PeopleAdmin Review
February 06, 2015

PeopleAdmin Review

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Modules Used

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Position Management
  • Performance Management

Overall Satisfaction with PeopleAdmin

PeopleAdmin is being used by one department (Human Resources) to service every department in our organization. Our organization is made up of three sections that use the product, our University (all departments and colleges), our Research Corporation, and our Marshall Health (hospital affiliate employees). Our department posts all full-time and part-time benefit eligible positions on to our PeopleAdmin website. We require all interested applicants for any of the mentioned positions to apply through our PeopleAdmin website. No candidates may be considered without applying through it. PeopleAdmin addresses man business problems for our organization. Some of the most important issues it resolved for us were accurate record keeping of all recruitment and applications, it eliminated a lot of human error when it came to posting positions, closing positions, and reviewing applications, and also it has facilitated the application process for applicants allowing us to receive more applications.
  • Accurately records all applications for a position, eliminating any human error on recording applications.
  • Generates reports for the organization rather than requiring the employee to gather the data themselves.
  • Facilitates the application process by only allowing applicants to submit fully completed applications.
  • Allows departments to ask specific supplemental questions with pass/fail answers to facilitate the screening process.
  • Serves as a library for all positions at the organization so that job descriptions, qualifications, and records are readily available.
  • Continuously working at all times rather than only during open business hours (i.e. deadlines can be extended to midnight rather than 5 p.m. ET).
  • Provides IT support at all time through the PeopleAdmin Community page, FAQ, and live staff that responds to any issues in an extremely timely fashion.
  • Implementation training could have been more detailed and directed to a beginning user.
  • Not being able to see incomplete applications while trying to help an applicant submit an application is difficult.
  • Making the system more user friendly for beginning user.
  • Better customer service to hiring departments, search committees, and applicants.
  • Faster turnaround time for applicants.
  • Faster turnaround time for hiring departments.
  • Sped up recruitment process for approvals.
Organizations who have very few applications and/or very few positions posted are probably less likely to benefit as high from PeopleAdmin. Large organizations who have several positions and/or several applications/applicants can definitely benefit from this product. This product is not as well suited for performance management as I had hoped because there is not a lot of freedom to creating and designing different evaluations for different position types in the system when you have an organization that has thousands of different employees and types.

PeopleAdmin Higher Ed Platform, from Powerschool Feature Ratings

New hire portal
Manager tracking tools
Compliance tracking and reporting
Corporate goal setting
Subordinate goal setting
Individual goal setting
Line-of sight-visibility
Performance tracking
Performance plans
Plan weighting
Performance improvement plans
Review status tracking
Rater nomination workflow
Review reminders
Workflow restrictions
Multiple review frequency
Create succession plans/pools
Candidate ranking
Candidate search
Candidate development

Using PeopleAdmin

Our daily users of PeopleAdmin include: Human Resources, Equity Programs, Finance, Budget, Deans, Directors, Academic Affairs, and Supervisors. On a day to day basis we also have employees from each department who serve on hiring/selection committees who use it as a reviewing tool for their applicants (search committees). These members vary by search and can include 5-15 members per each committee. As each position gets posted, a search committee that is different than any other is added in for each search. Our Human Resources staff uses the system the most for posting positions, collection of applications, reviewer of applications, performance assessments, position management and records, and as a report generator.
5 - We have three staff members who directly support our PeopleAdmin system. This group is made up of our HRIS Manager, our HR Representative who oversees the website offering customer and user support, HR Manager who oversees the position management module, HR Director, and IT Manager who oversees any technical or interphase issues that may arise.
  • Applicant records.
  • Position Records.
  • EEO Reporting.
  • Screening Applications.
  • PIQ Review- A questionnaire that employees can fill out in detail about their duties and request a review for their salary.
  • Reporting for EEO
  • Advertisement Feedback - building in questions to the application process.
  • Open-ended questions/Essays built in to the application process on a position to position basis.
  • Better performance reviews.
  • Onboarding notifications for new hire paperwork reminders.
  • Notifications for employees who have not completed a specified task.

Evaluating PeopleAdmin and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
The single most important factor to our organization is how useful it would be and the price. Our organization is currently on a hiring freeze due to budget constraints so to be able to approve the purchase of PeopleAdmin we had to be 100% positive that this product would work best for our organization. We have been completely satisfied with our decision.
If we had to go through the evaluation and selection process of PeopleAdmin again, I would make sure our recruiting staff would have been part of the implementation and purchase phase. The users who are going to be working with the product every day are the ones who need to be most familiar with our package and instructions on using it.