Oracle GoldenGate - The best logical replication tool in the market.
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September 17, 2019

Oracle GoldenGate - The best logical replication tool in the market.

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is used widely across the organization. We use it for heterogeneous replication, active-active and active hot standby, and offloading reporting.
  • Oracle's new AutoCDR (conflict detection and resolution) feature makes setting up active-active replication fairly easy. We were able to setup active-active replication using the AutoCDR feature in a very short time.
  • We had plans for separating reporting and ingestion from our primary DW system. This system generates an excess of 1TB of redo during ingestion. GoldenGates coordinated replicate helped us achieve this almost impossible task with ease.
  • In my previous workplace, for a large telecom company, we had to publish data from the store of records as a service. We used GoldenGate BigData adapters to replicate data to a Kafka endpoint.
  • For quick application failovers, we use GoldenGate Active-Passive replication with connection failover defined in the WebLogic connection settings.
  • There are certain challenges using the product when the redo generation is in excess of about 120G per hour.
  • For large transaction (more than 10 million records per commit), extract get slower. Some other replication tools do such activities better.
  • Ability to recreate large transaction without breaking the transaction into individual statements may help. There are ways to make this transaction faster, but having the ability to replicate a statement as it was issued on the source may be helpful in some cases.
  • We were able to provide a completely partitioned highly available active-active environment to allow for our critical application to stay continuously available.
  • For our critical data warehouse, which is required to generate compliance reports for the government, we were able to offload a heavy reporting workload to a different database using GoldenGate, which helped us generate our compliance reports in time.
It wasn't easy to set up replication to a message queue using SharePlex. We had challenges using the product when the application was doing a lot of "rollbacks to savepoint". SharePlex always showed a lag.
When I was testing SharePlex, there was no way to offload the workload from the DB server while using it.

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Oracle GoldenGate is extremely useful for heterogenous replication and active-active replications.
I have been able to replicate data between Oracle and targets such as TeraData, JMS queue, TIBCO EMS, Kafka, Hbase and Cassandra very easily. GoldenGate is one of the best logical replication product available in the market today, and with the latest innovations, it is only getting better.

Though we were able to set it up, when the source is a DataWarehouse with a lot of large transactions and heavy redo generation in a short amount of time, GoldenGate is not the best product of choice.

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