Good Support but Difficult UI
September 30, 2019

Good Support but Difficult UI

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Overall Satisfaction with Sigma Computing

We on the account management level, use Sigma to run a report to see our customers' usage of our specific features. I am not 100% if we have any other department use of Sigma, maybe the Product Team does. It helps us find out how specific users on the account are utilizing our features.
  • Pretty fast to bring the data we need.
  • Mostly accurate data.
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly UI ( if you never used it before, you may not know where to start).
  • It could be easier to make changes on the user level. We have to ask our manager to add/remove the filter, this might be the decision on our end so not sure.
  • Knowing what our customers are utilizing the most gives us a chance to help them in the right direction.
  • Sometimes data might pull things that they are not supposed to so that might cause confusion between you and your customers.
Again, I feel like it needs to be more user-friendly from looking at the landing page, inserting the filters to import the report to CSV. Sometimes, I put the dates in one section and come back and it actually adds that to the wrong spot (usually when entering the date range).
As I am not the person who works with Sigma team directly, I didn't want to give any rates that are not fair, however, I know that people who connect with the Sigma team enjoy the relationship that they have with them. I think the Support/CS Team is very helpful there. Again, I never had to reach out to them for anything.
Yes, It is super easy to plug in some details (dates, account name, etc..) to export those data on CSV. This has been the only main use case we have had with Sigma and I believe we have had a good experience. Definitely there are some rooms for on improvement but as long as I am getting the data I need in a format I need, it is good enough for me.
The use case we have with Sigma is basically checking the usage of specific accounts but I am not sure if anyone on my team is aware that we can go back and check the report that we pulled a while ago to use it as a comparison.
I wasn't involved in the decision-making process to acquire this product but I know that the product we replaced Sigma with was super expensive at the time. So it tells me that Sigma was more affordable compared to the other option we had and pricing is one of the factors.
I remember using the other tool last year and the biggest feedback I can give Sigma is to be more user-friendly. If sigma gets that part done, I think it is a good product overall and I know that they have good customer relations. I think that they will get better over time so I just hope that happens sooner than later so our company doesn't give up on the product for the upcoming year.
It is super helpful when I need to run a quick report on my account to see how their usage has been improved or decreased. This helps me to prep for my customer calls and give them the necessary guidance. Again, this might be something that the responsible parties on our end need to do or don't, but I feel like as an end-user, I do not know how to play around with this tool. The UI looks so raw that as soon as you go in, you are afraid that you will break something. I don't know if that makes sense.

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