My preferred social listening service.
November 09, 2013

My preferred social listening service.

Gretchen Devero | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Categorize sentiment on a particular subject online. Other products I have used didn't fully understand sentiment (especially when slang terms are used). NetBase was the best program I've seen that does this.
  • Personalizing the dashboard. You really can tailor this program to fit whatever need you have. If you want to compare sentiment between two different brands, or two different products within the same brand.
  • Visualization. The immense amount of data that Netbase pulls in could be daunting to look at (and make sense of). The different graph options, word cloud fonts
  • Data Exportation. It's amazing that you're allowed to export not only the chart/graph/word cloud images, but you can also export the hard data in Excel. And not just a few cell rows... you can export thousands and thousands. Not to mention that the excel exports are all laid out in a digestible format (i.e. it's not just a huge document full of numbers formatted poorly).
  • NetBase can be SO helpful in learning more about consumers and uncovering perceptions about a product, but only if you set up your dashboard perfectly. Creators have to take a considerable amount in building the dashboard. And for a beginner user, it can be slightly tricky to figure out certain things. The Q&A/Manual is helpful (and better than others), but it could still be improved. Perhaps there could be more [?] buttons within the dashboard, so that users won't have to refer outside of the browser so often.
  • When outsiders want a gist of what's popping up on NetBase, creators still have to export the images/charts and create their own keynote/powerpoint presentation (to add in summary). Perhaps NetBase could add a text box above each section in the dashboard, that creators could add their analysis to. That way, they can just export the document and send to coworkers (without having to cut and paste everything outside of NetBase).
  • I wish you could edit certain things (e.g. sentiment and search terms) while you are still looking at the dashboard. Jumping back and forth between pages, you don't see section changes as they happen.
  • Better customer service. We were able to answer client concerns much quicker than usual.
  • Quicker competitive analyses. We were able to hone in on certain themes more quickly than before.
  • Efficiency within the agency. The ability to save past dashboards was so helpful. Briefing a new employee to the account was seamless and saved everyones time.
It definitely saved our time in certain social listening areas... I appreciated that it highlighted key themes in a more visual and digestible manner (so much better than any other service I have used). It was a good asset to have, although at times I wished it would provide more depth. It always answered the WHO, but not always the WHY. But then again, figuring out the WHY is our job!
I would tell my colleague to make sure he is familiar with what NetBase offers. It's not a magic wand; it is a social listening service that is limited to conversation only from the public web. And the public web is probably less than 50% of all the conversation about a certain subject. I would tell them to take every note possible when talking with a NetBase rep, because it seems simple and straightforward, but it might be a bit tricker when you're behind the wheel.