Customer Service was an issue for me at SalesHandy - they lost my business after ignoring me
July 03, 2019

Customer Service was an issue for me at SalesHandy - they lost my business after ignoring me

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Overall Satisfaction with SalesHandy

I was the only person to use SalesHandy. It was supposed to track whether companies I contacted opened my e-mail and determine which links they clicked on.
  • It appears that it does do the tracking, although I didn't use it for more than 20 e-mails before I had problems with SalesHandy.
  • Their comprehension of English is of low quality.
  • They stopped responding to my e-mails.
  • Didn't help me in the end
I'm now searching for an alternative to SalesHandy
Due to me using the software for very long and their terrible customer service, this is why I rated them low. I did notice that when sending e-mails it does take a while for the e-mail to go through, but then the e-mail hits the inbox very quickly. Also, their site and live chat did have problems. I mentioned this to them and they eventually fixed the live chat, but then they ignored the site issues I had which is when I opened two tabs, one tab would show one thing, and the other tab an entirely different thing within my account. It was very confusing and wasted my time trying to figure out if what I had done actually saved.
I assume (I still can't be 100% sure) that if they had cared about my business, it would have worked for what I needed it to do, which was track open e-mails and clicked links.

Once things were explained to me I understood them, but it wasn't intuitive for me to figure out how to determine if they clicked on a link and if they did, which one.
My first time contacting SalesHandy the person in live chat answered all of my questions and understood me. I was very happy. The second time the person didn't understand me at all. That's when I became aware this wasn't an American company. I asked for the same person I got the first time and we started e-mailing, but he clearly didn't read what I wrote on two occasions, so he wasn't addressing my questions. This started to waste my time and frustrate me. Then the e-mails stopped coming and I had to keep e-mailing again trying to get a response, until they finally stopped altogether. I was literally just about to sign up for a paid account when this all happened. I told them I was going to go to their competition, and they didn't care, they just ignored me.