Social Media Software and People That Genuinely Connect For Good
January 26, 2015

Social Media Software and People That Genuinely Connect For Good

Alison J. Herzog, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sprinklr

Sprinklr is utilized to assist our organization in creating meaningful relationships with our customers. It is centralized through the marketing department but is also utilized throughout our service department, product development, engineering, and international business units. It assists our organization in getting to know customers (CRM, audience profiling), understand what is impactful, what needs are not being met, and also empowers us to eliminate silos within the internal organization. Sprinklr solved the problem of having too many systems (and people) not communicating effectively. Sprinklr has allowed our business to become a social business.
  • Audience Profiling: Sprinklr facilitates data collection of every single audience member who is impacted by your brand through engagement. It allows you to easily create rules and actions to help you discover your influencers and to engage them early on and from then on. If you want to get to know the people who are interested in you and to engage with them further, this is an important value-add.
  • Reporting: Reports are clean, simple, and visually appealing. They can be set to auto-export at a certain time variable. This is extremely helpful in saving employee time, which translates to budget. Executives and business unit owners are pleased at a set expectation of delivery. Reports are fully customizable and also have custom metrics. I haven't experienced another system where I can ask it to do the math inside the system and create what my organization's definition of an impact is.
  • Integrated System: For large companies, it is necessary to find a software that is bi-directional with information. Sprinklr can tie into Adobe SiteCatalyst, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. It also partners with organizations like Opal Moments to have seamless interfaces for content planning across all outreach vehicles. This is a must if you use multiple systems. For our customer service efforts, this was imperative so that meta-data used for call-centers, live-chat, email, and other service contacts was also able to be customized and aligned in order to have an accurate "apples-to-apples" understanding of customer contact.
  • Silo-Busting: By inviting all relevant parties, content owners, and business units into the platform, there is transparency into what the company is doing and what the customers are saying. No longer is there a challenge for who "owns" social but it now becomes a marketing-led (or whatever your org has determined) effort with the full business team onboard. Shared calendars, shared creative assets, in-software translation, and more make it simple to bring the entire business together through planning, implementation, and analysis. This has made a large difference to our International teams by uniting us in one functional space where we can share ideas and content back and forth. It has benefited product development by bringing them closer to the customer through direct social media engagement and exported reports. And, as mentioned previously, has allowed us to align our customer service reports with all other outlets (call-centers, email, etc.).
  • One-Stop Shop: Sprinklr seems to anticipate needs - sometimes before we even realize the need. The constantly improving (they push product updates that actually improve the way things happen with delightful frequency) software has eliminated the need for a separate listening software and added a paid media option which was incredibly significant. Through the rules engine, you could automatically boost, slow down, or stop spend for ad sets that were or were not performing - all without a human touch. The amount of automation within the tool is astounding. Governance, regulation (audit trail), editorial workflows, customer service capabilities, brand health, and more are reasons to believe that Sprinklr is genuinely seeking out pain points and seeking to change the way brands do business. It has made it so much easier to be effective and efficient that to compare it to other tools we have used is painful.
  • Customer Service: This is the most robust customer service social software I have encountered, which was a primary reason we selected it. It allows for a full transcript of past conversations with a individual so you literally create relationships with people rather than "introducing" yourself to the same person 20 times. The rules engine allows you to move messages with keywords or influencers to specific queues so that they are addressed quickly and by the right team. An audit trail allows you to make your compliance department happy and to research specific issues and to provide accountability trails. Meta-data is fully customizable so that you can align your reporting with other outlets and use the bi-directional information flow with your CRM for a fully-burdened and actionable report.
  • Smart Content: The content curation engine is incredibly helpful. It quickly tells you what is performing based off of different key metrics. It also allows you to suggest content to other units. The shared asset manager quickly allows you to discover what has been successful so it can be re-used or more content can be created in similar fashion. This is an incredibly helpful tool when you have a global team in place or want all units to have access to the same quality of content and assets.
  • Rules, Actions, and Filters: The rules engine will make your life much easier. Resources are hard to come by and by automating mundane tasks, you free people up to do things that only people can do. This also can prevent PR nightmares by closely guarding permissions (governance), having a set approval system, and adding triggered emails if something goes viral. This function is where the geeks geek out.
  • Sprinklr Team: The Sprinklr team is one of the greatest assets. Every Sprinklr team member, from the executive level to the client support level, feels like an additional member of our corporate team. They help us to get smarter and anticipate need. They brainstorm how to make our company more successful and then provide tangible ways to execute. Sprinklr works around the clock to solve problems for their clients. They have been the best partner we have worked with and I would welcome them in my home anytime. They have become like family. After past experiences with software providers who over-promised and under-delivered - some who still haven't delivered integrations or features years later - this has been a delightful experience.
  • Implementation: This isn't necessarily a fault of Sprinklr's but rather because of the vastness of offerings and possibilities, it was hard to wrap our head around how to set up. The Sprinklr team walked us through everything and suggested use-cases. It took a few months to really understand how we could best make use of the offerings. We refined continually as we evolved and as Sprinklr expanded their capabilities.
  • UI: This is no longer an issue but when we first began the service, the UI was clunky. It is now vastly improved - simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.
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  • Increased Customer Retention: Sprinklr has allowed us to solve customer problems quickly and to identify site and product issues. This both creates a sense that we are listening and also allows us to provide value to our customers specific to their care-abouts. Increased retention translates to saved new customer acquisition costs.
  • Increased Customer Advocacy: By identifying and engaging with influencers, our organization is able to amplify our message and turn customers into passionate advocates. Some of these may be heavily engaged customers with a smaller reach that we leverage or a top influencer that we discover and build a relationship with.
  • Efficient Use of Limited Resources: Because of the rules, filters, and actions, much of the work is automated, freeing FTE resources to do more delicate, brain-required work. Exported reports, shared digital assets, shared calendars, and keyword-routed customer service, make for a much better use of employee time.
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It is clear that Sprinklr has built from the ground-up. Past tools have been clunky, buggy, lightweight, and promised features that were never delivered. The idea of "moderation" shows that other companies are not thinking in terms of relationships yet. Internal collaboration within other tools was non-existent. Sprinklr rarely has hiccups and has pretty much always delivered on-time or delivered features as a bonus. Feedback provided by clients actually is turned into enhancements. As a client, it feels really good to be listened to and to have needs addressed and problems solved.
Each organization should determine what is most impactful to their organization. Our gap analysis revealed that Sprinklr nailed our most important needs and came with many extras. I would advocate that you ask in a general SMMS evaluation how tools integrate, how collaboration occurs within the software, and get a history of promised feature updates with actual delivery dates. Sprinklr at this time is hands-down, the best software in this space. That being said, your company will have to consider what resources are available to spend. If you are a small business with a spend of 5k, this is likely not the right fit. If you have an unknown budget, ask to see an ROI analysis of how it might impact your business. This can be very helpful in making intelligent decisions with precious resources.