PeopleAdmin 5.8 Objective Review
Updated December 04, 2014

PeopleAdmin 5.8 Objective Review

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  • Position Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Performance Management

Overall Satisfaction with PeopleAdmin

We, at one point, were using PeopleAdmin for Applicant Tracking, Position Management, and Performance Management. Due to budgetary constraints, we have been unable to upgrade to the latest version (7) of the PeopleAdmin system. We found that both Applicant Tracking and Position Management worked well for out needs however, we needed a more robust system for Performance Management so we dropped that module a few years back.The PeopleAdmin system is being used company-wide. The Human Resources Department is the administrator of the system and all departments and applicants are users of the system. The system has really simplified our recruiting process. It has solved problems with workflow of our requisitions, which used to be a manual process. Now requisitions can be reviewed by all appropriate approving managers, including the budget office, prior to posting. This has reduced our "time to post" by at least 3 days in most cases. Electronic applications have also increased the number of applications that we receive for our positions, reduced recruiting fees, reduced applicant traffic in our department, and reduced copying and mailing expenses. It has also made it much easier for managers and committee members to review applications without having to come to HR and review files. The system has also reduced our "time to fill" significantly as managers can review applicant materials, request interviews, and make hiring decisions much more efficiently in this system. Hire Forms are also electronic so they can be routed through the approval chain must faster than the manual process we once had.
  • PeopleAdmin knows the challenges associated with Public Sector employment, specifically the world of higher education.
  • They stay current with customer needs. They conduct RoundTable discussions across the US where clients can meet to discuss challenges, hear about new product releases, as well as tips and best practices from other institutions. They also take notes on what customers would like to see changed or added to their product line.
  • The system is easy-to-use and generally acceptable to users.
  • Customer service. They have a work-order system that provides frequent communications regarding the status of your request.
  • PeopleAdmin can really improve upon reporting. Trying to get any sort of metrics from this product, specifically in version 5.8, is nearly impossible. I understand that they are working on a new reporting module but that we be an added fee that I'm not sure is within our budget. These types of systems really need to have a robust reporting system in order for HR and other managers to be able to satisfy internal and external reporting requirements.
  • The Performance Management system is not as robust as a system that is designed specifically for performance management. It isn't much more than an evaluation tool with some abilities for employees and managers to keep notes throughout the year.
  • If ever you wish to end relations with PeopleAdmin and go with another system, all of the information that you have put into their system simply becomes data that is at the mercy of your IT department to figure out how to incorporate into some usable format. We are still paying for our Performance Management module after 2 years because we don't want to lose the historical data. They weren't willing to credit us anything for just keeping the system for historic purposes, even though we aren't using it.
  • It has reduced our "time to post" by at least 3 days due to the electronic approval process.
  • It has reduced our "time to fill" significantly by increasing our exposure to applicants resulting in more applicants in a shorter time. Due to being able to ask candidates disqualifying questions, it has reduced the screening time necessary of recruiters. The electronic routing of the hire form has also reduced the process by at least 3 days as well.
  • Applicants and managers alike can see the status of the postings at all time which reduces phone calls.
  • There are system generated emails that are sent to applicants at different points which reduces fees associated with phone calls and mailings.
We have recently began to look at other services such as Oracle Taleo and SuccessFactors. In my opinion, these companies, operating in the cloud, offer many more features that service the employee through their entire life cycle. I specifically like their infinite reporting tools. They are a true full-service HRIS system that operates as a stand-alone service.
Because we have 14 years of information in this system with no real good way to get the information out in a usable format, we are likely to upgrade to the newest version this year. I understand that this version is far better than it's previous 5.8 release, which they are no longer investing in. It also integrates with Ellucian which is important to us.

This system is definitely most suited for public sector and higher education institutions. I, personally, would want PeopleAdmin to perform a site visit to determine your processes, make suggestions on what process changes may be necessary for effective use of the system, and make recommendations on how best to implement the system.

I would ask if PeopleAdmin integrates with your existing systems. We found that we had about 5 systems that don't talk to each other. This requires a ton of duplicated effort and room for error. We are now working with PeopleAdmin to see if we can integrate their services with our Ellucian environment. It is possible for an additional expense but depending upon what it does for us, it may be well worth it.