Effectiveness and better loading time for external sites.
April 23, 2021

Effectiveness and better loading time for external sites.

Jessica Alvarez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pantheon

For us, keeping the information on our website updated day [to] day is a completely important task and it helps us keep all our clients informed. Pantheon has played a very important role in the publication and general administration of our blog and our Drupal website, because it has been able to collect exact information on the interest that the client has in each of our publications and what type of traffic we generate in the long term. In addition, Pantheon has allowed us to keep our website constantly updated, where we can have a structured and synchronized work with the team of web developers, in this way we can make edits in real time. Pantheon works in the Marketing and Web Developers sector of our company, so that we can have an automation process for our blog and general site.

For us, using Pantheon has become a perfect solution, because we can schedule posts and keep our page active at all times and our blog updated every day, with recent posts, this helps us boost marketing on our website . I was one of Pantheon's main purchasing decision makers, and I am proud of the results it has provided us and the effectiveness it has brought to the expansion of marketing in our company.
  • One of the main features that you should highlight about Pantheon is that it allows us to create automated processes. This has allowed us to create posts for our blog and for our website on a scheduled basis, and for them to appear on our site on a specific day and time. In addition, these automated processes save us all the manual work and help our blog always have new and relevant information for our customers. Automation saves a lot of time for us and that is why it is one of the factors that I liked the most.
  • The backup system is very important to us. The Pantheon CDN has allowed us to have a backup for all the actions and publications that we create within this platform, this helps us to be able to restore any previously created backup. In addition, this CDN system has allowed us to solve all kinds of errors, there is no problem if we make a mistake during the publication process, Pantheon will always have the possibility to restore the information.
  • It has an excellent WebOps platform which allows me to have a wide configuration of the performance and capacity of our website.
  • The servers that Pantheon offers us are totally reliable and secure, which can be configured at any time by the program administrator. These servers are so secure that we use them to host our external Drupal sites.
  • Support on this platform was a bit lacking. Our implementation process was a bit complicated, we had some confusion when configuring the Pantheon servers and our website, in addition, we had confusion when we configured the automated processes of our blog. The questions were answered after 3 days by Pantheon Support, they have a very poor support system.
  • The Pantheon deployment process is very complicated, it has too much difficulty when configuring the workflows and also the general servers that will be used for the hosting of the site.
  • The CDN has been one of the most important features, due to its great effectiveness for the recovery and constant creation of backup copies.
  • Excellent WebOps panel, very fast and accessible which helps the site to be controlled on a large scale and the activity of the visits can be constantly monitored.
  • Excellent CMS service, which helped us maintain a constant activity on our blog, and made the automation of the publications happen.
  • Managed updates, which helped me keep my hosting service and my server constantly developing.
  • Pantheon had a significant impact on our cost management, as we previously used a much cheaper hosting service, and Pantheon offered us a much better quality service but at a much higher price.
  • Pantheon offered us a much more complete hosting service with which we were able to measure our site traffic and the loading time of all external sites. Pantheon dramatically improved the loading time of all of our sites.

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Pantheon is not created for companies that are looking for some cheap software which offers them the possibility of hosting external websites and allows them to have a general administration of it with the help of automation and client activity management. Pantheon is created for all types of companies, because it has a hosting service with very good performance and this allows a great control of the visits that the website has and the activity that each client has on the website. The servers offered by Pantheon are completely stable and reliable, which allows each company to host their site without worrying about data leaks.

If you are looking for a hosting service that allows you to improve the productivity of external sites such as blogs or brochures, Pantheon is the best option, due to the performance of its servers and general control of productivity thanks to its marketing management.