My favorite social listening too I've found, but could still use some improvements
October 22, 2014

My favorite social listening too I've found, but could still use some improvements

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Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

Netbase in used by my department only, not our entire organization. A team of 4 people use it for many reasons. The most important is to gauge the success of an advertising campaign. We can determine the frequency at which people are talking about a campaign and how they feel about it. It also helps our team find new opportunities for our campaigns and new business efforts.
  • The user experience is easy to navigate. It does not require a lot of assistance from Netbase. The program is very intuitive and easy to learn. This program is the one that my team picks up the quickest.
  • My favorite aspect of Netbase is the way it allows you to manipulate data. You can easily dive deeper into a topic to figure out the explanation for something that stands out in the data.
  • The topic setup is simple. You don't have to worry about creating the correct query string, the program does that for you. The topic setup also allows you to see a sample of your topic, which is extremely helpful in making sure that your topic is pulling in the correct type of information.
  • I think that the sentiment measurements are arbitrary and too many times my team is found diving into sentiment questions because what is provided is too broad. I don't think that enough mentions are graded for sentiment and sometimes they are graded incorrectly.
  • I'd like for Netbase to allow a themes to apply to every widget on the dashboard rather than just the top numbers (mentions, impressions, net sentiment, etc.). I feel like this could apply a lot of insights quickly.
  • Allow firehose topics all the time. I understand why decahose is initially used, but I will use other programs over Netbase because I know that I am getting all the mentions, not just a guess.
  • Netbase has played a large role in winning new business. With the opportunity to pull data quickly around any topic has given our team fast and valuable insights.
  • Netbase's "Net Sentiment" calculation is unique and is a great way to get one number to represent sentiment for the clients. It is easy to explain and clients LOVE it.
  • Netbase has helped our team come up with new ideas for campaigns by finding out how users are talking about a certain product/industry.
We are all analysts on an analytics team at a creative agency. We use data to back up our strategy and Netbase allows us to determine the opportunities with our advertising strategy for clients. The team also creates internal and client reports. The team collaborates with strategy teams to come up with a strategic plan for our campaigns.
  • Radian6,Sysomos Heartbeat,NUVI,Sprinklr
Netbase is my go-to over these other similar programs I have used. I love how you can dice the data however you want to find insights. It is the easiest to understand and allows you to make as many topics as you want. You can make the topics yourself rather than have a vendor creating them for you, saving so much time.
I haven't found a program that I like better. The customization is my favorite part and ease of use are my favorite parts. If I found something else, I would consider switching. Netbase is a bit pricey and only allows one person to be logged in at a time. It also could be more visually appealing.
It works extremely well when working with project based tasks like campaigns and it's helpful to see how people who aren't on our social and digital pages are talking/feeling about our brands. It does not help understand direct engagement/contact with our products. For example, it doesn't help us see top performing content from our social output.