Great tool for proactive monitoring, not reactive reporting
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November 06, 2017

Great tool for proactive monitoring, not reactive reporting

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Overall Satisfaction with NUVI

Broadly, we use it to track brand, competitive, and industry terms for our clients. For most clients we are tracking brand terms to aid with community management and tracking overall social share of voice, as well as some broader terms to identify opportunities for proactive content. We also use it to track hashtag contest entries.
  • Advanced Twitter search (any terms , handles, hashtags, or URLs)
  • Detailed analysis of search results (sentiment, categorization, emotion, rough reach/spread of each)
  • Visualization of mention volume and geography
  • There are various quirks and bugs that become apparent as you use the tool more. Nothing that completely ruins the experience, but they can be nagging.
  • It didn't seem to pull in every use of some particular Instagram hashtags that we were tracking. Instagram reported a good bit more than NUVI did.
  • Better historical data (for collection and prediction). Currently it can pull from the last 30 days of Twitter data, which can give you some idea of volume moving forward, but in some cases it's a vast underestimate for the actual volume you'll get from all data sources. Also, if you're looking for previous mentions of your search terms beyond 30 days, then you're out of luck.
  • It has definitely helped us to better understand the volume and nature of social conversation about current and prospective clients, which helps to set expectations about the scope of certain projects.
  • Scheduled reporting has been great for media monitoring for a few of our clients, which makes for a nice value-add.
  • It has helped to identify opportunities for creating more real-time client content that performs well due to its timeliness
I had used Topsy Pro at a previous job and was also very familiar with just plain Topsy in general. NUVI was the only tool I found at the time that could even remotely match what it could do. Topsy Pro was nice because you could search for any terms (though Twitter only) dating back to any point in time, which meant you did not have to set up searches/monitors beforehand. NUVI gives a lot of the same data, but again you need to set it up beforehand so ad-hoc searches are more or less out of the question. Where NUVI does one-up Topsy Pro is that it can search across much more than just Twitter.
9 - Nearly all of our Digital Brand Strategy team (the team I'm on at our agency) has a login and logs in at least occasionally. Some people on our Account Strategy team also log in to pull reports, or they have scheduled reports emailed to them on a regular basis. Some people on our paid media team also have access.
It's fairly strong at collecting data from social mentions across a number of platforms, but Twitter is by far its strongest suit. Instagram has been spotty with pulling in all mentions from a few hashtags we've tracked (and side note, you can only search for Instagram hashtags which is a little bit of a letdown). The real time data is actually pretty nice if community management is a big need or if you just check the tool a lot.
We don't actually use NUVI a lot for this, but we can and possibly will use it more depending on the client. However, from what I've seen, it largely just seems that you can respond and engage through Twitter (in a basic fashion with few bells & whistles), which is more or less fine if you use it for more immediate needs.
The dashboards are vast and plentiful, with many ways to visualize the data around the mentions that are pulled in. The visualizations look fairly good and are useful. Still, we look forward to the new redesign they've been teasing for an even more polished look. The natural language processing seems more or less accurate, and sentiment analysis is hit-or-miss as most algorithms in general don't seem to keep up with the nuance of internet language.

I've covered this previously in this review, but true ad-hoc analysis is not very strong in our eyes because the tool is not set up to search for whatever whenever. However, if you need to check in on something you've already set up, then it's great for that since all the data is real-time.

One thing I haven't really addressed at all in this review is their Channels dashboard, which gives you analytics on your owned social channels' performance. We frankly don't use NUVI for this as we don't see it as their strong suit (vs the monitoring aspect), so we rely on other tools for that. The data and visuals of this portion of the tool are fairly baseline.
NUVI is a great tool if you're tasked with monitoring conversation about any topic you need across the social web and can anticipate exactly what you need to be collecting data around. In that regard, it's great for setting up as you're putting together a campaign, and you will find it useful both as the campaign progresses and after the fact. Where it's not particularly useful is after (or even during) a campaign and someone wants you to go back through and find conversation data from the beginning. As I mentioned before, there is 30 day historical Twitter data, but that is only one of the many handfuls of social platforms NUVI can search through, and it's a relatively short amount of time for historical data.