Your students can be stars with STAR Assessments!
Updated March 13, 2023

Your students can be stars with STAR Assessments!

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Modules Used

  • Star 360
  • Star Reading
  • Star Math
  • Star Early Literacy
  • Star in Spanish
  • Star Custom

Overall Satisfaction with Renaissance Star Assessments

Our District is using Renaissance Star Assessments for benchmarks and progress monitoring.
  • It shows the score immediately.
  • Students can navigate the website easily.
  • The teacher "side"/data is easy to navigate.
  • The graphs for each subject are not consistently the same. (ie. some graphs are by 5s and some are by 50s.) It's very confusing to read them.
  • The questions are not rigorous enough for state standards.
  • Different reports will show data that does not align. If 'state' is chosen, then all reports should show the same data. The Parent Report will show the child in 'green', but every sub-skill is in 'red'. That is super confusing for parents and teachers.
  • All reports should be based on the same score, but they are not. It is like comparing apples to oranges on the same child.
  • State standards mastery report.
  • Students are burnt out on testing (progress monitoring every 6 weeks is too much).
  • Testing is causing a lot of anxiety for students and staff.
NWEA is more rigorous than STAR Assessments. NWEA MAP aligns directly with our state and ACT tests. Our district uses STAR Assessments for benchmark and progress monitoring. We use NWEA MAP for benchmarking. NWEA MAP does not have progress monitoring (math and reading skills checklists are not comprehensive). STAR Assessments are good for progress monitoring. You can immediately the results on STAR, but you have to wait until the next day on MAP. The reports are confusing on STAR. The Parent Report will show that they are in mastery, but the domains will show that they need severe intervention. The Progress Monitoring Report (even when 'state' is on) and State Standards Report do not align. MAP data is always consistent, no matter which report you look at. I do like that the STAR data directly correlates to other products in Renaissance, whereas MAP does not have other student intervention products.

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I do not feel that the questions are difficult enough for the state standards. I think district levels need to have a cut score at 80% or better districts should only be able to choose 80% or higher for the cut score.

Using Renaissance Star Assessments

STAR assessments are used by our entire district and staff. They are used to show academic data.
2 - Our district curriculum director and assistant are our support people.
  • Academic Data
  • student growth in academics
  • It helps teachers know what students know and what they do not know.
  • We celebrate growth when students take the STAR assessments. The students are very proud of themselves when they have point growth.
  • We use the data for intervention time. We can make differentiated lessons based off of student performance.
  • It can pinpoint exactly what a student needs to work on in reading and math.
  • We will be able to see student progress over multiple years.
  • We will be able to see data by grade level or school and how it changes from year to year.
  • ACT prep will be based on STAR data.
Our district has made the decision that we are going to use for next year. We can use the data through so many other programs that connect.

Renaissance Star Assessments Support

Renaissance Star Assessments' support is very efficient. When I start a chat, they immediately assist me. If the question requires further assistance, it usually only takes a few minutes for more answers. I have used the chat to assist me with simple "where to find" questions, and more complex questions, such as diving deeper into why student scores are the way they are.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I do not know.
Yes - Yes. The system had a few glitches when we first started using them, but they have been very reliable and improve every year since. This may have been an internet system issue that was solved.
I had a question about using STAR Assessments with CBMs. I used the chat feature and the support team went above and beyond answering my questions. I remembering being so thankful that they included links to what I needed.
I also like that the chat can be printed and emailed to others. (I had team members who were asking the same questions.)

Using Renaissance Star Assessments

It is easy to navigate through the system. The reports are easy to access. Students are able to log in without issues. They can navigate their tests (1st and 2nd grades).
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Teachers do not have to run the assessments through their computers.
  • Tests are in the same place every time the student logs in.
  • It is easy to find data.
  • Log out for students. The button could be larger. The littles do not see where to exit out.

Integrating Renaissance Star Assessments

It is super easy to use. Login and go.
  • Renaissance AR
  • Freckle
  • MyOn
  • Schoolzilla
They are very connected. Super easy to navigate between them. My first and second graders can easily switch systems without issues.
  • Lalilo
Yes, this is another product that is fully integrated with their products.
  • File import/export
From the teacher side, it is easy to use. I would have a Renaissance data specialist help teachers understand what they are looking at and how to use the information.