One of the best A/B testing and personalization platforms today.
Updated February 04, 2015

One of the best A/B testing and personalization platforms today.

Miriam Isaac | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Qubit

We use Qubit as an A/B testing and personalization platform on our e-commerce site. It is being used within the marketing and IT departments. We had tried previous A/B testing and personalization software with our site but nothing compares to Qubit. We finally found a solution that not only doesn't conflict with our e-commerce platform, but also gives us a way to change the design on the website without needing to go through IT development cycles.
  • Qubit has great support and Simon, our point man at Qubit has given us great ideas and contributed to our e-commerce strategy to increase conversion and overall ROI on our website.
  • The ability to be able to A/B test different features on our site without impending other projects and priorities.
  • One of my favorite parts of Qubit is their ability to give us back customer feedback collected on our site in an organized and simple to use feature in their dashboard. This gives myself and team a direct line with our customers. Something I have always wanted.
  • I would like more communication between myself and Qubit. I feel that a bi-weekly phone call isn't enough to push strategy forward.
  • Initially we encountered conflicts with Qubit and other 3rd party scripts.
  • We have seen a slight impact on our overall ROI. It is still early days though, as our traffic sources have gone through quitesignificant changes.
We choose Qubit after a bad experience with Personyze. We found the latter difficult to use and their dashboard was hard to navigate. We have far less overhead with Qubit and Qubit are able to take care of all the development stages from A to Z.
I would say it is well suited as a personalization tool and if you are seeking to find an A/B testing tool that fits your needs, this is a great all in one solution. It is not magic though, the best way to work with Qubit is to come to the table with a strategy and they will help you figure out the best solutions for your customers and website.

Using Qubit

IT and Marketing. Specially software development, UX design and content writing
3 - One person should be able to support the platform from a technical perspective, as in can handle any software changes needed and be able to act as the technical liaison to the Qubit account managers. Another person would need to be able to support the platform from a marketing perspective, to be able to oversee the mockups that Qubit design, to ensure they align with the company's brand and 'look'.
  • The ability to be able to use Qubit to add a feature to the site, without having to go through an IT cycle
  • We use the dashboard to help us discover any issues that our customers may have, whom may not necessarily contact customer service.
  • Sometimes when we have a promotion or sale and our own deployment wasn't successful, Qubit was able to step in and provide a solution for us.
  • We had to temporarily disable a feature on the website and we were able to do this via Qubit's so that we didn't need to burden our already overwhelmed IT department.
  • We would like to continue to optimize and personalize the site further with Qubit. One of my aims is to really segment our audience and be able to deliver content on the homepage and even throughout the site that is personalized for that user specifically.
We really love working with them and we are excited to see what ideas they will come up with as we continue to optimize our website.

Evaluating Qubit and Competitors

Yes - We were using Personized, which is a platform for Web personalization. We found that it was meeting our needs in terms of expectations and product usage.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
We had been looking at a different platform to replace personized. However we preferred the customer service and personnel at Qubit far better. We also had a trial period with Qubit and found that we loved working with their account managers. We also found the platform was easy to use and their grasp of the brand and our needs in a short period of time was phenomenal. So I would say their customer service was definitely the main factor here.
I was pretty happy with the process, we had a few bumps initially but were able to find a platform we were happy with and are excited to continue working with.

Qubit Implementation

Using Qubit

Qubit Reliability

As our strategist at Qubit took the initiative to bring in another account manager when he saw that we needed communication / support during the hours he wasn't available, due to conflicting time zones.
I would say that the Qubit account managers are always available for any request. We have a lot of different promotions that could always do with last minute optimizing or changes and Qubit can be relied on to get this changes up and running in an impressive amount of time, so that we don't need to patch live or wait for the next IT sprint. Invaluable to our business.
Performs very well and if they are any problems, they are resolved as soon as possibly.