No need to ask the neighbor, you've got Sugar CRM
December 04, 2013

No need to ask the neighbor, you've got Sugar CRM

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Sugar Professional

Modules Used

  • Companies, Contacts, Leads, Targets, Custom built modules

Overall Satisfaction

  • Sugar CRM allows you to effectively manage and organize contacts, and leads in order to streamline your sales process.
  • Sugar is also an extremely customizable tool, this means that no matter what your needs are, Sugar can be adapted to meet them. Since most of the customization can be done by users with some tech savvy, you don't necessarily have to outsource the engineering.
  • The reporting tools in Sugar are well suited for mid to advanced reporting needs. Usually you would need to purchase a whole different software to take care of reporting, but Sugar can do most of that reporting from within.
  • As a CRM, Sugar can be built to be basic, or very complex. This means that your users can evolve with the platform and get more advanced as you develop a more robust CRM.
  • Sugar is great, but it has its flaws like any other CRM. One of the main flaws is that the user interface can be confusing and hard to navigate at times. Ideally a CRM allows someone with no previous experience to jump in and start using the platform. It's nothing that a couple of hours of training can't fix.
  • Along the same lines as the previous point, the UI is not visually pleasing, and can be rather monotonous, making it difficult for the user to quickly identify where they are. Many of our users spend hours using Sugar, it would make it a better experience if the UI was more modern and "fun" to use.
  • Like many reporting tools, Sugar's report builder can quickly cause your database to crash with runaway queries, and poorly built reports. It would be much better to redesign the Report Wizard to help the user create reports.
  • It seems that with each new version of Sugar we need to upgrade our servers. In a world where resources are limited sometimes it is not feasible to buy a new server for our CRM every year. We want the new features, but they often require a hefty investment.
  • The single most significant impact on ROI has been the increase in our employees efficiency. My team can effectively find and follow up with contacts/leads with out having to waste any time.
  • Lead conversion has increased as well. We have noticed that our average initial contact lag for a new lead has been cut in half thanks to Sugar because we can efficiently assign leads and follow up on them.
  • The real beauty with having an efficient CRM is that it allows our account managers to focus on the relationship and their accounts, rather than trying to keep track of what each of them is doing through spreadsheets and text docs. Most of our account managers can now handle two or three more accounts at a time because they can be more efficient with their time.
The most important point of using a CRM is that it can efficiently, and seamlessly allow your account managers to find and give accounts the attention they need. Sugar has done this for us in the past, it does it now, and it will unequivocally keep doing it the future. I have confidence that as the product evolves and improves, so will our ability to use it more and more effectively. There is also the fact that we can customize it as we please, which means that if our business changes so can our CRM. Adaptability is key in the tech world, as is your ability to do more with less. Sugar allows us to be extremely adaptable, and it enables us to do more with what we have.
Sugar is easy to learn if you spend some time with it. This means that while it is a great product, it can require some training to get your users ramped up and ready to go. The best way to go about an integration, or the launch of your new Sugar CRM would be to really get a couple of people to play around with the product and get to know it very well, before releasing it to the entire team. This will allow you to understand the points of friction, as well as identify where you will; need to spend more time teaching. It is very important to have a tech savvy person on your team that can quickly customize modules for you and build the CRM the way you want it.