Nice, intuitive and modern-looking tool that can feel slow at times
November 01, 2019

Nice, intuitive and modern-looking tool that can feel slow at times

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Overall Satisfaction with SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is used organization-wide for recruitment for a wide range of types of contracts. It is used by recruiters in the HR department, but also by the recruiting managers in the corresponding business unit. It is a central place where everyone can share and access information about job candidates within the organization.


  • It has a nice modern design.
  • Most of the application is rather user-friendly.
  • It provides links to both documentation as well as communication with the candidate.


  • Speed. The cloud solution has a tendency to be solved.
  • Exporting of data. In some cases, it would be nice to consult data offline, which currently is not possible to do.
  • Random sorting of data. Different people that connect have the candidates sorted in different orders.
Overall the candidate experience is OK, but we have noticed some complaints due to the sluggishness of the system where candidates in several cases have uploaded or submitted information several times since the confirmation of a successful upload simply is too slow. This should, however, be relatively easy to correct by simply speeding up the cloud environment.
The tool is very easy to use for recruiting managers, even though some of the navigation between candidates is a little slow. Most people can use it with no or little training. What is missing is a possibility for recruiting managers to export a report of their candidates to Excel (together with hyperlinks to SmartRecruiters) in order to do some offline ranking or notes.
  • We have been able to replace an in-house developed application with SmartRecruiters without many problems.
  • Thanks to the intuitive interface we don't need to spend much time on training users.
  • Thanks to the SSO integration we can easily navigate between Smartrecruiters and other applications.
I have only used our previous tool, which was an in-house development.
SmartRecruiters is a modern and nice looking tool that overall is very good, but during frequent or intense usage it feels sluggish, and generates some frustration among users. For sporadic checking of candidates and CVs it is very well suited, but as the main working tool for an HR professional throughout a whole day, it is simply too slow, and the hosted cloud solution is simply not quick enough.

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