A Review From a Social Media Intern
August 14, 2015

A Review From a Social Media Intern

Kelsey Alders | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

NetBase is used within Taco Bell's Marketing department, where I currently work. We use it to track impressions and sentiments on Twitter regarding both Twitter posts about us, as well as Twitter posts about the work that the Social Media team publishes on other platforms. I know that the Public Relations team as well as the Insights team uses NetBase on an almost daily basis.
  • NetBase does an exemplary job of collecting all mentions on the Twitter platform. It can easily dissect the tags you choose to filter and come up with brilliant results every time.
  • NetBase is also very useful in finding positive and negative sentiment. It gives my team an overall understanding of how well liked our work is.
  • Lastly, NetBase allows other teams to interact and cross-pollinate their search results. It is nice that everyone can have access to searches made public, and that the search preferences can be saved for routine checks.
  • NetBase can be overwhelming for someone like me who is new to the program. It has so much information and so many tabs that I often get lost and wonder if I am searching the right way.
  • Sometimes the Sentiment Drivers can be misleading because they focus on major sentiments, which can let important news that has just been sent out and has not had a chance to gain popularity fall through the cracks. This can cause certain news that needs to be handled ASAP lose its importance.
  • The only other thing I can think of is that I would love to see the Sentiments search option get better and better. I think right now it is difficult for a program to pick up on such things as sarcasm and wit, however it will be interesting to see it progress.
I am not sure, however I know that the majority of the Marketing department uses NetBase. They work in Social Media, Public Relations, Insights and External Communications.
  • Increased customer response
I would say NetBase is better at helping analyze results and tracking mentions on Social Media. However, I enjoyed Hootsuite because it allows you to see an overall layout of each Social Media channel as well as each post across all platforms. NetBase is still better suited for those that want real results rather than just the ability to watch traffic.
I would renew NetBase if I had strong desire or need to use it. Because I am not sure if I will need to use it in the future, I think for now it is a nice tool to have, but not an absolute necessity. I also think that many times, for my purposes, it can be easier to read the majority of traffic using Twitter.
In situations where one is looking for a direct response, the program is very useful! An example would be if, say you wanted to know what the public thought of the GOP Debate in regards to Donald Trump, then you can easily search those key terms and get an overall view of the landscape. An example of when NetBase would be less appropriate is if you wanted to search for Dare Devil Loaded Grillers and Taco Bell. Taco Bell has a strong Millennial consumer market, which means they are more likely to use sarcasm and terms that could seem negative, but are meant to be positive. For example, someone might say, "Those Dare Devil Loaded Grillers are so hot I'm gonna die."

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