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What is SharePlex?

SharePlex from Quest Software is a data replication software offering near real-time replication and supporting a wide variety of databases.

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Shareplex has greatly simplified the data replication process, allowing users to create and manage replicated nodes effortlessly. This has …
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What is SharePlex?

SharePlex from Quest Software is a data replication software offering near real-time replication and supporting a wide variety of databases.

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What is Oracle GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate is database management software for data integration, and availability support for heterogeneous databases.

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VIDEO - ora_setup utility in SharePlex


Shareplex para Oracle - Pyxis Consulting Ltda

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What is SharePlex?

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Shareplex has greatly simplified the data replication process, allowing users to create and manage replicated nodes effortlessly. This has resulted in increased productivity and saved time and effort for users. Shareplex has been particularly useful in creating development and test environments quickly by enabling data twinning across on-premises and cloud platforms during and after large migrations. Organizations have found that Shareplex is instrumental in solving the problem of database replication and transformation, ensuring accurate storage and maintenance of data. It also provides backup capabilities, facilitating disaster recovery and rolling patches with minimal downtime. Users have successfully utilized Shareplex for a range of use cases including database cloning, migration, replication, deployment, and cutover from older systems to newer ones. With its monitoring, data comparison, conflict resolution, and synchronization capabilities, Shareplex has proven to be a valuable tool for maintaining high availability across data centers and real-time replication. Additionally, Shareplex's user-friendly features and collaboration capabilities have made it convenient for training employees effectively. Overall, Shareplex offers users a flexible solution for data migration, accuracy, conflict resolution, and real-time replication.

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Angel Caroline | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SharePlex is our outstanding data replicating solution, in terms of getting value for data, and ensuring that the database among other procedures runs out smoothly and security is well maintained. Besides, SharePlex has ensured there is the accuracy of data, through the inbuilt monitor, a simplistic conflict resolving procedure, and high data synchronizing features. SharePlex is highly flexible, fosters data migration, and improves on dealing with different data cases. Finally, SharePlex has real-time replication, a feature that is authentic and digitized.
  • Data migration with flexibility and efficiency has been supported by SharePlex.
  • SharePlex has simplistic ways of deployment and high replication capacity.
  • The analytical services from SharePlex are scalable and efficient.
  • Documentations from SharePlex are outdated and a bit weak.
  • The monitoring demands from SharePlex are handful and stressful.
  • Data syncing from SharePlex fails sometime.
SharePlex makes us have a perfect data replication, which makes data mining, analytics, and management efficiency. Further, SharePlex facilitates data migration, where new servers or new cloud storage are made available and functioning. More so, SharePlex helps the business in running both the new and the old systems concurrently, with the aim of establishing a swift transfer of data. Lastly, data accuracy is a feature established by SharePlex, with authentic controls and high monitoring capacity.
  • Data migration and synchronization are elaborate features that SharePlex provides.
  • Credible database analysis and security, more so for the complex and meaningful databases.
  • Finally, SharePlex has multiple support systems, where flexibility has been established.
  • Data migration allows the company to make solid business changes, more so on new business plans.
  • Further, system flexibility supports multiple business plans, hence, efficient and reliable.
  • Finally, real-time decisions are arrived at using SharePlex, a procedure that ensures there is transparency in the entire operations.
SharePlex support is an award-winning team, which is available for 24 hours, and any time they have solutions with perfect expertise. Besides, SharePlex has supported data migration, with multiple reporting features that ensure there are comprehensive database evaluations. The simplicity of SharePlex installation also gives it a higher mark, is very efficient, and allows companies to understand it easily.
Sean Scott | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We've used SharePlex in two capacities. Its primary use is to provide heterogenous replication of production data into auxiliary systems (data marts, data lakes, BI, analytics). That has been an ongoing use for several years. We initially used it for Oracle -> Oracle replication only but have since extended its reach to utilize newer features that allow replication to SQL Server and JSON targets.

Our secondary use of Shareplex was to facilitate a major, complex database migration. It enabled us to migrate to new servers, new storage, update the OS, upgrade the database version, and apply critical patches with little (literally a few seconds) of downtime. We were able to run the old and new systems side by side and compare performance prior to the migration. It also allowed us to provide fail-back capability in the event of an issue, without data loss.
  • Speed. We see little to no delay in replication streams between source and target databases.
  • Tuning and options: There are a myriad of options available for tuning and customizing replication streams.
  • Support: I've been consistently pleased with the support we've received from Quest. They're prompt and knowledgable and solve issues quickly and without drama.
  • Documentation: There are some areas where the documentation is weak or dated. In particular, running SharePlex on RAC is a more involved process than the implementation guides would have you believe. When reaching out for assistance, the answer from Dell (a few years ago) was to engage their consulting team.
  • Built in scripts/agents: SharePlex comes with a handful of monitoring and management scripts that can be run as cron jobs. Unfortunately, these scripts are primitive and rigid, requiring the user to hard-code values into the script body and limiting their usefulness when you're running multiple replication streams. Some of the methods and dependencies are heavy. We ended up writing custom scripts that do what we need but it would be helpful if there were greater functionality and flexibility out of the box.
  • Compared to other tools, there is not as wide (or at least as active) a user presence. If you're having difficulties you may have to engage a consultant since it's less likely that you'll find an answer in a forum or blog post.
SharePlex really shines when set alongside GoldenGate. The licensing costs of the two products would appear to place them in entirely different ballparks yet they perform nearly identically in practice.

SharePlex is suitable for heterogenous replication of one database to another. The list of targets is ever increasing, with support for all major RDBMS vendors as well as support for popular NoSQL and JSON replication.

SharePlex is effective when replicating from on-premise to cloud. Whether that's migrating data, creating a high-availability presence in a public or private cloud, or populating a data mart, it does the job quite well.
  • SharePlex allowed us to relieve the load on our production databases by migrating batch and analytic processes to dedicated resources.
  • SharePlex performed admirably during a migration and upgrade of our production databases, allowing us to accomplish ambitious goals without endangering availability of critical systems.
  • Quest is regularly adding value to the product with enhancements and new features.
SharePlex was a clear winner in comparison to its competitors. It beats GoldenGate on price, providing equivalent features and performance at a fraction of the price and without the need to license costly Oracle features at the database level. DB Visit was a strong contender for us as well and it is an excellent product I would also recommend, but it did not have quite enough of a user and community presence and penetration for our management to feel comfortable with.
Joel Barrow | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Shareplex to provide a reporting database thus reducing load for our OLTP instances. We also use it for distributing data to other database instances.
  • It is a light weight service that is easily configured and changed with the use of simple text files that define source tables and target tables. You have complete control of adding or removing tables to the configuration without interfering with other already configured tables.
  • It comes complete with utilities to synchronize data and to repair the data should it ever get out of synchronization. It also comes with an independent monitoring system that alerts admins should any errors occur.
  • Technical support is excellent. The support team is very responsive to issues. When there is an issue one of the engineers will take ownership of the problem and follow through until a solution is provided.
  • It is versatile for maintenance. The admin has control over each of the services used to replicate data. Any of the services can be stopped and restarted throughout the replication process to allow for maintenance or troubleshooting of the replication process. There are a multitude of parameter options available for controlling behavior of the replication process.
  • When first introduced the Change Data Capture process was awkward. Each subsequent release has improved the process.
  • Sometimes the Shareplex monitoring service in Foglight gets overly aggressive in sending out error notifications and can end up spamming the admins with email alerts for one problem. We have had to tone that down.
It works best in Oracle to Oracle instances. Replication to other database vendors is improving with each release, but doesn't have the compare/repair utility that exists in Oracle to Oracle replication.
  • Shareplex allows us to have a near real-time reporting database and we have been able to improve our reporting capabilities eliminating the negative impact on our OLTP systems.
At the time we did our proof of concept (2011), Shareplex was up and running within a couple of hours. The Goldengate techs were unable to get their product to work. Pricing for Shareplex was half of what Oracle quoted. Goldengate did not include monitoring or compare/repair utility (additional charge for that capability).
We have several OLTP applications that we use as well as our ERP system. These systems need to share information with each other. Our developers rely on Shareplex to get the information they need from other systems.
We also use it for EDW loads.
Oracle DBA skills.
  • Data Warehouse loads
  • Data sharing
  • Great potential for use in migrations and/or upgrades. It allows builds of the new instance while still running on the legacy instance.
  • We have eliminated performance problems and the negative caveats of using Oracle Database links.
  • We are able to replicate certain types of real production type activity to our DEV and QA environments.
  • DB upgrades/migrations
We depend on it to supply data to our various OLTP and Data Warehouse environments.
We replaced applications developed in-house to accomplish the same thing. We replaced them because they didn't scale well, and were not easily implemented.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
We did a side by side comparison with Oracle GoldenGate. They couldn't get Goldengate to work at all (2011).
Other solutions have since been developed. I would include looking at them.
Support is very responsive. They take ownership of the problems and see them through to the finish. When a bug is found they work towards developing testing and making the fix available to us to solve the problem.
I've reported several bugs. Support has always provided a solution for us that are later released into general availability or with improvements in design and functionality.
We were an early adopter of their Change Tracking capability. We discovered several bugs. Support started supplying me with patches within 24 hours. They were really awesome.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to replicate the database
  • Replicate data for Dev/QA
  • Easy setup/upgrade
  • Support is easily reachable
  • Lost data, out of sync
  • Re-sync is very hard for large tables
  • Doesn't support all Oracle commands, like rename table a to b
Good for places you need to replicate data quickly, and not require 100% sync. Not well suited for production replication due to data loss.
  • Postive: easy to replicate data for non-prod use
  • Negative: we spent a lot time due to data out of sync
Robert Xu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shareplex is used to replicate data of internet access logs and redirect logs from the point of entry (transaction) to the very end of the back office (data warehouse) for business analytics. It provides data transfer pipelines that move and combine data from geographically dispersed sources to common targets, setting the foundation for a centralized and robust ETL process.
  • SharePlex is highly configurable and versatile. It can handle virtually any kind of data replication needs.
  • SharePlex is very robust. Its message queuing mechanism provides fast data transfer from the source to the target.
  • SharePlex software is very stable and mature, and it is highly scalable and reliable.
  • SharePlex support is exceptionally good. We are very satisfied with its support engineers.
  • SharePlex could have provided more detailed documentation and examples for its "qview" utility. It is the tool of choice in many cases when we encounter tough issues.
SharePlex is best suited for replicating relatively small but steady streams of data, instead of huge amounts of data surge. Keep in mind that it relies on database logs (redo logs in Oracle) to replicate data in the form of "messages", and therefore it is mandatory to put the database in forced logging mode - that may be a prohibiting factor in some situations.
  • Faster data ETL process, which in turn speeds up business analysis and decision making.
  • Fault-tolerance: when some replicated databases go down, others can stay up with the same data replicated by SharePlex.
  • Higher capacity when business ramps up.
SharePlex is more robust than GoldenGate when it comes to replicating the particular transactions in our environment. GoldenGate has the advantage of supporting hetrogeneous databases, but it does not apply to us since we use a single database platform in this setting. In addition, the cost of software licensing of GoldenGate was higher than that of SharePlex at the time we evaluated.
It is very usable once you get over the initial setup.
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