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User Review: "SocialBro is one of a kind"

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TrustRadius Review Summary

SocialBro is highly effective for tying content to Twitter followers. It helps improve tweet quality by directly demonstrating which tweets gain or lose followers. It's a unique tool.

Overall Satisfaction with SocialBro

Overall SocialBro Rating : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 7.7
I recommend SocialBro to any client who wishes to better understand who the people they engage with on Twitter are and who wishes to understand how their content impacts their followers.

SocialBro Pros

  • SocialBro is the best tool I have found for tie your tweets to changes in your followers. In essence, I can see when tweets are gaining or losing followers for my account.
  • SocialBro also has great analytical tools like best time to tweet reports
  • SocialBro also provide a very complete look at each person you follow or is following you. It helps to understand who the people are.

SocialBro Cons

The only complaint I have is that I would like SocialBro for other social networks

ROI on SocialBro purchase

I am able to quickly identify trends in my content that either lose or gain followers. The quality of my content has improved, which has resulted in more followers and better reach.

Likelihood to Renew SocialBro : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 7.7
SocialBro is the only tool I know of that lets me tie tweets to changes in followers.

Using SocialBro

SocialBro Users and Roles

1 - Social Outreach and Marketing

SocialBro Support Headcount Required

0 - NA

Key SocialBro Use Cases

  • SocialBro gives me insight into the friends and followers of my Twitter accounts
  • It also allows me to directly tie the tweets I make with changes in my followers.

Evaluating SocialBro and Competitors

Products Replaced by SocialBro

 - NA

SocialBro Implementation

SocialBro Implementation Rating and Lessons : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 9.0
This is SaaS, so implementation was simple.

SocialBro Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Implemented in-house

SocialBro Training

Methods Used for SocialBro Training


Ease of SocialBro Training

Yes, the product was very easy to learn. If you use social media monitoring tools at all, SocialBro will seem familiar to you.

Configuring SocialBro

Additional SocialBro Customization


SocialBro Support

Overall Support Rating for SocialBro : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 9.0
I did submit an enhancement request and that was promptly replied to within their community.

SocialBro Premium Support

No - It has not been necessary yet.

Using SocialBro

SocialBro Usability Rating : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 8.0
The dashboard is excellent and easy to understand. Their messaging is very clear. The reports are visual and powerful.

SocialBro Reliability

SocialBro Availability Rating : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 8.0
I have never had an issue.

SocialBro Performance Rating : 8 of 10

SocialBro Average: 8.0
I have never had an issue.

Integrating SocialBro

Future SocialBro Integration Plans


Relationship with SocialBro

Key Negotiation Points

This review was published on May 21, 2013

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