With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
April 11, 2018

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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Overall Satisfaction with SQLite

SQLite is used by the R&D department.
SQLite is the database engine we have chosen to handle data from the measurement device we developed, which runs an embedded Linux.
  • Our products are using SQLite in embedded Linux and in Windows software.
  • It is truly a stable cross-platform database.
  • The fact that it is a zero-configuration database engine, it is particularly a nice advantage when you work in the embedded world.
  • Being a single database file, it provides ease for those who need to quickly transfer data to someone else, or quickly browse data.
  • We experienced a problem due to a bug in the Linux library of SQLite.
  • All devices we already sold to our customers were impacted.
  • We could solve it by deploying the new library version which included the fix.
  • But as always, a piece of software is always better if it's bugs free.
  • We could start immediately to work with SQLite.
  • It's very easy. The document is well done and easy to find.
  • Having such good database system, free of charge and for any purpose is good news.
I think there is no real competition between them.
In "SQLite" you can hear "light" when you don't need to store a big amount of data and when you need something easy to deploy, SQLite is a good choice, I didn't find those qualities in other database systems I knew.
I recommend the use of SQLite for embedded systems.
If you need to store a large amount of data, store blobs, use triggers, handle multiple accesses at the same time, and need to optimize indexes, then I would recommend using another database system.
SQLite should also be considered if the installation/configuration of a heavier database system is a problem.

SQLite Training

SQLite is very easy to learn for those who have knowledge of SQL language.
The documentation is well done and easy to find.
There is a vast community of SQLite users, so you can find all extra information you may need in a lot of forums.
SQLite doesn't require any configuration so you can immediately start your work with it.

Configuring SQLite

SQLite does not require any configuration, you can immediately start to work with it.
There exists multiple usages of SQLite, single file on disk or fully handled in RAM, the documentation is easy to understand.
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

Integrating SQLite

For our work, we only had to find an appropriate library for the right platform to start to work with it.
  • We integrated SQLite to an embedded Linux for the measurement devices we developed
  • We integrated SQLite to C# Windows applications
It was quite easy to integrate SQLite is it is cross-platform database file.
Only Linux library and Windows library were required to start to work with SQLite on both platforms.