SmartRecruiters for Your Recruiting Needs
Updated January 04, 2017

SmartRecruiters for Your Recruiting Needs

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We have just started using SR for a few months in my company. I am a recruiter and we used to use Taleo before making the switch. We are a large, multi-location company and we use SR for the recruiters as well as for the hiring managers across 8 locations all over the world. So far, we have a count of about 35,000 applicants in our system. So, just to give you an idea of the volume that we deal with.

So far, like every other software out there, there are pros and cons with SR. It really depends on what your company needs. The SR team was very good in trying to keep up with our demands and requirements. There were and are hiccups here and there, but in my experience, it is expected because our industry is quite specific and our internal workflow is also very specific. However, I have to give it to the SR team for doing their best to try to meet our demands.

Now moving on the specifics. It has been a few months of using SR and we are getting the hang of it.

  • It has a LinkedIn/Facebook type of interface. Internally, you can "rate" candidates, leave comments and reviews on their profiles which can be seen by everyone who is in charge in all of our locations. This eliminates feedback getting lost in emails or candidates falling through the cracks.
  • You can connect Outlook to SR. Messages that you write to candidates through SR go through your Outlook and conversations can be continued through Outlook and recorded in SR. In that sense, it's very transparent as anyone who has access to internal SR info can view your conversations with the candidates.
  • Scheduling interviews is super easy. Interviews scheduled through SR are sent to Outlook directly as a normal calendar entry in Outlook. You can invite multiple people through outlook scheduling and send an interview invite to candidates directly in SR as you are scheduling. Candidates will also get an invite in their emails and they can "accept" the invitation and we will be notifed once they "accept".
  • You can include screening questions for applicants, so when they apply from our website, depending on which job they apply for, the correct screening questions will be asked while they are doing their application.
  • You can also import resumes easily to create new profiles.
  • The site is user friendly.
  • The candidate search functions are great, ie: the SR tagging system
  • Job search functions are great, ie: if you have multiple recruiters, multiple departments, multiple locations, and hundreds of job listings.
  • Candidate organization is also great. Different statuses allow for better candidate organization ie: New, Review by recruiter, Review by hiring manager, interviewing, on hold, etc. When a candidate's status has been changed, the candidate will automatically be moved to the relevant list within the specific pool.
  • Iphone/Andoird SR app is useful if you are on the go and you want to review candidates quickly or if you want to quickly put in interview feedback right after an interview.
  • The main con about reviewing candidates is that there are no clickable links in the SR phone app. In our industry, viewing demo reels is a main thing. Any youtube links, or vimeo links that are within the candidate's profile are not clickable. I hope they fix this soon, otherwise you are not able to view demo reels using the phone app. If you are on a web browser on your computer, if there is a demo reel link in the candidate's profile as well, it is also unclickable. Candidates can only include one link as an "attachment". If they have multiple websites or multiple demo reels, they can include them in the main body of their profile, but we have to copy and paste the links one by one to the web browser to view them.
  • When you create a new profile by importing a word or pdf file, sometimes the information is not extracted properly.
  • The list of jobs that are posted on our website through SR are not in alphabetical order. They are ordered by the newest posting at the top. As we deal with high volumes of postings, it's quite inconvenient to find a specific posting.
  • When messaging a candidate, you are unable to CC another person in the conversation. There is only a BCC option.
  • We had to transfer all of the details of our candidates from the previous software that we used to SR and they have not found a way to transport all of the reviews and feedback that we had accumulated in the last 2 years, ie: we have no way of knowing if we had hired a particular candidate in the past. Again, keep in mind that we deal with high volume.
  • You are unable to merge two profiles together. For example, if you have a candidate who applied twice with different email addresses, you are not able to marge the two profiles.
  • Once you start a conversation with a candidate through SR, when you continue the conversation through outlook afterwards, email addresses are shown as SR email address which is a long combination of letters and numbers. This has been confusing candidates because they think that the email address that they see is incorrect.
Candidate experience is great. They can create SR profiles simply by linking it to their LinkedIn account or uploading their resume. This significantly increases the appeal for candidates to apply as they would not need to create an entirely new account from scratch. Most job sites have long and convoluted process to create an account to apply for a job posting, and as most people have short attention span, having to fill out lengthy online application form could be extremely discouraging. Candidates can also check in their SR account for the progress of their application, of course assuming that the hiring manager updates their statuses correctly.

However, for my company's purpose, we have separate screening questions for every job posting. We have a standard set of questions that everyone has to fill out, but a few extra questions for each department that are different. If a candidate applies for more than one job, they have to fill out every set of screening questions which is quite painful repetitive and painful for them.
As discussed in my list of cons, for my company's purpose, I would not give 10 out of 10 because there are still some things that are not quite perfect (ie: the unclickable links on web browser or on the SR App).
  • This question is not applicable to me as I was not part of the decision making process to switch to SR.
For high volume, SR has some limitations. For a smaller company who do not not have too many people involved in internal hiring process, SR would be quite effecient. It really depends on the company's internal hiring process. For us, we are a large multinational company and we have specific internal hiring process within our recruitment and HR department. Therefore, we have experienced some hiccups when it comes to using HR for our hiring process. But, so far, things seem to be getting better slowly but surely. I would definitely recommend SR, but I would also suggest really knowing what it is that your company needs and knowing what it is that SR is good for before jumping in with both feet.

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