Spiceworks Helpdesk & Inventory Review
Updated May 11, 2015

Spiceworks Helpdesk & Inventory Review

Mitch Tuckness | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Spiceworks

Spiceworks is being used by the LCCA IT Department. It was determined that we needed an easy to use, fast and ultimately free help desk product that didn't take a lot of install time or agency resources to deploy. Since the usage of a help desk system allows users to regulate their level of interest in participating with IT on receiving technical support, it also allows them the ability to update and learn from the information the Technical Support staff supply them to resolve their issue. This ultimately makes it easier for the technical staff because the end user can reference the ticket if it occurs again. It also helps the end user by saving them time to search for a technician.

Without the Spiceworks support portal, I would have people come into my office all the time for support or to ask simple questions about none critical issues. Not only is this time consuming for the end user, it interrupts the technicians if they are working on other projects or managing network resources at the time. Since we are a 911 Dispatch Center, the dispatchers don't have the time to leave their stations, so once again the help desk system helps a lot because they can visit the portal, leave a ticket and I can evaluate the severity of the request based on others in the queue, well worth the price of free.

I also want to mention the support forums and the in-house support that Spiceworks has. If you are having issues with Spiceworks, the install, updating or even having issues finding a resolution for a support ticket that was submitted, someone else has probably already encountered it and asked on the forums. The support forums are built into the ticketing system so it's easy for the administrator and the end user to research issues if they desire or require it. The in-house support is also great, they are there and answer very fast, they also participate in the forums a lot.
  • Easy installation. You can pick any server that is on your network and Spiceworks will install and configure itself without much input from the admin.
  • Support Forums. There is nothing better than having access to experienced users of the systems along with the developers of the software that you are using and Spiceworks provides just that.
  • Company support. If you can't find the issue on the forums, the Spiceworks team is ready, fast and affective in resolving issues with their software, giving you ideas on how to improve the system and customize it to your needs.
  • Last thing I have found using the system is that along with Desktop Support the Spiceworks package also helps you get a handle on your entire networks needs, inventory and asset management. It's all included in the package and perfect for year end asset management.
  • One of the issues I found with the Spiceworks software is the network management. A lot of the time it is discovering items that you have no interest in managing remotely and yet it keeps finding stuff and bringing it to your attention.
  • Too much of a good thing? Some would say that because of the nature of the product, being free, the marketing and the software might be considered feature rich, too rich, I think the best thing they could do would be to make it easy to remove features you don't want to use a little easier.
  • Increased response times. The best thing about the help desk portion of the Spiceworks package is that it has enabled us to respond to support calls faster and with more information in hand.
  • The other great feature about it is the amount of information that is included before we even start to work on an issue. Having a help desk portal allow the user to describe their problem is greater detail than they normally would verbally. That is a great boon. instead of "My IE doesn't work" you get " I was installing an update and then my IE stopped working and that was all I did".
  • Trackit,Telelogic SYNERGY
I compared Spiceworks to the Trackit system and it offered the same features at a better price point and less installation woes. Trackit was a good ticketing and inventory system, but it was slow and required more resources than the Spiceworks software package. The inventory feature on Spiceworks gives you more detailed information and is faster, along with new items scans on a scheduled basis.
The Spiceworks software collection has a sensor for everything. If you have to ask specific questions on what features you are looking for or if you think all help desk software's look and feel the same, then you're not looking for the right things.

Spiceworks is great for small to medium and even large organizations that don't mind ad placement or other advertisement within their ticketing systems. As a governmental agency, this was the perfect help desk portal for us to use, saving tax payers money that would be used for other projects.

With that said, Spiceworks might not be appropriate for companies that are looking for an in-house solution that isn't driven by ad placement. So in those cases it might not be a good fit, but for smaller companies that cannot afford to invest in a Tech Support Portal like Synergy or Trackit it's a great start. Not only do you get the ticketing system, help-desk portal you get network management tools and asset management. You also are able to build up an in-house support database that customizes itself to past support ticket information.

Overall I like the system. I have had excellent luck with it, our users love the easy of use and I like the asset management and warranty monitoring within the software, it's reminded me a few times or warranties that are getting close to expiring that were not documented by previous staff.

Using Spiceworks

I am happy with the product. It meets all the features I need and it even has additional ones I don't. For the support you get from the forums and for the cost (free) I don't think you can beat the system and the advertising is not as intrusive as I thought it would be and that was my main issue when I first installed it. I thought that because it is free it would be filled with ads and basically work as adware.

Spiceworks Implementation