Affordable, but like most products, you get what you pay for.
December 06, 2013

Affordable, but like most products, you get what you pay for.

Johnathan Fansler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
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Sugar Professional

Overall Satisfaction

  • It is simple to customize field names, drop downs, and the overall setup.
  • I have been very pleased with the simplicity in the email archiving feature
  • The running of reports and data exports have been tasks I do often and feel SugarCRM does this slow, but particularly well.
  • I am familiar with other CRM platforms so in comparison to others, SugarCRM is very slow.
  • SugarCRM could also eliminate a 1-2 clicks on most tasks. Logging a call, voice mail, etc. involves more steps than most CRMs.
  • A major issue I have had is the lack of information populated when transferring contacts to different companies. If you have 5 different records for a company, you don't see the different addresses in the drop down for changing account assignment.
  • It is not the best CRM for first time CRM users. I have noticed many new users having trouble adapting quickly.
  • There are many cases when logged calls or contacts are not associated to a company. Often a user error, but this is less of an issue in other CRMs with more guidance on required fields.
  • I am not able to give a confident negative or positive response specific to the ROI.
  • The CRM has served its purpose and for the power, experienced users, it is very helpful to have and use.
  • The CRM has been very slow at times, which has impacted certain projects, but I wouldn't say ROI was affected.
In my four years with the company, we are just now in the midst of considering another route. Once our team sees the other options available, I imagine they will vote for a new CRM. Again, this system has been a struggle for new users and very slow. It also lacks many of the bells/whistles of other CRMs.
The first question I would ask would be around budget. SugarCRM is priced very aggressively compared to other CRMs. I would also ask how important customer service is. With SugarCRM, you are not signing up for a very responsive customer support team. One important question would be the amount of experience the team has with CRMs. I would be hesitant to recommend SugarCRM to a young inexperienced sales organization.