Overall SAP HANA DB uses
December 02, 2021

Overall SAP HANA DB uses

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SAP HANA, enterprise edition

Overall Satisfaction with SAP HANA

HANA is the future of SAP and all the other Databases. Unlike other databases, HANA uses in-memory technology to store data so it will be faster to fetch all the required information within a fraction of seconds. As hardware gets cheaper day by day it’s a great opportunity to use HANA Database.
  • It’s relational Database management system and it’s build on top of SAP.
  • It handles multiple data processing and brings together the column, row, and object-based data storage.
  • It is used for big data processing and analytics.
  • It’s expensive.
  • Implementation and licensing cost is more.
  • Overall good.
  • SAP HANA is only compatible with and thus will run only on SAP or SUSE Linux certified hardware. It creates an issue for all the users who want to run it on any other kind of hardware as the prices of licensing are very high.
  • Limited hardware compatibility makes wanting to use SAP HANA a costly investment.
SAP HANA is the Next-Gen platform or database for real-time analytics and applications. It helps various businesses and organizations to analyze business operations that are based on Big Data (a huge volume of data) in real-time at the speed of lightning, even sub-seconds. It’s the future database organisations are implementing and adapting it more than expected.
It’s a hot skill and its futuristic AP HANA allows parallel processing which is the core of efficient data analysis. This is how it works…we know that SAP HANA facilitates Columnar Data Storage in which operations such as searching for specific data or aggregating the data are done in loops over an array in adjacent memory locations. In contrast to this, in the traditional row-oriented approach, such operations tend to be very slow as data belonging to the same column is spread across the memory. Column-based storage also facilitates fast data loading into the CPU cache. As data is already vertically divided in a column-based approach, parallel processing is possible using multiple processing cores. Also, if more than one column is required to be searched or aggregated, each of these tasks can be allocated to a diverse processor core. Further, to quicken the process, operations on one column can be parallelized by dividing the column into various parts, each of which can be processed by different processor cores. This facilitates parallel processing!

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SAP HANA provides real-time analysis and decision-making capability. It enables the processing of large amounts of data while the business is going on. Thus, it provides instant real-time insights. SAP HANA provides real-time analysis and decision-making capability.