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Khoros Marketing

Khoros (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) is a social media management platform. Key features include: Plan and Organize Social Campaigns, Manage Real-Time Engagement, and Learn and Prove Social Impact

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Khoros Marketing

Khoros (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) is a social media management platform. Key features include: Plan and Organize Social Campaigns, Manage Real-Time Engagement, and Learn and Prove Social Impact

Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy solutions for leading brands and agencies, including Ticketmaster, Chipotle, Grubhub, Subaru, Zendesk and many more. Sprout’s platform is designed with ease of use…


Meltwater Media Intelligence platform is a set of public relations software tools for media monitoring, social media monitoring, and collecting brand insights. The four areas of functionality are Monitor, Analyze, Distribute, and Engage. (Note that this product combines features…

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Brandwatch, from Cision (acquired February 2021) is an enterprise social intelligence platform that is designed to allow brands to listen and analyze online conversation to extract meaningful insights, inform their business decisions and understand more about the return on their…


Audiense is a social marketing platform focused on Twitter analytics. The company and product was formerly called SocialBro, and rebranded in 2015. Capabilities include social listening, social marketing, and Twitter advertising.


Talkwalker is a social media search, monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers insights on any given search term and metrics on owned and earned media performance. Talkwalker offers flexible dashboards, APIs and reports featuring comprehensive filters and actionable social media…

Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite

Synthesio, an Ipsos company (acquired 2019) offers social monitoring and engagement tools. Synthesio competes with major listening vendors like Radian6 and Sysomos. A point of differentiation is that Synthesio offers a mix of technology and human analysis. In their view, human analysis…

Comscore Media Metrix Multi-Platform

Comscore Media Metrix Multi-Platform (formerly Xmedia) provides an unduplicated view of a total audience behavior across desktops, smartphones and tablets. Users can measure the consumption habits of a digital audience and a competitive set with insights into audience size, demographic…


MVPindex's software helps brands, properties, and agencies quantify the value of partnerships, sponsorships, and activations with an integrated omnichannel view that includes broadcast, streaming, social, digital, audio, in-venue, and on location. The software platform is designed…


Pulsar RESEARCH, from Pulsar headquartered in London, includes continuous and one-off research programs integrating quantitative and qualitative methodologies, to turn audience data into strategic insight.

Pulsar CORE

Pulsar is a social media monitoring platform offering social listening, owned channels analytics, and social CRM. Customers use Pulsar for brand tracking and campaign measurement. The platform includes 4 tools: TRAC: Social media listening across topics, audiences and content…


Helixa Discovery, from Helixa in New York, is the company's core analytics engine that equips users with the tools to understand what’s distinctive about any audience and what they care about.

Equifax Data-Driven Marketing

The Equifax Data-Driven Marketing platform is a digital marketing solution designed to help find the right customers for a brand: Audience identification and targeting Prescreen and Invitation to Apply audience selection Pre-approval and pre-qualification Digital identity Customer…


Choozle, headquartered in Denver, provides a digital advertising software platform that leverages consumer data to power programmatic advertising campaigns across display, video, mobile and other mediums.

Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro is Nielsen-style measurement for Twitter and Instagram activity from the company of the same name in Carrboro, designed to give marketers deep insight into the consumers who follow specific Twitter & Instagram accounts, post about brands, and influence other users.…

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Storyhub's Intelligence-as-a-Service model provides e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands with actionable intelligence, surfaced from their own data. Storyhub is a plug-in smart layer to the e-commerce and customer experience (CX) tech stack, working with apps like Shopify, Zendesk…

Deluxe Data-Driven Marketing

Deluxe's Data-Driven Marketing solution connect brands with audiences through a multi-channel approach, to give them the competitive edge they need to grow their market share. This multi-sourced data assets help clients gain a 360-degree view of all consumers and businesses in the…

Jornaya Intelligence

With Jornaya Intelligence, from Verisk company Jornaya, users gain transparency and visibility into the leads they’re buying and connect to the customer journey. Jornaya boasts a first-hand view of 200+ million major-life purchase decisions every month, which provides users of their…

Jornaya Activate

With Jornaya Activate, marketers can monitor a customer or prospect list to receive the earliest indicators of in-market behavior. By not only understanding when a customer is shopping, but for what product or service, users can provide timely and relevant experiences.

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Zoomph is a sponsorship analytics platform for sports, entertainment & esports brands and properties, from the company of the same name in Reston.

Kantar Audience Intelligence

Kantar's connected audience intelligence enables media owners, media agencies and brand owners to measure and understand how people access and interact with media. Kantar measures what people are watching and listening to, and tracks who they are and how they are accessing content…

People Pattern

People Pattern is a Software as a Service platform that supplies Audience Insights to brands, from the company of the same name in Austin. Via semi-supervised machine-learned algorithms and natural language processing, People Pattern aims to turn vast, messy public expression into…

Gravy Audiences

Gravy Audiences, from Gravy Analytics headquartered in Dulles, designed to help reach more engaged consumers & improve ROI for advertising campaigns with location-based advertising audiences.

1plusX GmbH
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1plusX helps publishers and advertisers to take control of their first-party assets with a real-time data management, data clean room, and CTV solutions converge that help customers engage their audiences with more meaningful and personalized content and advertising. The solution…

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Socialeads is a prospecting tool that uses AI-based social media analytics to find signals in conversations (sentiment analysis, personality profiles) to locate leads within the user's own social media network.

Learn More About Audience Intelligence Software

What is Audience Intelligence Software?

Audience intelligence software captures and analyzes online data about individuals, offering businesses insights into their target audience. The software aggregates information about an individual’s online activities and behavior, including their behaviors, preferences, and list of affinities or attributes related to them. Much of this data comes from users’ activity on social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. However, audience intelligence data can also come from survey panel research, market research, customer data held within the user’s CRM system, or organic search and traffic data found in SEO tools.

Importantly, audience intelligence platforms provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their target audience’s behavior and preferences, which they can then use to create specific personas and segments. This real-time view of their target audience gives companies the ability to make prompt, informed decisions on branding, marketing, advertising, content, product development, and services. This information is used to direct market research, form marketing strategies, identify influencers, and segment audiences.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are often employed to analyze data, enhancing audience intelligence regarding demographics, media consumption, behaviors, interests, and opinions. Audience intelligence software provides insights at both the industry and individual levels.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, often provide their own product-specific audience intelligence capabilities. Audience intelligence software is often used in conjunction with social media listening and monitoring platforms.

Audience Intelligence Software Features

Most audience intelligence tools will offer the following features:

  • Captures audience/consumer data from online sources
    • Social media data
    • Market research data
    • Survey panel research
    • Customer data
  • Uses AI to analyze a company’s target audience
  • Provides insights on audience demographics, behaviors, and interests
  • Identifies influencers
  • Creates customer personas and audience segments
  • Offers data sharing and integration with third-party platforms
    • Social listening and monitoring tools
    • CRM software
    • Marketing automation software
    • Digital advertising platforms

Audience Intelligence Software Comparison

Before deciding to invest in an audience intelligence platform, consider the following critical factor:

Use Case: Audience intelligence software can be deployed to serve a wide range of purposes. Evaluate the software for audience targeting, marketing research, content strategy, influencer outreach, competitor analysis, and product research to see how the software supports those features and aligns with your goals.

Pricing Information

Entry-level products range from $79 to over $180 a month. Based on the number of users, enterprise-level offerings begin at $700 a month and can cost more than $2,000 a month. Many vendors require obtaining a quote for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Audience Intelligence Software do?

Audience intelligence software analyzes online data to provide insights into a target audience. This information guides a business’s marketing, content, and product development activities. Artificial intelligence is used to enhance audience intelligence regarding demographics and behavior. This allows companies to create highly personalized and targeted user personas and audience segments.

What are the benefits of using Audience Intelligence Software?

  • Segmentation – Helps understand how to best reach those audience segments who would be most interested in your brand.
  • Personalization – Provides a deeper understanding of your target audience allows you to tailor your marketing efforts toward the individual needs and interests of your potential customers. It helps a business connect with its audience on a more personal level.
  • Identifies Marketing Opportunities – Identifies what channel or channels your audience is engaging with the most.
  • Content Development – By understanding what resonates with your audience, what they relate to and identify with, this software aids in the creative planning and content development designed to grab their attention.
  • Efficiency – It mitigates the ‘noise’ to better focus on the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Partner and Influencer Identification – The tools reveal which potential partners may be synergistic for your goals and which influencers will enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Timeliness – Real-time, up-to-date data gathering, and analysis puts your fingers on the pulse of current trends.

What are the best Audience Intelligence Software products?

These are some of the more popular audience intelligence software products:

How much does Audience Intelligence Software cost?

Entry-level products range from $79 to over $180 a month. Enterprise-level offerings range from $700 a month to over $2,000 a month. Many vendors require obtaining a quote for pricing.