Something you want to share? Snag It!
January 24, 2017

Something you want to share? Snag It!

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Overall Satisfaction with Snagit

Our company uses Snagit to capture and edit screenshots for emails and documents as well as capturing and editing video for training materials. Snagit is used across most departments within our organization, but not every user is licensed. Users can get a Snagit license allocated to them upon request. Snagit enhances the quality of email communications and technical documentation while decreasing the time it takes to formulate those communications and documents.
  • Snagit features an always accessible Capture Window that hides at the top of your computer screen. It never gets in the way, but when you need to capture something from your screen, all you need to do is hover your cursor at the top-center of your screen (by default) to access it. The Capture Window's accessibility ensures quick and easy creation of screen captures and video. There are several handy default profiles available from the Capture Window, such as Image, Video and Delayed Menu Capture. You can also create your own custom capture profiles that can be accessed there.
  • Whatever you need in your screen capture, Snagit has a way to capture it. Whether capturing a small region of your screen, an entire window, a scrolling area, or the entire screen, it is all very simple and intuitive. Being able to capture a pop-up or file menu is easy with the delayed menu capture profile.
  • The Snagit Editor is where this tool really shines. Adding text, pointers, numbering, highlights, shading, cropping and whatever else you can think of is all there. It's simple to enhance the screen capture so it tells a story to your audience and doesn't require you to write additional text in your email to describe what is happening in the screenshot. If it's a list of steps you want an end user to take or if you're highlighting a particular field in a form, whatever it is you want to get across to the reader, it can be communicated simply and with clarity using the excellent Snagit Editor. The blur function is great for blurring sensitive data from the screen that is irrelevant to the point you are communicating.
  • As great as the Delayed Menu Capture functionality is, it only seems to copy the last menu if the menu goes several menus deep. For example, If I want to capture a full menu selection from Visual Studio with some plug-ins: "Tools>Process Editor>Work Item Types>Open WIT from Server", the screen capture will only show the last menu with "Open WIT from Server" and the other options in that menu. The "Tools>Process Editor>Work Item Types" menus are missing from the screen capture. This is unfortunate as I have to capture each menu separately and then edit them together as one image in the Snagit Editor if I want to show my audience where exactly to access "Open WIT from Server". It would be great if Snagit was able to capture all menus in one capture. This is honestly the only gripe I have about Snagit.
  • Since using Snagit, the time it takes to formulate emails has improved 100%. Before Snagit, when I needed a screenshot, I used Alt+PrtScn, pasted in Word and used Word picture tools to edit and paste into the email. I always needed to include additional descriptive text in the email describing what was going on in the screenshot. Even if I wanted to capture a small area of the screen, I was stuck with a capture of the entire screen to deal with.
  • Since using Snagit, the back and forth in certain email threads have reduced drastically. Because the screen captures are so readable after editing them, they tell the story I want to tell to my audience and they understand it. Before Snagit, I would get users replying with questions asking for additional clarification because it wasn't always clear which part of the screenshot they need to focus on or pay attention to. A screenshot that had several steps or items that users needed to focus on could easily be misconstrued with the other data in the screenshot.
  • Because the video capture capabilities are so easy, I've been creating tutorial videos for the end users every time a new feature or patch is released. This has resulted in support calls being reduced by at least 25%
Snagit is great for email communications, technical & process documentation, Power Point presentations and training videos. Snagit isn't meant to compete with high end imaging software like Adobe Photoshop, nor is it meant to compete with full featured video editing software. Snagit is great for enhancing business communications with visual clarity as well as creating excellent software tutorial videos.