Awesome tool for managing your social media accounts

Overall Satisfaction with Social Report

We use Social Report to manage the social media accounts for our clients and I have found it to be far superior to other systems we've used over the years (and we've trialled lots).
Social Report is superior to other systems because of the sheer quantity of data available from your social media accounts allowing you to really get to understand how your accounts are working. It has a number of unique features that really set it apart from other systems including the ability to upload and schedule posts in bulk using a csv file.
We use and recommend Social Report to all our social media clients.
  • Bulk upload of social media posts
  • Tracking conversions for posts
  • Granular data from your social media profiles
  • User interface could be more modern but it's functional
  • We use Social Report to manage our client's accounts and they appreciate the quality of the reports produced by Social Report
  • Being able to monitor how well our social media is working has allowed us to improve our social media content and drive more traffic to our site
  • Reduced time managing and updating our social media accounts has improved our profitability
We've tried a lot of alternative systems in the past but find that Social Report out performs them easily. It benefits from including many of the features from all of these other systems plus some unique features such as csv upload of bulk posts, conversion tracking to monitor sales from social media posts, combined monitoring of facebook adverts and much more.
If you want to really understand your social media, track how well it's performing and monitor how well you're reaching your goals and KPI's then Social Report is the best tool available. It is also particularly useful if you work in a team and need to grant and control access to your accounts to team members, produce reports for senior management and clients.