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Good starting place for an ATS

9 out of 10
January 21, 2022
SmartRecruiters helps to automate application tracking for hiring and retention of employees. It helps integrate with other recruitment …
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What is SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations for making the best hires. It has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring built on a cloud platform with an open marketplace for third party recruitment services. The vendor says, unlike the first generation applicant tracking systems it replaces, SmartRecruiters' recruiting software provides an amazing candidate experience, hiring managers actually want to use the product, and recruiters love them because they make their jobs easier. Additionally, the vendor says companies like Visa, Skechers, Atlassian, Equinox, and Alcoa use SmartRecruiters to make recruiting a competitive advantage.

SmartRecruiters Features

Recruiting / ATS Features

  • Supported: Job Requisition Management
  • Supported: Company Website Posting
  • Supported: Publish to Social Media
  • Supported: Job Search Site Posting
  • Supported: Customized Application Form
  • Supported: Resume Management
  • Supported: Duplicate Candidate Prevention
  • Supported: Candidate Search
  • Supported: Applicant Tracking
  • Supported: Collaboration
  • Supported: Task Creation and Delegation
  • Supported: Email Templates
  • Supported: User Permissions
  • Supported: Notifications and Alerts
  • Supported: Reporting

Additional Features

  • Supported: LinkedIn Integration
  • Supported: Interview Scorecards
  • Supported: Multiple Brand support

SmartRecruiters Screenshots

View your candidate information on your desktop, or on the go via our mobile app.Analytics of your entire hiring process at your fingertips.Candidates can apply for jobs from their desktop or mobile device. All job postings are dynamic and mobile optimized.

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is a cloud-based recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring platform. It features an open marketplace for third party recruitment services. SmartRecruiters also offers talent sourcing and screening as add-on features.

How much does SmartRecruiters cost?

SmartRecruiters starts at $0.

What is SmartRecruiters's best feature?

Reviewers rate Collaboration highest, with a score of 9.1.

Who uses SmartRecruiters?

The most common users of SmartRecruiters are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Automotive industry.


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Eric Peacott | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SmartRecruiters as our main Applicant Tracking System. We post all of our jobs through SmartRecruiters, Track Candidates through the entire process from identification to onboarding, schedule the interviews in the system and use it for candidate reach out. It is our primary platform for recruiting and talent management.
  • Job Advertising
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Candidate Communication
  • Background Checks
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Resume viewing- does not always show
  • Note Tracking
  • Candidate Searching
It is a very user friendly interface that can list all of our open jobs (or filter down to just the ones I want to see) and I am able to find candidates quickly based on where they are in process. The forms are easy to fill out and it is very collaborative to tag people for updates. The interview scheduling capability is easy and shows me my team's calendars (based on their outlook calendar) so I can push out invites with all necessary information. Some of the downside are when reviewing a candidate the resume does not always display properly, however I can download a copy. It also could use a better search function for the candidate database to identify proper talent.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I upload candidate profiles from my system, and we, as a team, work on candidate profiles to select a prospective candidate. We can also rate profiles and add comments to each profile. SmartRecruiters enables you to add tags to the profile to ease searching. It also helps me upload documents related to a single candidate in one place, and I don't have to search my laptop when I require particular documents. I love the way it has eased the work processes and enabled a collaborative hiring system.
  • I upload candidate profiles from my system, and we, as a team, work on candidate profiles to select a prospective candidate.
  • We can also rate profiles and add comments to each profile. It enables you to add tags to the profile to ease searching I love the way it has eased the work processes and enabled a collaborative hiring system.
  • . It also helps me upload documents related to a single candidate in one place, and I don't have to search my laptop when I require particular documents.
  • When adding a candidate from one job to another, the software lags and doesn't let you do it quickly.
  • The automated resume scanning process is also difficult.
SmartRecuiter enables collaborative hiring process. You can add candidates to the database and tag them according to skills, locations, and jobs. the document uploading also helps you cloud share documents with other team members.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters helps us with applicant tracking. We can see the progress of prospective hires in the organization and check their progress through the recruitment process. We can also share our comments and upload and download the applicant's documents all in one place.
  • Applicant tracking--we can add applicants to the database and add them to available jobs.
  • We can add documents and comments to an applicant's profile and view them as and when required.
  • This offers great mobility and we can do this as a team to choose our team members.
  • SmartRecruiter's integration with other platforms is quite a hassle--it needs to be smoother.
  • The job posting on the platform doesn't yield great results.
SmartRecruiters is a great applicant tracking system--easy to understand, easy to use, and offers high operability. You can work on a candidate's profile as a team and make the hiring process more transparent.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters helps to automate application tracking for hiring and retention of employees. It helps integrate with other recruitment platforms and gives us live reporting on applications received and processed. It also helps track employees who have been onboarded and helps manage referrals.
  • ATS that can be customized
  • Integration with LinkedIn
  • Ready availability of a careers page with an application portal
  • More flexibility in designing the careers page
  • Ability to add application widget to company website instead
Suitable for large or medium size corporations where hiring is an on going process.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters is currently used as a job posting, job application, and job hiring status tool, among other uses. It makes [it] easy for employees to search and review our company's job postings, easy to apply online, and to track the status of [an] application if [the] applicant is moved forward [or if the] application [is] denied and ended. It's also a great way to refer others to jobs within our organization.
  • Job Referrals - can easily refer others to a job posting and view the status
  • Job Postings - can easily search for job openings and read job description and criteria
  • Application online - Can easily apply for the job directly and see who the hiring manager and hiring recruiter is
  • Log in - sometimes difficult to log in if [the] password was forgotten
  • Email Notifications - would be great to add email notifications for every status change after applying for the job, currently would need to log in to see updates
I highly recommend SmartRecruiters for all organizations to make job searches and applications smoother and easier. This application is currently well suited for this. I find it easy to search and review the job posting, job description, and criteria. It even shows the direct hiring manager and hiring recruiter. This allows me to send a separate email to either one if I had questions that were not answered directly on the posting.
Benoît Desroches | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters is used internally for employees to refer other people and also during the interview process to centralize all the feedback in one place.
  • Referring process
  • Job posting
  • Centralize all the information
  • Posting feedback could be easier. I always have to copy/paste my text in SmartRecruiters.
  • Sometimes it's not clear under which tab I should go.
  • Resume presentation could be improved.
It is well suited for large organizations that have many people who collaborate together during the hiring process. It's also very efficient for internal references.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used by our HR department and hiring managers of the respective team. I have been using it for the past year and it is user friend for me as we can do tasks multiple ways. I do not find any issues; however, we have to train the hiring manager to use SmartRecruiters.
  • User friendly
  • Multiple ways to complete a task
  • Easy to communicate
  • Monthly/quarterly training
  • Easy reporting tools
  • Task reminders
  • Easy to use
  • Can do tasks multiple ways
  • Easy to communicate with the candidates and other staff members within the organization
I haven't had a chance to contact support team so far.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I was facing various issues at my organization regarding recruitment, not able to centralize data of my team, my recruiters in one place. Then I switch to SmartRecruiters. It had made my life so easy and simple that now I can manage my team data in one place. I can get a report of my single individual member just in a click away. I also like about smart recruiters that it helps in managing and show data in a single view dashboard. It also helps recruiters to see their data in just one screen along with a pool of potential candidates in an organized manner.
  • Tracking Candidate Data at one place
  • Managing recruiters data in one Dashboard
  • Can get single individual report at just one click
  • Made recruitment easy using smart recruiters
  • User Interface is very attractive and we can use it easily
  • Not having feature of referral data, who has referred
  • Another problem is that in [the] emails section it shows 'company name' field will show as Smartrecruiters vs. the name of our agency that will make confuse to [candidates]
  • Major problem of this is that it does not support api in the free version
It is being well suited to my organization where previously I was facing major issues regarding data centralization, reports of individuals, recruitment issues. Now with SmartRecruiters, all my problems got vanish away. Also, another thing that got solved is that resumes are saved as a backup in case needed. We can also update candidates about their job status through this portal as previously it was very hectic to tell candidates manually. Now in just one click, it will be updated to candidates.
I would give this rating as it is the best platform for HR to solve their recruitment problems along with their team. As it has got multiple features to exposure. It has made my communication with hiring managers much easier, I don't need to write emails, neither they do. They like it very much. The rating card of the candidates after the Interview is the very best feature of it. Would love to use it again in Future
Sylvie Tehbelian | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SmartRecruiters company-wide. It is used by our recruitment team and hiring managers. We recently transitioned from another ATS with the hopes of better streamlining our hiring process. This includes posting jobs, booking interviews, candidate communication, etc.
  • Easy to navigate, clean interface.
  • Good communication with recruitment and hiring managers.
  • Candidate rating system.
  • Easy to book interviews with candidates and hiring managers
  • Connection to Microsoft Teams
  • Adding a functionality where it is possible to parse a resume via Outlook.
  • When a candidate applies to more than one role and is hired to one role the rest of the applications should be eliminated so he/she doesn't remain available.
  • Address input in the profile section.
  • Sending job postings to other social media/job aggregators for free.
It has the potential to be a good ATS but it needs some tweaking in order to handle large volume recruitment and make the process much smoother instead of adding more steps.
What works well with smartrecruiters is that they are always listening to their clients' needs and updating their app to suit our needs.
Very quick to repond to support requests and escalations. They're usually aware and on top of things.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SmartRecruiters company wide for internal and external hires. It allows all communication and documentation to be tracked in a single place, which makes reporting and processing simpler. Having a single platform with workflows and templates also assures consistency and quality control, not to mention enforcement of legal and compliance matters.
  • Organization - SmartRecruiters is not so busy that I cannot easily tell what I am looking at. Everything is easy to navigate and follow intuitively.
  • Workflow - SmartRecruiters allows me to set up logical connections to automate subsequent fields in job creation. This aids in accuracy of job creation to match our payroll system, plus makes the process of creating a new requisition/ad faster.
  • Approvals - Approvals of job requisitions and offers could not be simpler.
  • Customization - There is very little that cannot be customized and/or branded to fit my organization's needs, including connecting to my other business platforms.
  • Reporting - There are several fields that are not easily reported on in SmartRecruiters. They have made some significant improvements, but there are still inaccessible fields in the reporting tool that would help me avoid using another service to build my reports.
  • Posting Partners - SmartRecruiters has made recent changes in their contracts with high visibility platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed which may not fit with what I am trying to do or what I have done in the past.
  • Offer Templates - Creating a good looking offer template that goes to the recipient exactly the way it looks when I built it is nearly impossible. The import mechanism only accepts .doc (but really wants a .doc created in LibreOffice if you want spacing and paragraphing to work perfectly). In short, there is a lot of guessing to getting offer letters just right, unless you want a plain text offer letter (and who does?).
I think any business can benefit from SmartRecruiters, but especially businesses of 300 or more employees. Smaller independent businesses might find SmartRecruiters a little too feature rich, especially if there is only one recruiter or only one or two hiring locations. I believe SmartRecruiters works very well for enterprise level companies with 5000+ employees. This is a good system and it does what it is supposed to do. Reliability is high. Service and response is reasonably fast.
Response is normally very fast. There are times, however, when the response is not useful. It is difficult to work with the reporting and the offer letter templates, and the front line support agents usually are not very knowledgeable. Second, if there are any issues with integrations, the regular support agents will not be able to help you. You'll have to create that ticket and ask them to escalate it to an integration specialist.
Mark McCully | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company uses SmartRecruiters as one of our talent acquisition tools. SmartRecruiters is mainly used by our Human Resources department to post job openings to and try and connect with qualified candidates in an efficient way. The business problem that SmartRecruiters addresses is that they have great algorithms and search logic built into their platform to help both sides of the job search match up effectively.
  • Great search engine.
  • Easy to post job openings.
  • Lots of qualified candidates use this tool.
  • Reporting could be more customizable and robust.
  • A la carte feature pricing can get expensive.
  • It seems like more candidates are using other job search tools in 2020-2021.
The SmartRecruiters platform is very well regarded in the industry. We have successfully used it to find potential candidates. I would say SmartRecruiters is better suited for small to medium size companies to help augment their HR functions for recruiting and some of the other core HR functions.
We haven't had to use SmartRecruiters support very often because the product works quite well. We did have a few issues with some customizations and it took us a long time to talk to someone who could understand what we were trying to do and help us troubleshoot the issue.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SmartRecruiters to manage the entire hiring pipeline, from advertising open positions, to screening candidates and conducting resume intake, to scheduling phone screens and interviews, collecting feedback from hiring panels, communications with candidates, and final job offer details. The collaborative aspects and single-pane-of-glass workflows keeps everyone on the same page and keeps the process very smooth!
  • Candidate page collects feedback, interview notes, and resume all in one place
  • Integrated email management keeps all communications together
  • Feedback form makes it easy for hiring panels to discuss observations
  • UI is not very snappy and sometimes is slow to move from candidate to candidate
  • More canned responses in form emails
  • More focus on keeping initial screening questions in one place
Great for all teams, large and small, to stay organized while conducting a search for an ideal candidate. Makes it easy for remote teams to come together and discuss their impressions of a candidate even if interviews are conducted remotely. Easy to compare multiple candidates for the same job from a birds-eye view.
Never needed support. Works out of the box.
Aaron Fitzgerald | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters is an easy employment site that I can post job listings on multiple websites. I am a franchise, but my corporate office recommends each franchisee use the product. I have used it multiple times in order to fill vacant positions. I have been very pleased with it and will continue to use it in the future.
  • Easy to set up templates for later use.
  • Can pick which websites you want job positions posted to.
  • Only have to pay one time instead of multiple websites.
  • I use this site regularly and it is easy to navigate.
If you plan on doing hiring to grow your company I would use SmartRecruiters because it is easy to navigate and list openings. I feel they are working to keep the website fresh and easy to use.
Have not had to use their support.
  • no training
Alissa Hamilton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use the free version of SmartRecruiters for my applicant tracking system. They, in turn, post our positions on Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and other various industry related job boards. SmartRecruiters has the option of adding paid advertising as well. SR organizes my applicants and makes it easy for me to stay on track with my communications with applicants during the recruiting process.
  • SmartRecruiters makes it very easy to post and update our job openings to multiple sites all at once: Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Career Builder, Glassdoor, Monster, and various others.
  • I appreciate how useful the free version of SmartRecruiters is; it helps me source candidates with a limited budget.
  • I like being able to message groups of candidates all at once.
  • Searching for candidates who have applied is very simple and easy to do.
  • I'm not able to set up templates with the free version.
  • The resumes that candidates create through the SmartRecruiter system are too basic. If they upload their own; it's much better.
SmartRecruiters is well suited for a small company that doesn't have a big recruiting budget. It helps keep me organized and on top of applicants. I am an HR department of one and I also handle payroll and safety so I'm always busy. We typically have less than 10 open positions so it is ideal. Bigger companies wouldn't find value in the free version.
I haven't needed to use support.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it as our single recruiting system globally.
  • It has a simple learning curve for hiring managers.
  • It sets a very low barrier for candidates to apply.
  • SmartRecruiters is very modern and continues to evolve.
  • Its reporting is good, but there is room for improvement.
  • Their training on new features could be better.
For a company where department managers do the recruiting, it provides a low barrier to learning and using the system.
Our account manager is very responsive to our needs, however, their helpdesk support tends to take a while to address any issues that are not quick fixes.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters is used organization-wide for recruitment for a wide range of types of contracts. It is used by recruiters in the HR department, but also by the recruiting managers in the corresponding business unit. It is a central place where everyone can share and access information about job candidates within the organization.
  • It has a nice modern design.
  • Most of the application is rather user-friendly.
  • It provides links to both documentation as well as communication with the candidate.
  • Speed. The cloud solution has a tendency to be solved.
  • Exporting of data. In some cases, it would be nice to consult data offline, which currently is not possible to do.
  • Random sorting of data. Different people that connect have the candidates sorted in different orders.
SmartRecruiters is a modern and nice looking tool that overall is very good, but during frequent or intense usage it feels sluggish, and generates some frustration among users. For sporadic checking of candidates and CVs it is very well suited, but as the main working tool for an HR professional throughout a whole day, it is simply too slow, and the hosted cloud solution is simply not quick enough.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This is where information is housed to review, interview, and document hiring information on applicants that have applied for positions on my campus.
  • Everything is in one place. There is no need to jump in and out of different programs.
  • The entire hiring process is documented from start to finish in SmartRecruiters.
  • SmartRecruiters keeps you informed of applicants interested in your position as well as it lets you know any activity happening via email.
  • Sometimes you can get too many emails of notifications for new applicants.
  • I wish you should save part of the interview questions, but in instead you have to complete the entire document at one time.
  • Sometimes I've noticed the applicant's resume is not attached but in the body.
The entire hiring process is in one place. Too many email notifications when someone applies to your position.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters is our primary talent acquisition (TA) platform used by HR and all the hiring managers across sales and services within the company. It allows for a transparent and organized recruitment feed between TA and the hiring managers. It stores all candidate information and notes from those involved in the screening and interview process.
  • It provides better viability and stronger collaboration efforts between TA and hiring managers.
  • One-stop tool for all things recruiting.
  • Keeps historical data.
  • There are a couple of different ways you can view candidate profiles, and depending on the route you chose to access, certain info varies. Would be nice to simplify this.
  • Intelligence to make recommendations on other company positions per candidate submittal.
SmartRecruiters a great platform to keep TA and hiring managers connected and storing all candidate information historically. It helped keep everyone in the loop with minimal effort. I think it needs to have the ability for multiple ratings to be provided from different interviewers. I only saw one, yet I had three people interviewing who may all have a different rating they wish to give. The notes section does help with this though.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SmartRecruiters as a way to digitally accept and store all resumes that come into our company. We also communicate with the applicants directly through the SmartRecruiters program. It helped us solve the amount of time we were investing in keeping up with paper files.
  • Ease of use when entering candidate's information, uploading documents, using templates for emails, etc.
  • Visually, it is easy to read through the information and navigate from one job to another.
  • Analytics are accurate and easy to find.
  • Glitches from time to time and have to refresh or re-start
  • The ability to add more templates to send out different types of correspondence through the platform
I can't think of any company that wouldn't benefit from using SmartRecruiters. However, our company is on the small side and we don't have a lot of open positions, so it is manageable.

Bigger companies may need more bells and whistles, but this has worked out great for our needs. We have 1-2 jobs open per month, so it suits our needs.
August 27, 2019

Great tool!

Joselyn Racusa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is a tool used for both the internal and external hiring of the company.
  • Handles end-to-end hiring process. You do not need to use another tool.
  • Easy to access and manage.
  • For internal hiring purposes, I would love to see the feature in which there is a notification email sent to the immediate manager of the employee once the employee submitted his application.
It is a great tool for the end-to-end internal and external hiring process.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use SmartRecruiters as aggregate sourcing for new-hire candidates that cover all of our territories in FL, NY, CT, NJ, PA, TN, VA, MI, DC, and MD.
  • The user-facing interface is intuitive and extraordinarily navigable.
  • It has a robust scope of partnerships with other platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn, which broadens the pool of candidates to whom we have access.
  • Front-end customization of response templates and dispositions.
  • Batch processing of candidates would be nice. When we have over 1,000 candidates to review-- a quarter of which we can summarily dismiss due the candidates' physical location being dozens, if not hundreds of miles from our nearest territory (residing within the territory is the expectation)-- it would be beneficial and a more efficient process to have the ability to check a box next to each candidate and click on "Reject," rather than rejecting every one of them individually.
SmartRecruiters is well suited to accomplish what it is intended to accomplish: maximize exposure of our job posting across multiple platforms, providing a much broader talent base from which we may choose the most qualified candidate for our open positions.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SmartRecruiters has been used across the organization, it helps to manage and screen resumes and find the right candidate.
  • Screening of resumes
  • NA
  • NA
It's well-suited to middle and large scale organizations for recruiting.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is a simple and agile tool that helps everyone involved in the process to contribute. Decision making is simpler and clearer at the end of the process.
  • Ability to tailor the process to your needs.
  • Integration with other networks like Linkedin.
  • Preparation of communication and interviews.
  • Nothing that I remember now.
An internal procedure may not be so appropriate. For all external, it works well.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are currently using smart recruiters for the whole Organization. We have a huge level of transparency in hiring employees to track the status of hiring, and we have a high level of visibility for open vacancies and referrals, and to track these referrals. We also have instant notifications for writing reviews on interview candidates and getting notified for the scheduled interviews.
  • Alerting system before an interview.
  • We can clear the tracking status of the recruitment status.
  • We can see the comments by previous interviewers specific to a candidate.
  • UI & UX features could be improved, because it always feels good to have a symbolic representation of icons and buttons at relevant positions.
  • There could be an option to reach out to the candidate so that we can directly have discussions from the same portal apart from switching.
  • If the portal can also have a good mechanism for filtering candidates, that would make for a real value add.
As the name SmartRecruiters itself indicates, it makes the recruitment process smarter. It has a good feature for tracking interviews and having a procedural flow of the recruitment process. We can easily check for candidates' resumes on the portal and compare it with the handy job notification. On the whole, it's good.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hi, I'm Mohammed Akbar Ali, Talent Development (Program Manager).

We at Asterya are using SmartRecruiters to find the Talent for our growing business and we taking applications through the response.
  • Recruiting new talent for the expansion of the company.
  • Easy and fast process and user-friendly.
  • Clarity and easy of use.
  • Hackers and spam need to kept at bay.
  • Needs improvement in the GUI.
  • Data protection is very important.
In the present scenario, as our company is expanding, we are referring local talent through this platform.