for a new or infrequent user to create content.

In terms of organizing content. This requires more training. Once you understand the Mindtouch content types and structure - organizing content is fairly easy to do.

I like Mindtouch's flexibility with user permissions - restricting users as just authors or editors. With new or infrequent writers, I can create the structure for them but give them permission to add content. Writers can focus on sharing best practices and not worry about what a content type is or where an article should go.
Mindtouch support is awesome. Support agents are friendly and helpful. Some can benefit from ongoing training. Overall the support experience is very good. One area they can possibly improve is visibility into product feedback. Seeing or getting insight into requests or votes for features would be an added customer experience.
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September 29, 2017
Patty Ewy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We have set up a knowledge base for our organization. In our knowledge base, approximately 90 percent of the content is available to our clients, and all of it is available to internal users. Our company's support team is probably the biggest user of the content.
  • Handles renaming and moving topics very well. We are constantly updating and revising our content outline, both in its structure and in the terminology used. When we make those changes to the topic titles, MindTouch handles all the behind-the-scenes linking so that we don't inadvertently break things when we move and rename them.
  • Provides good options for presenting different content to different users. Besides the page permissions, we have set up different conditions so that even for a topic that is client-facing, we can provide extra, internal-only notes so we can embed extra information for employees.
  • Provides several ways for us to display different types of information. For example, most of our topics are general topics (reference and how-to) and a general outline type structure works best. But there are other parts of our contents (such as user permissions) where we can use tags to organize and group the information in ways that are more helpful for both internal and external users.
  • The limit on the number of images that can be attached to a page is just 100 images! We have thousands of images in our knowledge base, and have just embarked on another project to be sure that they are organized appropriately and that we aren't breaking that 100-image rule.
  • More on image management: it would be great to have a "where-used" type report that we could run on some image files. For example, suppose the image base contains ABC.png. It would be nice to see if any of the pages in the knowledge base use that file, so we can know if it is safe to delete the file.
  • API documentation. My MindTouch person has directed me to an API that would fix an issue I have (reordering topics within a guide) but I haven't gotten it implemented yet because I don't have dev-type resources to help me with this. (PS I realize your doc has greatly improved in the last few months and I appreciate that--I just want more!)
  • Our company releases its main product four times a year. On those days, we change the permission settings for the release notes so they're available to our clients, and then we "publish"--which means that we each revisit all the new drafts we have written for the new release and publish those. (We also have to upload all the new images, which is another issue. Why can't an image have a draft?) Anyway, it would be nice when you create a draft if you could specify a date when the draft was automatically published.
This has more to do with our company's implementation of MindTouch than the product itself. Our customers must sign into SalesForce to access our knowledge base. The knowledge base is on the first page that customers see, but it is buried way under a "feed." This is bad--users should be able to wander around in the knowledge base to see its structure, because that helps them learn the structure of the software, too. Our implementation also took the search bar in MindTouch away from external users, opting instead to go with a "federated" search bar that covers the knowledge base AND SalesForce topics. Don't do that either. Ugh.
MindTouch includes nearly all the tools that any content author would expect. The one thing in this area that is missing, I think, is a custom dictionary.
We recently were assigned a new customer contact, and I think that the service has fallen off slightly since then. But generally, we are pretty impressed with MindTouch's responsiveness to our questions and requests. (We do have the Premium support level.)
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September 28, 2017
Ozzie Gardner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use MindTouch across the organization with the main focus on providing a support site for our customers. MindTouch allows our customers to self-serve as they bring on new products or introduce employees to new processes. We also utilize the privacy features available in MindTouch to provide information to partners and internal teams without exposing this information publicly.
  • Privacy - I really like being able to group people by user type, which allows me to create custom documents for the appropriate audiences.
  • User interface - The site is very organized, allowing me to easily group information in the appropriate silos.
  • Search - the search functionality is highly intuitive, and it is easy to customize the recommended result using tags and keywords.
  • I have had to institute a few workarounds to deal with issues with guide structure. That said, MindTouch representatives are quick to respond and work to keep you updated with the status of submitted tickets.
MindTouch is a very powerful tool for maintaining knowledge products for organizations of any size. It is the only product I have worked with that provides the ability to manage public and private content in a single location. With MindTouch, you no longer have to worry about maintaining multiple versions of documents or your teams requesting the latest version of a .pdf to send to customers. The current versions of any document can be formatted and stored in MindTouch and can be made available to only the users who need it. Most organizations require multiple tools to provide and maintain knowledge products for internal teams and customers. MindTouch is a one-stop-shop.
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September 05, 2017
Olav Andreas Frenning | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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At FotoWare we use MindTouch to document the entire suite of Digital Asset Management software we develop and sell. We document user guides, technical configuration, and our API in MindTouch, and the documentation is made freely available for our customers and resellers at https://learn.fotoware.com. We believe a knowledgeable customer is a happy one, so anyone who's interested in our software can find ALL the information they need on the MindTouch site, without restrictions.
  • Weekly development cycles that mean changes and fixes are pushed to content creators quickly. We truly feel the MindTouch team is actively working to improve the service.
  • Content editing is fast and intuitive; linking articles, adding rich media, it works just as expected. Anyone who's learned the basics can add content that's meaningful and adds value to the documentation.
  • The search engine was a big thing for us - once articles are tagged right (we have a lot of content), related articles are REALLY related, and when searching users find the content we most want them to find. We all know Google is great at finding things, but the MindTouch search engine is fast and accurate. And it can be implemented in the browser's omnibox so you can trigger a search directly from the address bar in your browser. That's a big deal for me when I manage the content on the site.
  • The only think I can think to wish for is an improved video player. But we've got around that by embedding the Vimeo player directly through a dekiscript when we need it.
For a company that frequently updates large bits of documentation, or where several people work together on a documentation team, MindTouch is a perfect fit. We considered several options, but no one seemed to offer "the whole package" in the way that MindTouch does. Content management, indexing speed, search accuracy, and the possibility to integrate with Zendesk - these are the things that mattered to us, and we've never looked back.
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August 30, 2017
Tanner Volz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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MindTouch is primarily used by the product and client support organizations, with lighter usage by our sales, marketing, and technology organizations. Internally, it is the "source of truth" for complex customer-facing systems such as our APIs. Our client managers also depend on it to provide the latest versions of technical documentation for customers. They use it themselves for their own training as well to help support our customers.
  • Content management is excellent. MindTouch enables sophisticated content management features such as variable content, section-level reused, centralized management of assets such as images, and customizable content templates.
  • The "presentation" layer that MindTouch provides is very nice right "out of the box," and quite easy to customize for CSS-knowledgeable implementers. We've been able to maintain a very high-quality experience for our users, as a result.
  • MindTouch puts strong focus on SEO improvements and content usage during the buyer journey. While appreciated on its own, the real benefit of this bias, for us, is the granular permissions model that MindTouch provides to separate content for buyer personas from content for post-sales personas. This is often the same, but the ability to target content using privileges for different personas is very important to us.
  • The authoring and content maintenance experience is excellent, even before the new authoring UI that I know they are about to roll out.
  • Content hierarchy is difficult to maintain. Without a drag-able content tree/site map, manually moving around one topic at a time can be painful. Both organization and reuse could be simplified with a fully interactive site map.
  • The Lightspeed framework for content organization is too rigid. I appreciate it in concept but ultimately our organizational choices should determine how we use the tool, not the other way around.
  • It is difficult to incorporate third party extensions. I'd love to see a rich library of JS extensions pre-integrated and made easy to add to pages just by dropping it in, similar to page designers for modern blogs and intranets.
MindTouch is great for an online knowledge base. I haven't used any competing tools such as CRM tools with help center or knowledgebase options, such as Zendesk, so I'm not sure how it compares, but it has more or less convinced me to stay with the hosted knowledge base approach going forward. I wouldn't recommend it for larger technical authoring teams that need sophisticated workflows, scheduled deployments etc. Traditional technical content teams are still better off with XML or DTP-based systems with robust collaborative support, as well as better translation workflows.
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August 28, 2017
Harry Kaplowitz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use MindTouch to house all of our internal and external support content. It is a standalone site and we also surface it in-app for a contextual help experience. Last year we transitioned to support a self-service model of support alongside our dedicated support structure. MindTouch enabled us to enable our users to help themselves, before they filed a ticket.
  • Its editing functionality is very robust and allows us to create multiple kinds and formats of content.
  • Its API was flexible enough for us to create the solution we wanted, even though it wasn't supported out of the box.
  • Administratively, our account contacts have been fantastic, helpful, and very response.
  • We've always received great support when we needed it.
  • I would've said the WYSIWYG experience needed work, but that was recently addressed. There is, however, some visual cruft from the previous UI that could be ironed out.
  • Better API documentation and more support for contextual applications of the software. We had a pretty long road to implementation because updates on MindTouch's side that we weren't aware of broke our implementation. We addressed these shortcomings on our end since MindTouch couldn't commit to a solution that worked for us.
  • Some of the hierarchical choices that users can make don't feel like they're consistently applied throughout the experience.
I think for lean software companies like mine, MindTouch makes a lot of sense, especially if your content is very technical and robust. You want something more powerful and customizable than Zendesk but you don't want to pay for a solution as robust as Desk.com. MindTouch was a very good middle ground for us.
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August 24, 2017
Ben Mo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Mindtouch to host our external/public facing documentation for our payment/financing product.

The audience for this documentation is a wide range of users: web developers, marketers, project managers, accountants, customer service managers, etc. We've set up an information architecture within Mindtouch to distinguish the content for these distinct audiences.

There are several departments at our company that contribute to our Mindtouch content: Integrations, Sales, Client Success, Operations, and Marketing. I manage the contributors from those groups, and have trained them on the best practices and usage of the Mindtouch product.

With Mindtouch's versioning/draft management, and ability to arbitrarily include entire page contents in other pages, we can have multiple contributors to content without worrying about content being lost or going stale. We can also gate/hide content, and make it available to only user groups, allowing us to deploy public documentation to beta-product users without allowing others to discover it or search for it.
  • Simple GUI editing (WYSIWYG) while still providing full customization (HTML/JS/CSS).
  • Easy to use permissions and user roles schemes to control access to published content.
  • Extensibility via customizable templates, API integrations, and other dekiscript widgets.
  • Built-in versioning and draft system which allows for worry-free editing.
  • Built-in site templates, scripts, and stylesheets cannot be overridden or removed. Our extensively customized instance of MindTouch could be significantly simplified, more performant, and easier to develop on without those hard coded includes. Having the ability to start with a 'clean-slate' or to individually exclude resources would facilitate further optimization.
  • Permission/restriction settings can only be applied after the page has been saved. This makes it impossible to publish semi-private or private content without risking discovery.
  • Help widget integrations are limited by default to ONE for our instance. We'd love to adopt this feature but are not clear on why it's deployment is so restricted.
  • Need the ability to define arbitrary 'slugs' for pages, so they can be referenced via short names/URLs/paths. Currently content IDs are the only way to support this, and those have to be setup separately from the actual page authoring/editing screen. Not having this functionality also makes it extremely difficult to retire old content and redirect those page requests to some new content.
Suited for medium and enterprise level businesses where a user-friendly content management system is needed. It can be customized to suite a wide variety of use-cases and business requirements.

It is less suited for leaner or more developer focused organizations, that are more capable of hosting a code-driven solution for API documentation.
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August 17, 2017
Tara Lynne Collier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use MindTouch internally and externally, to provide access to our base product documentation, learning aides, best practices, and more. Previously, we operated on a system of internal and client PDFs as well as an internal, un-curated, wiki product. Upon request our customers were provided documentation through email or via a file sharing service. With the previous hodgepodge system, we had little to no control over who could publish documentation, where or how it was transmitted, how it was organized, and a non-efficient method of tracking documentation age and validity. We were ineffectively educating our clients and our staff.
  • MindTouch makes it is ridiculously easy to create and publish media rich content. We enhance our information to accommodate all user learning styles with a mixture of information mediums, e.g., videos, images. The editor is intuitive, the system is stable, and permits a responsive delivery of content across multiple media platforms.
  • By using a cloud-based system to host our documentation, we are able to provide our clients access to information for new features timed with the initial release of the feature or when the client upgrades versions.
  • MindTouch allows us to write all content in a single product library and then re-use that content via multiple methods in our other libraries. We maintain a consistent message by utilizing their content re-use and workpaths functionality to use original content across multiple articles, that may differ in focus or audience, on the same subject.
  • MindTouch's permission system allows us to seamlessly display or hide information from users based on their access level or product version.
  • The lack of drag-and-drop for images was very frustrating when importing our documentation. We had documents with hundreds of images that had to be saved prior to uploading them into the articles; a silver lining was that after they were saved locally we could then copy / paste, skipping the multiple clicks to attach from file.
  • The Dashboard could use some improvements. The Draft Manager is not user workflow intuitive, doesn't allow starting work from the and then one-click back to view and updated the to-do list. Currently the reports are rudimentary and not intuitively named. But in the past few months they have moved more functionality into the Dashboard and they are working on the reports.
  • Working with drafts is awkward. Prior to publishing an article for the first time, the user is unable to view drafts along side live pages to visualize the addition of content in the existing structure. Users are unable to create anchors and links in / between draft pages, the pages must be published prior to linking to / from the page; requiring the user to publish and then un-publish or edit the page multiple times to establish links. Additionally, copying pages creates them live and permissions cannot be applied to draft pages.
I am a huge proponent of Knowledge is Power and a huge cheerleader of how easily MindTouch allows us to share our knowledge with prospects and end users. MindTouch is well suited to meeting our users' instant need of information at varying levels. MindTouch Responsive aides us in delivering our brand and information in a professional and consistent manner across devices.
Read Tara Lynne Collier's full review
August 04, 2017
Christopher Ryan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mindtouch for client-facing platform documentation and release notes. While the whole organization has access, this means primarily that client-facing functions (Support, Success, Services) are the internal users of our Mindtouch instances.
  • Content reuse across articles and dynamically updating articles based on linked content.
  • Maintaining linked structures despite article name and structure changes.
  • Anchor implementation.
  • Solid WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multilingual content without cross-instance SSO and a special config would be great (I know it EXISTS, it's just, a big undertaking for a couple reasons on our setup).
  • Better visualization for instance architecture/article hierarchy would also be super.
  • More robust user...usage? statistics and tracking, without having custom reports run.
It's great if you want to put together some articles that you're probably going to have to rename, relink, or otherwise fiddle with after the fact. It's less-great if you're trying to maintain multi-lingual instances with easy interlinking of instanced content (but really, nobody IS good at that, so).
Read Christopher Ryan's full review
November 01, 2017
Kevin Landry | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mindtouch is being used corporate-wide. [It] Started out in the US and is being migrated to other offices around the globe. [It's] Currently used for in-house technical support calls only. We are transitioning to customer-facing content within the next few months.
  • Article search and the ability to drill down by category makes getting to the content area easy
  • Article creation is very easy and can be based on templates that help drive consistency
  • Predefined dashboards for article usage and other metrics is a big plus
  • Extracting content in large amounts is not possible. We are extracting, translating and importing into other language specific sites and this has become an issue. Need better exporting capabilities.
  • Need more API capabilities to manipulate data.
  • Should have better out of the box translation of content.
  • Should have better article usage rating. Only one like/dislike per article per person. Article rating doesn't work for internal call centers.
Mindtouch is a great tool if you want simplification, customizable UI and easy to use. If your looking for advanced features like data extraction, data manipulation and translation be sure you understand the product limitations.
Article creation is very easy. We have 3 basic templates. How To, FAQ and Solution. These templates are designed to be simple for our tech service department and Field Service Engineers to create articles based on their experience with our customers. Simplification is key for adoption. The draft contributor role allows us to train our users and monitor their progress before extending their full Author privilege.
Getting support is straightforward via their support center website. However, we are at the point where our support issues are more advanced and require direct contact with our representative. This is mostly due to our translation project and finding that the product doesn't meet some expectations. Therefore we have a product enhancement request.
Read Kevin Landry's full review
October 26, 2017
Vlad Todor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MindTouch is used only by our department to provide documentation for customers and support staff. It is not used directly by support staff or SMEs, but this is because MT4 does not provide draft functionality as Responsive does. Given the rudimentary nature of drafts in Responsive, and no real way to control workflow, it's unclear how much our process would change with the upgrade in platform.
  • Ready to go out of the box, no maintenance after setup.
  • Easy to learn: it's a simple product, WYSIWYG.
  • Responsive limits how you can organize content. You can't have a guide within a guide, because according to MindTouch, you should't do that. MindTouch believes all problems are solved by the magic of their search capabilities, not in manually curating content. MT4 allows a little more flexibility, but just about everything we want to do involves an ad hoc work-around.
  • Single-sourcing documentation is rudimentary and untraceable, for both MT4 and Responsive. We have to leave hidden notes on the pages themselves to try to track how content is shared.
  • Single-sourcing images suffers from the same limitations. There's no tool for managing and tracking images, it's just another webpage on your site.
  • The only output is your MindTouch site. Forget about printing to PDF or anything else. We have eliminated manuals because MindTouch simply can't do them.
  • There's no universal replace tool. When our language changes, we have to search and then manually edit every page. MindTouch offers another work-around, for a fee.
MindTouch (MT) is well-suited for companies that have simple documentation. It works out-of-the-box, with little training. No technical knowledge is needed after initial setup and CSS customization. The hosted site is fast, and requires no maintenance.

It is not well-suited for professional technical writers. I don't think MT even has technical writers on their staff, given their own documentation and their lack of features a writer would need. Judging by the changes from MT4 to Responsive, there is little interest in producing a more robust authoring tool.
MindTouch is an unsophisticated authoring tool. It is designed to appeal to management, not the professional technical writer. Single-sourcing content and images is inefficient. Content organization is limited by MindTouch architecture. The text editor itself is fine, and creating a consistent look to articles is easy.

There is no workflow to speak of in MT4. Responsive improves upon this by allowing drafts to be created (only one draft per page), but it's very basic.
The support team is excellent. They have been wonderful in emergencies and overall care.
Read Vlad Todor's full review
October 11, 2017
Deborah Fuhrmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently MindTouch is mainly used by support to record our answers and solutions as well as our documentation team who publish our product documentation.
  • Easy to use editor.
  • Simple to build out structure and change as needed.
  • Resolution time.
  • Update on ticket status.
  • Better reporting for KCS metrics.
MindTouch is really great with content that is public and requires no restrictions for audiences.
Read Deborah Fuhrmann's full review
October 09, 2017
Paul Schwartz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MindTouch is being used as an internal knowledge repository for our customer facing technology support teams. The content is created by the support team and the support leadership relies on the associates to consume the information. MIndTouch allows the support teams immediate access to development manuals, implementation team whitepapers and keeps a running record of all the information accessed by associates.
  • Allows for end user customization with standard HTML actions. This is beneficial because every organization is different in not just the data needed but also the intended look and feel.
  • MindTouch has a powerful search function and ranking abilities inside of the knowledge base. With out this support associates would have to spend more time than is necessary researching answers.
  • Overall ease of administration is a strength of MindTouch. The real effort is behind the layout and accumulation of data, MindTouch makes it "easy" to access the pertinent data once the configuration is complete.
  • While there is power in the back end configuration aspects of the tool set there are also limitations on the layout options. What ends up happening is that every company has a very similar look and feel to the knowledge base screen.
If there is a need for a consolidated view of the corporate data related to data MindTouch is the only solution I would consider. The power behind the views and history is not to be overlooked for any leader trying to gain an understanding of the consumption of information for an organization.
Read Paul Schwartz's full review
October 05, 2017
Dane Dreiling | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use MindTouch across our organization to store documents pertaining to training, forms, and miscellaneous guides and tutorials.
  • Stores high numbers of documents.
  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Has support available when needed.
  • Allows for a high level of customization.
  • The tiered setup of different article types can be confusing at times.
  • Links with different names cannot be dropped over an existing document and updated. In those cases, links must be redone.
Communicating information to employees and customers is a strong point, but the article type setup can sometimes be a bit of a challenge at first. However, that usually gets more self-explanatory once the user has utilized it for awhile.
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September 25, 2017
Ziv Peled | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are currently in the final stage of migrating our knowledge base from Zendesk to Mindtouch. I was one of the decision makers to do this migration and purchase Mindtouch. Our product and training departments are responsible for creating the content. Mindtouch is responsible for migrating our entire existing knowledge base from Zendesk (over 600 articles in 7 languages). Support and Product are responsible for distribution. Both internal users and our customers and partners are the users of this content. MindTouch helped us with [displaying] our content better, managing many articles in 7 languages better and doing it more efficiently.
  • Their pre-sales team did a great job showing their value and ensuring our product team understands their proposition is exactly what we needed, they were very open and creative about the contract and wanted to help us with our migration from our existing knowledge base.
  • The Customer Success team works for us to help us go live ASAP.
  • Although our timezone difference is not small they invested a lot in working with us and want to help us succeed.
  • The platform articles management is amazing, we have over 600 articles in 7 languages and this is one of the reasons we migrated from Zendesk.
  • We need an efficient platform to create and update multiple articles on a daily basis and this a great value we got from MindTouch.
  • The migration process wasn't as fast as promised, we were told it will take 5 days and it took longer, we do have a lot of articles but it was crucial for us.
  • The portal design is limited and we found out about it after we finalized our design, we had to go back and redesign according to the new restrictions and it doesn't look as perfect as we wanted.
  • In the presales stage we were told the migration from Zendesk will be transparent including our current links, in the end we had to change our links and built a solution to redirect from a link to MindTouch link, that was a crucial point which we would have wanted to know earlier.
MindTouch is a state of the art knowledge base platform with great editing and management tools for companies with many articles and multiple languages.

The customer success team, sales, and presales will do a lot to support you and want to help you succeed.

You do need a good BI team who is able to help in the integration and migration to MindTouch, it's not trivial and plug and play.
Read Ziv Peled's full review
August 14, 2017
George Eckel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MindTouch is used for internal-only as well as external documentation for corporate services. Documents are user guides, getting started guides, etc. Internally, service developers create the MindTouch documentation or a technical writer does. The external documentation is created by a technical writer. Users are internal devs for the internal products or third parties developing on top of our services for the external docs. MindTouhc provides an easy to use the editor to document complex software products.
  • Versioning-- so you can roll back or compare to previous doc versions.
  • Customer support-- friendly and timely, I get emails and/or calls usually within hours of submitting a support request.
  • Linking, permissions, image handling, table creation -- all of the basic tools needed to create documentation.
  • Oddly, MT disallows h1 heading tags that you enter, MindTouch downgrades to an h2 heading tag.
  • Link checking is missing because when third party tools try to check links, MindTouch will create a bogus page so the link doesn't break. But we'd like it to break so we know the link is broken. Linking to bogus pages is unhelpful.
  • The editor tool bar remains on the top of the UI. So, many times, you have to scroll to the top of the screen to do things that would be very simple if the toolbar floated on the top of the screen.
It's very good for general documentation. I don't know of any other HTML editor that's as sophisticated. It won't replace embedded docs, like Swagger. And because everyone is switching to GitHub, lots of developers will prefer to put their docs in markdown on GitHub, which leaves MindTouch in the cold. But for technical writers, MindTouch's complexity is great. In summary, MT is a very good product for Tech Writers who want to author in HTML.
Read George Eckel's full review
August 11, 2017
Ed Owen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MindTouch is used to host documentation, patches, defects, and videos as the cornerstone of our online customer support web site. It is used by all customers and by internal support and field engineering personnel. It solves the business problem of helping customers help themselves with our products.
  • Good customization with server side and client side scripting
  • Highly configurable via templates
  • The following video discusses some limitations of the product experienced by Wind River: https://vimeo.com/226471894/b608ca79c5
The following video discusses some limitations of the product experienced by Wind River: https://vimeo.com/226471894/b608ca79c5
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August 10, 2017
Matthew Teborek | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use MindTouch to deliver an online knowledge base solution to our clients.
  • MindTouch provides world class support with a personal touch. Recently, I submitted a help ticket. Not only did I have an email response in less 30 minutes but next thing I know my phone was ringing with the support representative personally checking with me to see if I was satisfied with the response and if I had any other questions
  • We've found the MindTouch solution to be intuitive and easy to integrate into our operational processes. Our initial decision was the old 'build' v. 'buy' and after working with MindTouch software and team 'buy' was most definitely the best decision
  • During our initial Minimal Viable Product (MVP) our knowledge base we had no resource for styling and brand matching to our core platform. I attended the reception at MindTouch's new Galactic Headquarters where I had the good fortune of meeting Kristina Bethea, Customer Success Engineer. Within a week she reviewed our core sight and performed some lightweight styling that really made splash with our launch.
  • It's hard to find areas for improvement for MindTouch. We found the reporting for none authenticated users a little light. However, we found it easy to create a GA account and link our UA# in the system
We're a start-up SaaS InsureTech company. With that said, you can imagine the competing priorities and trade-off decisions with respect to development resources. Building out our own knowledge base would have taken up critical resources hindering the product strategy and roadmap of our core solutions. MindTouch is well suited for new software companies to quickly provide valuable user guides, FAQs, glossary of terms, key concepts definitions, etc to drive adoption and value to our clients.
Read Matthew Teborek's full review
April 14, 2017
Tim Bergman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
One of the challenges Newmar deals with is documentation. Our products are comprised of so many components from different manufacturers that keeping up with their literature and documentation can be overwhelming -- not to mention our own documentation that we need to keep up with. Because of MindTouch, Newmar is able to cater to our customers' information needs like never before. We are now able to provide coach owners and service technicians with instant access to the information they need when they need it.

My department, Technical Publications, is responsible for adding and maintaining our MindTouch content. We make use of the aging, traffic, and content rating reports to keep up with what's most important to our users and help prioritize our focus for research, technical, and editorial reviews. The MindTouch framework makes it very easy to add to and update our functional and technical guides and articles as new/relevant information becomes available. Aside from the great web UI and framework of the product, MindTouch offers a very well-documented API that we use for programmatically adding users, adding and updating content, and maintaining permissions.

MindTouch has made such a profound impact on our ability to get relevant, up-to-date information in the hands of our users that we will soon be creating our coach owner's guides exclusively from our MindTouch site.
  • What really sets MindTouch apart from other providers I’ve worked with is that the people who know so much about the product also understand how their customers actually use the product. That had a profound impact on our setup, configuration, implementation, and rollout. One of the most refreshing things that MindTouch demonstrates is that they don't expect everyone to use their product exactly the same way!
  • Once we signed our contract we moved into the on-boarding process, which was practically the easiest part of the whole thing. It was unbelievable to see that all of their checklists and documentation for setting up our site was openly available on the MindTouch customer success website. Having access to that information during the sales process allowed us to see what was coming and what to expect along the way. Beyond the documentation, though, our Implementation manager guided us by making sure that we understood what we needed to do and how to use the product to accomplish the task at hand. Whether we were following the process for standard functionality or delving into a question/feature/use-case for our specific implementation needs, she would walk us through a hands-on demo or facilitate a meeting with a subject matter expert to be sure we were well-trained. By the time we were finished with the training we were well “on board” with MindTouch.
  • I can’t talk about a successful sales and on-boarding process without also mentioning the pleasant, timely, and very helpful assistance I’ve received from customer support. They have answered several questions and helped troubleshoot some things with me. I have also quickly come to count on my rep as a valuable resource for some of the deeper functionality/programming concepts of the product! There have been occasions where my questions/incidents have been escalated to him and he’s known the answer right off the top of his head, and there have also been a couple times that he has gone further up stream to find an answer for me. All in all, the customer support team has been very timely, responsive, and helpful.
  • As if all of that isn’t enough, though, I’ve even received some personal follow-up messages from one of the VPs. Of course, anyone would expect an executive in that area to be polite and courteous when dealing with a customer, but aside from that what I have seen is that he rolls up his sleeves and gets directly involved. I’m sure that some of the things he’s communicated with me about could have been left for others in his team to take care of, but the fact that he handled them personally is a characteristic I admire. That's something I look for in the leadership of the companies I choose to do business with because it speaks volumes about the culture of the organization.
  • I was told up front about the ways that MindTouch interacts with its customers to be sure they are happy and getting the most out of the product, but I never expected the experience to be this good! Everyone I’ve had the privilege of coming into contact with at MindTouch has consistently proven this and reinforced the fact that I made the right choice with MindTouch. I’ve never had such a pleasant overall experience with a product, and I’m looking forward to our future success with this partnership.
  • One of the challenges we have with using the MindTouch framework is the inability to list an article in more than one location throughout the site. The MindTouch workaround for this is to create a new page and link the content from one article to another. This is acceptable, but far from ideal because it creates several challenges for my department as they try to configure the site to work for printing owner's guides for multiple products.
  • MindTouch has developed "DekiScript", which is both a positive and a negative. While it provides convenience within the product, there are a few "shortcuts" that seem to be missing. One example is in creating a PDF of a guide or page in responsive. Since Responsive doesn't yet have any obvious means of creating a PDF, it would be most helpful if there was a "page.pdf" shortcut that would produce the url for doing so. Instead, you have to jump through a few hoops to get what you need to piece together a relatively simple thing. This forces unnecessary complication back onto us to manage with the rest of our content.
MindTouch is very well suited for handling large quantities of information grouped into guides. It is even a great product if you want to create a comprehensive owner's manual for a product. It can also be configured to handle multiple owner's manuals, but you will likely need to make use of the API if you need to update/maintain content, properties, or attributes in bulk.
Read Tim Bergman's full review
August 04, 2017
Kathleen Linenberger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize MindTouch to share information with multiple departments throughout our company.
  • Provides easy access to a lot of information.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Easy to update information.
  • I can't think of any!
MindTouch is very user friendly and information can be found very quickly when needed.
Read Kathleen Linenberger's full review

What is MindTouch?

MindTouch is a leader in customer self-service software. According to the vendor, MindTouch brings the customer record (CRM) and customers’ self-service behavior together to better understand their experience with the brand. Additionally the vendor says companies like Accenture, ADP, McKinsey, Sprinklr, Whirlpool, and Zuora rely on MindTouch for effective self-service and because it helps them create actionable customer insights. MindTouch has been named one of 2017’s “Hot 100” best privately held software companies by JMP Securities. MindTouch aims to make an organization’s customers smarter, happier, and more successful.

MindTouch Features

Has featureCustomer self-service
Has featureAgent enablement
Has featureField service
Has featureContextual help
Has featureDocumentation authoring and publishing
Has featureCRM integration
Has featureHelp desk integration
Has featureTicket deflection
Has featureAnalytics and reporting
Has featureUser behavior insights
Has featureVersioning
Has featureKCS methodology
Has featureStructured atomic content
Has featureCustomizable Interface
Has featureMobile responsive layout
Has featureBI Integration
Has feature20 supported languages

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MindTouch Integrations

Salesforce Service Cloud, Google Analytics, Zendesk Support Suite, SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0), Salesforce Sales Cloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Contextual Help, SAP Cloud for Customer, eCommerce

MindTouch Competitors

Oracle InQuira, Bespoke in-house built XML publishing pipeline tools for HTML/PDF, Custom Self-Service tools

MindTouch Pricing

  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

MindTouch Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
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MindTouch Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:All
Supported Languages: All