The filters make life easier
November 10, 2013

The filters make life easier

Andrea M. Bussey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • One of the most useful things about Netbase is its ability to geographically categorize consumers. This provided key insight on consumer preferences based on location, which helped develop/recommend strategies for expansion.
  • I was also very useful to have the capability to change the graphical representation of data. Sometimes a pie chart works better than a bar chart, and changes like these are so easy to make in Netbase.
  • The filters were also particularly useful. I was able to find some very pointed soundbites by adjusting the key word filters.
  • I was hugely impressed by the software's capabilities. I can't remember wanting/needing to change anythihg.
  • We were able to customize strategy recommendations based on information we got from Netbase. Since the tool has a broad listening range, but allows for very narrow filters, we were able to use it for various types of client projects (not just one industry or function). More reliable data always helps build more successful plans.
  • One of the projects I worked on benefited from NetBase in the area of product development. We were able to get up-to-date information on customer sentiments, which resulted in the client amending a couple of product features. Downloads (of the product) increased following the feature changes.
Mostly because I was just really impressed by the accuracy of information and ease of use of the platform. As I said, Netbase can be used for a variety of marketing/market research initiatives. Unlike some other tools, it's not hard to use, so marketers won't have to spend much time learning to use it. Also, the color-coded charts and graphs make it easy to present findings to clients or internal collaborators alike.
I only gave it a 6 because my direct colleagues wouldn't have as much use for it as I did when I used it. I'd certainly recommend it to colleagues in a different industry though. My advice piggy-backs on one of the aspects of the software I like the most: the filters. Learn how to use those effectively, and you'll have very little trouble finding Netbase useful.