A highly tool-able ECMS to meet almost any requirement set
Updated December 14, 2022

A highly tool-able ECMS to meet almost any requirement set

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Overall Satisfaction with OnBase

We currently use OnBase by Hyland as our primary records management repository across most of the organization. Our largest processes that are managed in-system use Agenda Management (for City Council, Planning Commission, and a few other boards and committees) and Electronic Plan Review for all of our engineering, commercial building, and many zoning permit projects. These are also powered by OnBase Workflow for process automation, and Application Enabler to assist in document capture and retrieval from third-party systems.
  • Customization.
  • Breadth of modules & capabilities.
  • Content management.
  • Google apps support.
  • Cloud team responsiveness.
  • Dependence on Microsoft Office.
  • Integration capabilities
  • Content Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Elimination of numerous filing cabinets and storage rooms.
  • Faster turnaround on plan review projects.
  • Reduction of unstructured and duplicated data in share drives.

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OnBase is well-suited for content management needs - especially when there are many channels by which new content needs to be captured. Even if your organization has a heavy investment in legacy terminal-based apps, OnBase has the ability to integrate with those to provide document storage and retrieval. As for process automation, OnBase workflow allows for the development of no-code rules-based processes that can be routed throughout your organization to slash response times, so they're a great fit for organizations looking to reduce reliance on paper but perhaps don't have extensive in-house programming staff.

OnBase Feature Ratings

Content capture & imaging
File sync, storage & archiving
Document management
Records management
Content search & retrieval
Enterprise content collaboration
Content publishing & creation
Security, risk management & information governance
Contract lifecycle management
Automated workflows
Artificial intelligence
Mobile support

Using OnBase

Internally, the primary users of our solution are our Planning & Development division who leverage OnBase for permitting documentation and plan review capabilities. The system is also used for content management by our staff in Human Resources, Public Service, Mayor's Court, Police Records, Fire, and the City Manager's Office.
3 - Our primary in-house OnBase support is a combination Administrator and Developer. This person is responsible for the implementation of all configuration changes to our OnBase solution and is the one in primary contact with Hyland's support teams. We also have a dedicated Business Analyst / Project Manager who is responsible for assessing the business needs of our various departments to present to the administrator for collaboration on potential solution implementations. Our third position is a staff trainer who is responsible for curating and preparing training materials for our end users.
  • Records Retention
  • Information Sharing
  • Supplementing Line-of-business Systems
  • Custom Process Management Solutions
  • Electronic Plan Review
  • GIS-based Records Retrieval
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Records Request Management with secure digital delivery
OnBase has become a core part of our enterprise solutions toolkit due to its ever-growing integration capabilities. Any business process that produces or tracks documents or object entities can be modeled and managed within OnBase and used to supplement almost any line-of-business system that we use.

Evaluating OnBase and Competitors

Yes - OnBase replaced our Metafile records management system and SIRE Agenda management. Metafile's capabilities just weren't where we needed them to be in 2014, and the breadth of capabilities available in OnBase was key. SIRE had been purchased by Hyland, so once the OnBase Agenda product was ready, we migrated our existing content over to it in order to take advantage OnBase's content management features to get more business value for our boards and commissions processes.
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
I wasn't present when our organization acquired our OnBase solution in 2014, but knowing what bit I do of the selection process back then, I would have advised the team from 2014 to consider not just document management and retention when evaluating content management solutions, but the process management and integration capabilities as well. On those grounds, I'm sure Hyland's OnBase would be at the head of the pack.

OnBase Implementation

Configuring OnBase

I feel that OnBase's configurability is extensive, but "just right" for virtually any organization. Basic content capture, indexing, retrieving, and disposition can be configured via in-client dialogs. OnBase's low-code/no-code Workflow and WorkView engines even allow for simple process management and AccessDB-style apps that could be implemented by power users. For those that are comfortable with expression builders, javascript, or .NET code, a whole world of detailed customization abilities opens up via OnBase extensive API's.
If a type of content has unique business value, security needs, retention, or reporting abilities, it should be kept in its own document type. Also, don't go overboard with keywords - use (and re-use) meaningful ones so that content can be related to other content more easily. And let your line-of-business systems drive ID values: if you can use it to look-up something in an external system, have OnBase leverage it as a keyword or attribute so that you can tie it to that system more easily.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - It depends on the part of OnBase that you're customizing. Tiles and shortcuts can easily be added to the OnBase Unity Client by any user. Customizations to screen layouts in WorkView apps can be done via a drag and drop editor or with custom CSS is you're knowledgeable. Changing the look and feel of OnBase's web front-ends like the Plan Review Portal, Agenda Online, or the Public Constituency Web Access portal requires web development know-how.
Yes - we have added extensive custom code - Adding custom code to OnBase is made easy through OnBase Studio - the primary tool for developing process management workflows, AccessDB-style apps, web services, and API scripts. Almost all styles of scripting and custom-development within the Studio environment comes with some form of intellisense or in-client Help documentation.

OnBase Support

Support for OnBase comes in many forms depending on what's needed. I've worked with their tech support team on numerous occasions - sometimes, they even got the development team in to assist on calls if it was a particularly difficult issue to track down. The Hyland Community site is extremely active with other users and Hyland staff to answer questions, and most of the time, you can find a solution to what you're working on there. Then there's Hyland's annual training conferences, and their on-site and e-learning class opportunities and certification programs to make sure you're equipped to tailor your system to your organization's specific needs.
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I am unaware of the existence of a tiered support system via Hyland. Presently, when we have support needs, we can submit tickets via the Hyland Community site and receive an initial response within an hour or so during normal business hours. If resolution for our issue requires the editing of configuration files within our hosted cloud solution, there may be a lag of a few hours to a business day or so while support waits for a staff resource from the cloud management team for assistance.
Yes - As stated before, we leverage OnBase's support system via the Hyland Community site. All of our issues have been ultimately resolved, even it if was something that ended with a software change request being submitted. The timeliness of responses has gotten better since the initial hit that response times took after the 2020 pandemic.
After our migration to the Hyland Cloud at the end of 2020, one of our staff members realized that several old meeting videos that came from an older system we migrated back in 2017 to OnBase appeared to be missing. We logged a request with Hyland via the community site, and this started a multi-month long investigation into what had happened to the missing historical media. The issue was escalated and managed by Hyland's Customer Success team and several product experts and developers within Hyland weighed-in on the issue. Eventually, one expert discovered a location on an intermediate encoding server where all of the missing media still resided. Hyland's team then developed a special process to extract these records and re-insert them into our solution where they belonged.

It was a difficult and niche issue that was ultimately resolved with no additional workload on our staff - all thanks to investigation and creative problem-solving on behalf of Hyland's team.

Using OnBase

Adoption and usability of OnBase have gone extremely well for us due to the ease-of-use of the clients and the system's ability to integrate with nearly any other system our organization uses. In addition to ease-of-use of Hyland's Unity and Web clients, modules like Application Enabler allow us to read information from any app in order to serve-up OnBase content to the end-user. Hyland has continued to expand the integration capabilities with it's latest major-version release (Foundation 22.1) with API workflow tasks, expansion of its REST API, and further improvements to its RPA offering, which we hope to implement soon.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Document capture & indexing
  • Intelligent form design
  • Workflow processes & notifications
  • Setting up Advanced Capture templates for OCR indexing
  • Updating and rebuilding full-text catalogs