SugarCRM is User-Friendly with a few kinks to work out
December 05, 2013

SugarCRM is User-Friendly with a few kinks to work out

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Sugar Corporate

Modules Used

  • Calendar
  • Leads
  • History
  • Opportunity
  • Web Pages
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Sales

Overall Satisfaction

  • As an Account Manager working to support Merchants and Sales Reps, I found it a good place to store and reference information about my accounts.
  • It seemed like the modules were fairly easy to add and remove. I had no difficulty customizing my account page to include the information I access on a regular basis.
  • The design is very clean and the interface is very user-friendly. I could see the potential for greater utilization.
  • It helps me with my workflow and organization.
  • Although adding and removing modules is pretty easy for the user, there are some additional levels of customization that require intensive IT support to create/modify. I would have liked to have more options at a user-friendly level to customize the software.
  • The search function does not work well for searching fragments or parts of words -- if I did not type in the sequence exactly as it appears (ex. with or without punctuation, or words in the wrong order) the system cannot find the account I am looking for. For example, if I type "New Sugar Review" but the account name is "My New Sugar Review" it would not come up because the first word is missing.
  • In the role where I was utilizing Sugar on a daily basis, I would have liked to integrate my communications with Merchants and Sales Reps more. It would be great to have a feature where I could see the overall account, timelines for deliverables, and then update the status of those deliverables with a drop down menu.
  • Following the point above, I would like to see more email integration where all records of correspondence for a particular account would be sent and received in that Sugar account, so there would be an easily accessible record.
  • In addition to the email note above, it would be great to have the system set up so that when I update the status of a deliverable, it automatically sends an email to certain pre-selected email addresses.
  • It definitely helped us in our communications with the Sales Department and with Merchants because we could easily reference contracts in a matter of seconds, so it shaved time off of having to look for this information elsewhere.
  • It was an efficient work system, so much so that I wish it had been better integrated into our daily workflow because we could have been ever more efficient.
  • Having a record of previous contracts signed with Merchants made it easy to see what past performance had been and how we could restructure promotions in the future to increase sales.
Overall, the program is great. It's user friendly and extremely intuitive, which is great when an application is being used across different departments. People with different skill levels can easily catch on to the different features and customize their individual user experience. As mentioned in the previous section, I would really like to have more control over the integration of my accounts in SugarCRM and make it my "one-stop-shop" for organizing information pertaining to each of my individual accounts. It seems a little bit difficult to make this happen on the user level. I had to involve at IT professional to go through a check-list of requests and modifications to the program, which took some considerable time. Overall, Sugar CRM was a very efficient tool for organizing contracts, leads, accounts, and historical information. I primarily used the program to save important information about my accounts, such as contact information, previous contracts, pertinent emails, changes to contracts that had come through after the initial contracts were signed, and etcetera. There are a couple of reasons that make this an 8 rather than a 10: the difficulty customizing modules for individual users at the user level and the frustrating experience of using the search.
Key questions to ask: What kind of problems are you trying to solve? What current software are you using, and what is the purpose of it? Would Sugar CRM be a replacement or would it be in addition to your current organization software or system? What level of customization will you require in order to feel most productive and efficient? Will this work out of the box to suit your needs, or will it require an additional investment to customize the software to work for your department or company?