Qubit web personalisation: very Mr Porter
Updated March 18, 2015

Qubit web personalisation: very Mr Porter

Andrew Cottington | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Deliver
  • Discover

Overall Satisfaction with Qubit

We began working with Qubit on MRPORTER.com in April 2014. We had been looking for a web personalisation tool that would fit our numerous requirements - as a multi-brand retailer with a varied global customer base, the ability to personalise our content is key to our long term strategy. After meeting with the Qubit team and researching the market, we quickly decided that Qubit was head and shoulders above other competitors we had considered. Following a very straight-forward implementation process we applied Qubit across the full MR PORTER site, using all three of it's core elements - personalistation, split testing and visitor feedback - from the outset.
  • Providing versatility - the user-friendly Deliver tool allows us to make immediate changes to the MR PORTER site without having to build Tech solutions. This a) saves time, and b) eradicates the need for cross-channel support; I can create and manage all marketing messages myself.
  • Account management - the team at Qubit are excellent communicators, and respond to any question knowledgeably and efficiently.
  • Understanding our market and customer - Qubit's experience within the fashion sector, teamed with a solid understanding of our customer, has resulted in a highly efficient relationship. Tests that we request are often refined by the team at Qubit; their intuitive understanding of what will work best has had a hugely positive effect on our test results.
  • The main dashboard of Discover: as we use Qubit to both hosts tests and to display service messaging, we have a high number of 'layers' active at any one time. The ability to see at a glance (for example) the overall CR increase of all live tests, or results to date for a specific test without having to click into it, would be a great addition. Having said that, Qubit have contacted us in the past to pro-actively canvas any improvements we would like, so this is an issue Qubit are already aware of.
  • The ability to create new 'sentiments' within Visitor Feedback: again, this is something Qubit are aware of (and are addressing), but it would be very useful for a client to have the ability to add new Feedback terms. Currently this has to go through Qubit - and is a very long process.
  • One area where performance could be improved is in-page messaging: when using Qubit to change a specific region of page content, this can often produce a 'flicker', where Qubit identifies the region we've asked it to change, then makes the change. The delay of this flicker depends on the size of the region (or regions) you wish to change. However, this may well be a fundamental problem with this type of test, rather than with Qubit's functionality.
  • Highlighting improved service propositions for relevant customers: i.e. being able to easily serve messaging to a specific customer group (for example promoting the introduction of Paypal as a payment method in France and Germany).
  • The ability to easily test hypotheses that would otherwise have required a large amount of development time - for example testing various configurations of product pages has allowed us to define our most effective and engaging layout.
  • We also use Qubit to serve entire marketing campaigns, cutting the required team involvement down massively; thanks to this versatility, promotions have been discussed in morning meetings and gone live the following afternoon.
To date, we've found Qubit very well suited to all the elements we originally wanted to address.

Using Qubit

8 - The diverse nature of Qubit allows various areas of the business to use different elements of the tool on a day-to-day basis. Predominantly it's used by Marketing, E-Commerce, Customer Insight and our in-house Tech Development team.
Over the seven months we have worked with Qubit we have tried many tests - but most of our most exciting plans are still ahead of us. The longer Qubit is on site, the more complete an impression we build of our visitors - and the more accurately and efficiently we can serve personalised content to them.

Qubit Implementation