Taboola: Great network, great users
January 11, 2019

Taboola: Great network, great users

Devina Heriyanto | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Taboola

Taboola is used by my company's social media team -- which handles all social media accounts and other digital marketing tools needed to reach out more readers. As a member of the social media team, I am currently responsible for managing Taboola for the company. My responsibility ranges from targeting the audience to curating the news articles that we want to promote across Taboola's platform.


  • Taboola's network is made up of high-quality websites that are similar to our own. This means that we can attract high-quality readers and that the impressions are not wasted on just any other internet user.
  • The pricing is great. There are two bidding systems: smart and fixed bidding so that you can choose according to your need and budget, of course.
  • Related to the first point: since the users are high-quality, they spend more time on your website and end up reading more pages. When you consider this, Taboola's pricing is way cheaper than other similar platforms.
  • Easy to use dashboard. The dashboard puts everything you need to know upfront, from CPC, spending, and results.


  • Uneven performance across one campaign. I usually curate 10 to 15 news articles to be promoted in Taboola, and usually, only two or three perform really well and eat up a huge piece of the budget. Sometimes you have to separate contents into different campaigns so that you'll have more even performance.
  • Since Taboola caters to all kind of websites, it is sometimes hard for news media to compete and follow their content best practice. It takes a while to have a grasp on what kind of contents perform well on Taboola.
  • Also, being a news website, we have varying contents including that which is related to pornography or violence. Sometimes Taboola doesn't allow us to promote these kinds of contents, even though the materials do not promote pornography or violence.
  • Taboola guarantees stable user flow across the campaign period. I use balanced spending setting on my campaign so that the budget is well spread throughout the month, but usually, the traffic is higher nearing the end of the campaign.
  • New users and more awareness. Taboola allows us to reach potential readers without much hassle.
  • Users from Taboola are a high-quality audience who spend a lot of time on your website and read several pages. Unlikely to be bots.
I tried Outbrain for a month just to compare the two platforms. The result is: Outbrain has similar CPC to Taboola, but the audience is low-quality. They don't spend much time on the website and only read the promoted content without continuing to other pages. In the long run, Outbrain's pricing is far more expensive than Taboola.

Also, Taboola's dashboard is easier to use.
Taboola is well suited when you want to reach out new audience and you have a grasp on what kind of audience you want. Taboola allows you to choose where your promoted contents will be displayed and where they should not (blacklist and whitelist), hence you have the ability to target an audience from similar websites.

I personally use Taboola to promote contents that have longer shelf-life, because it takes a while for a content to perform on Taboola. If you're on tight schedule, you might want to tinker your spending setting on each campaign.

Taboola Feature Ratings

Taboola Support

We have a point of contact in Taboola and he has been really great in supporting our campaign. He helped us set up the initial campaign, answered our questions related to the campaign and even agreed when I asked for a lower CPC. Also, while he tried to encourage us to spend more, he never pushed us to the point that it gets annoying.
Quick Resolution
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Our budget is in US$ and there was a time when we had to press our budget on Taboola since our domestic currency was performing badly. I asked for a lower CPC from the Taboola support team and they agreed to it for the sake of good business, since we had been using Taboola for over a year. This had convinced me to keep using Taboola for the future.


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