Great service for important or legal messages
Updated September 30, 2015

Great service for important or legal messages

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  • Registered email

Overall Satisfaction with RMail Services

  • Have used it in legal matters where proof of email receipt was important.
  • It catches recipients' attention. They seem to know that they're on the spot.
  • Very easy to use. Requires no special software. Can use with any email programs.
  • RPost is integrated into leading corporate enterprise email systems but not into ordinary email client software. I would like to see it integrated into my email client (which has less than 2% of the email software market). But it's still easy to use otherwise, so this is a minor point.
  • RPost, as I understand it, keeps no records of one's emails or deliveries. So it's up to me to keep the records (emails sent and received). This isn't a problem for me, but it might be for some people.
  • RPost saves time and money when the alternative is registered snailmail. In addition, snailmail is proof of delivery but not proof of delivery of content. RPost proves what content you delivered.
  • RPost has saved me about three dozen trips to the Post Office (registered snailmail) over three years in my legal dealings that I handle myself. These are only the most important legal matters. I also use RPost for routine communications that have legal import.
It's a very easy system to use without any special software. However, it's worthwhile taking the time to understand the RPost system so that you don't make mistakes, such as not getting and not archiving your RPost verifications. In addition, if you use an enterprise email system, you may find that RPost is already integrated into it.

RPost works well for situations where you would send registered mail, that is, important or legal communications. Since it is considerably less trouble than sending registered mail, one is inclined to use it more often. For instance, for certain transactions you might want to send every email via RPost instead of just the most crucial emails.

Using RMail Services

1 - Sending RPost email is the equivalent of sending registered letters at the Post Office. I use RPost for all legal notifications. According to RPost, its registered email is accepted proof in court of a communication regarding both delivery and content. I also use RPost for important email; I am certain of delivery, and I get the receipient 's attention. The receipient also knows that I know that the email has been delivered. Since it is easier to send an RPost email than a registered letter, I use RPost much more than I would otherwise use registered mail at the Post Office.
I don't think RPost has any competition, at least none that I can use. I think that once registered email becomes widely accepted (someday soon?), it will be indispensable for anyone in business, and RPost is the leading vendor (maybe the only vendor).

Evaluating RMail Services and Competitors

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RMail Services Implementation

Change management was minimal
  • None. It's software that one just starts using with minimal learning.

Using RMail Services

It's very easy to use. It's a little unusual to understand, but not difficult. As long as you understand that RPost keeps no records, it is problem free.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Since I don't have RPost integrated into my email client, I have to add a short suffix ( onto the addressee's email address. This is quite easy to do, although not automatically done as it would be if RPost were integrated into the client. I use Thunderbird as my email client. I also have an RPost plugin in my Gmail client, which puts an RPost button right in the client.
  • RPost does not keep any record of the email sent. This is germane to the way their system operates. Thus, I have to keep records (provided automatically by RPost via email) of all registered email sent. Simple to do. The record of an email can be printed and presented in court, if necessary. It has held up in several court cases according to RPost, and they supposedly help with ligitagtion. It has been approved by numberous bar associations.
  • There's nothing more to explain. Pretty simple.
  • None. You do have to archive your registered email records, as RPost doesn't keep any records. But that's not a problem for me.

RMail Services Reliability

Works well routinely without problems.