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Assessment Software

Assessment Software Overview

What is Assessment Software?

Assessment software provide tools to build tests that measure knowledge and competency. Additionally assessment software provide means to analyze and interpret test results. Many vendors of learning software (e.g. LMS, Higher Ed, Student Management or SIS), provide assessment software to augment their flagship learning platform.

Assessment tools may also be used or integrated into ATS or onboarding software, as well as talent management. Some test and measurement software specialists provide tools for education and HR. Most vendors specialize in one area or the other.

Additionally, assessment software may provide a means to conduct computer-administered testing. Online assessments present the advantage of providing instantaneous scoring and results, or instant transfer of scoring to test administrator.

Assessment Software Features

Assessment tools provide subsets of the following general capabilities:

  • Create tests or quizzes from templates or from scratch

  • Cross-platform test administration functionality, support for mobile app or test taking

  • Team-based testing administration, collaboration tools available

  • Adaptive questions that become harder or easier based on a test-taker’s prior answers

  • Provide just-in-time tutoring or help to use tests as teaching tools

  • Provide standardized tests, industry best-practice or standard knowledge assessment tests for variety of subject areas

  • Library of instructional resources, supplemental materials

  • Test result analysis per student, groups of students, reporting

  • Store results to show student or learner progress

  • Test result sharing and guidance (e.g. for parents)

  • Learner profile & course /session roster

  • Integration with cloud drive or storage (e.g. Dropbox), SIS or LMS

Pricing Information

Assessment software are generally delivered as a service (SaaS) and available via subscription. Some simpler assessment tools are available via perpetual license and can be installed. Many assessment software vendors offer their assessment apps via a bundle (e.g. with an LMS, or SIS). For homeschoolers or independent users needing one license, quiz taking and assessment apps are available free. More complex platforms require annual subscription to unlock all features. Price increases with number of anticipated users (e.g. test-takers & administrators), , feature-breadth, and integrations.

Assessment Products

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108 Ratings

Schoology is a learning management system (LMS). The Basic Package is free for instructors and includes features such as an Academic Activity Dashboard, Instructional Tools and a Native Document Grader. The Enterprise Package includes the Basic Package and additional features such as: Systemwide...


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121 Ratings

Instructure is an educational software company based in Sandy, Utah. It is the developer of the Canvas learning management system, which is a comprehensive software package that competes with such systems as Blackboard Learning System, SumTotal and Saba.

Blackboard Learn

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147 Ratings

Blackboard Inc. is an enterprise learning management systems vendor. Blackboard was founded in 1997 and became a public company in 2004. The company provides education, mobile, communication, and commerce software and related services to clients including education providers, corporations and gov...

5 Ratings

Edsby is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for K-12 school districts that uses web and mobile technologies to connect teachers, students, parents and administrators in new ways. This LMS allows students and parents to check grades, attendance, homework and more from a browser, table...

5 Ratings

iSpring Suite helps users craft courses that are mobile-ready and adaptive. It is available as a standalone course authoring tool or as a bundle of authoring tool + LMS (Learning Management System).iSpring Suite is an add-in for PowerPoint with no training required to start. With iSpring Suite, u...

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EPracto is a cloud based, real time practice assessment platform for preparing for competitive exams. The vendor says that it has incorporated major scientific research in the field of learning techniques to help colleges to test, measure and improve students’ preparedness to crack any placement ...

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Schoolnet is an assessment platform from Pearson. It allows teachers to create and report on online assessments that are aligned to curriculum standards. It also helps school districts aggregate data to improve teaching and learning.

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ProProfs Quiz Maker is a tool widely used by trainers, universities, and businesses all over the world. Easily make quizzes and tests that delight using ProProfs Quiz Maker. Users can create a quiz from scratch or use the ProProfs library having 100k+ customizable quizzes and 1,000,000+ ready to ...

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McGraw-Hill offers ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces), an assessment software platform providing a range of testing tools and standard or best-practice tests for subjects in primary and secondary education, as well as higher ed and homeschooling.

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NWEA, a nonprofit headquartered in Portland, offers the MAP Suite, their flagship assessment platform and suite.

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TestOut Corporation headquartered in Pleasant Grove offers LabSim, a learning platform featuring a wide variety of tests, assessments, and simulations, which allows users to build and administer tests of a variety of competencies.

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Turning Technologies, headquartered in Youngstown, offers ExamView, an assessment software featuring test generator, quiz creator, and a large item pool of proven assessment questions.

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ExamSoft is assessment software from the company of the same name in Dallas, featuring exam authoring and management, results analytics, and a suite of add-ons to extend its capabilities.

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CodeSignal is an assessment platform for technical hiring. According to the vendor, companies of all sizes already use CodeSignal’s Certify, Test, and Interview products to grow engineering teams rapidly, while saving engineering interview time, reducing turnover costs, removing hiring biases, an...

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NetSupport School is a classroom management platform featuring modules for student assessment, student activity monitoring, and desktop security management.

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Global brands use ChallengeRocket to assess & hire top-performing tech talents (software developers, data scientists, IT specialists) using online challenges and hackathons.According to the vendor, is the world’s best solution for software developers to assess and improve ...