Email Encryption7Email Encryption Software allows the encryption and authentication of email messages to protect the content from being read by unintended recipients.Zix1 Email Protection2 Exchange3 Micro Worry-Free Business Security4 Encrypted Email7 Information Protection8 Standard SSL Certificates10 Secure Email11 Email Security13 ePrism Email Security14 Micro InterScan Messaging Security15 SecureMail (formerly HP SecureMail)16 Email Security (formerly FuseMail)17 Email Security Software19 Security20 Secure Messaging Platform21 Secure Email and File Transfer24

Email Encryption Software

Email Encryption Software Overview

What is Email Encryption Software?

Email Encryption Software allows the disguising of content within email messages so that they cannot be read by anyone apart from the intended recipient. Emails are typically encrypted and then decrypted by means of a digital signature mechanism that uses public and private keys. The public key is shared with everyone while the private key is kept private.

Email Encryption Software Features & Capabilities

  • Support for internal and external users

  • Integration with existing email infrastructure

  • Strength of cryptography

  • File security

  • Mobile device support

  • Policy and identity-based encryption

Encryption also usually includes authentication where the user is obliged to prove his or her identity by using a username and password combination in order to get access. More recently biometrics (fingerprints or eye retina recognition) is used instead of username and password, making it more difficult for hackers to break into computer systems.

Pricing Information

While some email tools have built-in encryption capabilities, standalone encryption tools cost between $10 and $100 per month, depending on capabilities.

Email Encryption Products

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Zix is an email encryption solution from ZixCorp. The vendor’s value proposition is that they offer industry-leading email encryption, a unique email data loss prevention (DLP) solution, and an innovative bring your own device (BYOD) email solution designed to meet a company’s data protection an...

Proofpoint Email Protection

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Proofpoint Email Protection is available as an on-premise or cloud based solution and blocks unwanted, malicious and impostor emails with granular search capabilities and visibility into all messages. Outbound controls include encryption and data loss prevention, while continuity capabilities ens...

Microsoft Exchange

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440 Ratings

Microsoft Exchange is a secure email / messaging gateway with file archiving and encryption / data loss capability, available as a hosted service (Exchange Online) or installed (Exchange Server).

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RMail is RPost’s software-as-a-service solution that enables business users to track and prove email delivery; encrypt sensitive emails; and get documents signed electronically. Available as a MS Outlook add-in and for other popular software platforms, RMail works with any email address without a...

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IceWarp, from the company of the same name headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, is an email applications and unified communications offering.

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ArcTitan is the email security, encryption, and archiving solution from Irish company TitanHQ.

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ClrStream is an email security, continuity and durability solution for MS Exchange, Office 365, MDaemon, Postfix, PostMaster, Zimbra & other mail solutions. ClrStream protects email servers from Spam, Virus, Ransomware and DDOS attacks. It also provides email continuity when the primary mail ...

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Egress Secure Email and File Transfer offers a combination of policy-based gateway and desktop email encryption software designed to secure and control information. The vendor’s value proposition is that Egress Secure Email and Large File Transfer keeps the data owner in control of shared informa...

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According to the vendor, SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats. Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the categories of unwanted email that SpamTitan blocks.Hundreds of advanced tests scan your email separating...