Sage CRM Connects the Pieces
Updated November 13, 2015

Sage CRM Connects the Pieces

Kari-Ann B. Ryan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Sage CRM On-Premise

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Overall Satisfaction with Sage CRM

  • Sage CRM offers a full set of features such as case management, marketing campaigns, sales process workflows, plus more for an organization to access and utilize while working with their clients. These are not always "included" in all the competitive products out there as they are in Sage CRM. These features can be game changers in working with leads, prospects or clients in taking customer service to the next level.
  • There are multiple ways to sift through and gather groupings of companies or people within the Sage CRM database. You can use the Find function (search), Reports and Groups. Not only does this put the groupings in one place but it then allows you to do multiple things with them. You can group email, analyze, export, review, assign tasks, and so much more. Not only are these capabilities easy to use and execute but they are also trackable and reportable.
  • For the on-premise version of Sage CRM there is the capability to integrate with many of the Sage ERP products. When these two solutions work together there is a seamless two way integration. This saves companies a lot of money and time. Money is saved on user licenses as you can differentiate certain users to just be in the CRM side versus the ERP side or both. Time is saved as Sales and other non ERP users will have real time information on their clients information, order history, account information, and capabilities to create quotes and place orders.
  • Sage CRM, just like any software product, is reliant on outside factors. Sometimes all the pieces do not work together in ways they are supposed to due to versions, updates or other. For example. Outlook integration with Sage CRM is a great feature of the product but not always reliable. Sometimes it completely shuts down and needs to be reinstalled. Sometimes the capabilities are limited based on the versions you are trying to sync. I wish the integration was more consistent.
  • One of the most positive things I find when working with my clients on Sage CRM is in their development or implementation of their process. It helps them better define it and then work on it. Ultimately making them more efficient with a higher ROI.
  • If Sage CRM is not bought in by the entire team, the ROI will be much lower and possibly even result in failure. They may not remove the system but they may not use it to its full potential. The buy in needs to be implemented by management, team leaders, and their Sage partner to aid in the success of the solution.
  • Better customer service is a big one that I see as a positive ROI. It is so much more efficient to be able to pick up the phone and make a call to a client or prospect when you can visually see all the communications that have gone on with that client. You are more informed and therefore better equipped to fulfill your clients needs, whatever they are.
I recommend you ask details about the best deployment options for you. I would always ask questions relevent to how you currently do things and run your business to see what fits or might need to be customized to fit the solution. If important, ask about integration into other software you currently use. When integrated, the software becomes even more valuable to the organization.

Using Sage CRM

18 - Sales, Marketing and Support
I see so many great advancements and changes in the the product in the last year. The decision Sage made to sell off their other CRM products was a BIG WIN for Sage CRM as all the development resources are pooled into one great product.

Using Sage CRM

I think it is intuitive, easy to customize and easy to learn
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Communication tracking and entering
  • Opportunity entry and tracking
  • Company and person summary information
Yes - I think it works well for what I need to use it for.

Sage CRM Reliability

Sage works very quickly based on the network you are using it on. It is internet based so if your network is slow, it will perform slowly. Reports seem to run reasonably fast, if there is too much information it is trying to populate that could slow it down a little. When Sage CRM is integrated with a Sage ERP product it doesn't tend to slow down either system at all.