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January 26, 2019

This is the text editor you are looking for

Christopher Boyd | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Notepad++

I used Notepad++ in tandem with my primary code editing software. Originally, we used it as a primary tool, but have since switched to mostly using Sublime Text for the same purposes. We use it mostly as a glorified text editor, but occasionally use it for actual code editing still. The biggest advantage to Notepad++ for us is the number of stable and supported plugins it has.
  • It's lightweight, quick to install, easy to maintain, and is overall light on the operating system. It taxes your computer very little, which makes sense as a text editor.
  • It's had years to grow and mature as a piece of software, so it does a lot of things cleanly or more intuitively than other text editors, like Sublime Text.
  • There is a very robust plugin repository, with many stable and still maintained plugins.
  • The UI could use a bit of updating. It feels like what it is - an older piece of software that is just too popular to take the time to risk revamping it.
  • It's not natively available on anything other than Windows.
  • The software is free, so the ROI was basically the cost of any paid-for IDE was avoided at the time we started using it.
We actually don't use Notepad++ over any other software, but in tandem with it. It complements other more advanced, modern text editors and definitely provides a lightweight way to edit code files, especially ones that are interpreted like Python, without having to open a full IDE. Notepad++ is, for most people, an addition to their software stack, not a replacement.
Notepad++ is well suited for anyone who needs a robust text editor application or who is doing programming/coding where they don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Yes, Notepad++ has a lot of plugins and can natively work with many programming languages, but it isn't an IDE (which it isn't supposed to be). If you are like me, and you prefer lightweight and speed with plugins to enhance the experience, as opposed to a behemoth of an IDE, then I'd recommend Notepad++. If you want your code editing software to do more for you, whether you need it to or not, then Notepad++ will disappoint you.