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June 24, 2014

Quote the Raven

Mathew Riexinger | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RavenTools

RavenTools is being used to monitor the work that our SEO department has done to easily report to the client in an automated way each month. When covering numerous clients you always have to look for a way to manage your time efficiently, and effectively. Besides using the reporting module for each client, we also utilize the functionality of the PPC, Social Media, SEO, content and research functionality based on the clients goals they wish us to direct our attention to.

When researching for keywords, you want to make sure that the process in researching that you have created for yourself is time management friendly, effective, and a solid base to branch off of as you grow your SEO campaign. Creating content for numerous clients can be hectic, but with Raven Tools, it's a built in module that saves you from finding another software solution that will provide you quality content to use across your SEO and Social Media campaigns. As you can see, there are multiple departments within our company that use Raven Tools on a daily basis. The major thing I see Raven Tools addressing is cutting down on micro-tasking, which, if you're unfamiliar with the term, it's the small day to day tasks that can take up a large portion of your day, and add-up over the course of time to a lot of lost hours and days.
  • I believe RavenTools has a solid grasp on reporting to clients. With a wizard, templates and step by step help instructions for those who are new, this feature is a must use.
  • You can search a keyword to find out how competitive it is, as well as how easy or difficult it would be to rank for based on data you provide.
  • Social Media keyword monitoring is a great tool to use. Since social media websites are one of the most popular places to find your targeted audience, it's crucial you use a tool like this to do it correctly.
  • Though I'm not a big fan on the direction to paid advertisement participation, I cannot discredit RavenTools for my personal preferences. Their PPC module allows you to connect to your Adwords account and utilize the data with the insights and metrics which is great data to have if you find yourself going this route.
  • The one thing I think RavenTools can improve on is implementing Reputation Management functionality into it's application. Since Reputation Management is a crucial aspect companies are looking to have focused on and taken care of effectively, I believe that they can utilize their existing tools to get a great head start with this functionality. In my humble opinion they've had a great product over the course of seven years, and still do, however, keeping up with the marketing trends such as Reputation Management is a key factor in the longevity of their users.
  • A positive impact that we've had with RavenTools is the help it provides in managing time with all of our employees that use it. As the saying goes, "Time Is Money", and if that holds true, then the time saved using RavenTools has created an ROI for us just on that aspect alone.
  • Another positive impact is that it gives our client something to log into and visually see things happening. These days, you can't trust many people to provide you with the correct data. By providing them with this tool to log into, it allows us to hold a reputable, open, and honest relationship with each and every client.
  • Moz,SEO PowerSuite
RavenTools is as solid as it comes when you're choosing a marketing application to suit a variety of needs. Since it is a web application it can be accessed anywhere, at anytime by the users you have in your account, just as long as they have internet access. A lot of choices between these software applications are preference based since they all have a similar functionality to them with slight variations respectfully.
Since making RavenTools our companies home for a long time now, we have grown accustomed to the interface, functionality, and have learned every which way through the application to the point of perfecting our management of the system and in which case, perfects our time management because of our experience and skill set with using it. With the client base that we have at the moment, migrating over to any other system would be foolish to begin with, but either way, we aren't looking for an alternative to move to because we are happy with the service, and product RavenTools provides us.
Like any marketing software, it's not going to target every single type of business that's out there. One type of business that comes to mind that it wouldn't be the most effective to use with is actors/actresses, and other entertainment careers. The key questions to ask during the selection process I believe is the easiest, and most effective at the same time would be "What online areas of your business are you looking to improve on, and on a scale of 1-10 (1 - being not very much and 10 - being very much), how interested are you in each of the areas that you just stated?"