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What is Echobox Social?

Echobox is a social media publishing solution designed to understand the meaning of content using in-built AI. With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal…

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Echobox, a versatile social media management tool, has garnered praise from various organizations and media outlets for its ability to …
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What is Echobox Social?

Echobox is a social media publishing solution designed to understand the meaning of content using in-built AI. With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal time, to drive more traffic, higher…

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Product Details

What is Echobox Social?

Echobox is a social media publishing solution designed to understand the meaning of content using in-built AI.

With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal time, to drive more traffic, higher engagement and greater revenue from social media and emails.

Echobox is an automation platform boasting users among more than 2000 brands worldwide, including Newsweek, CNBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, El País and Le Monde.

Echobox Social

✓ Mitigate Facebook algorithm changes. Echobox constantly monitors changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed so users are the least affected

✓ Unique to an audience. Every audience is different - Echobox learns from content, readers and social pages

✓ Perfect timing decisions. Echobox has an understanding of Facebook based on almost a million posts made every month

✓ Night-time and weekend posting. Schedule posting at optimal times over weekends and nights or have Echobox select and post content automatically

✓ A/B Testing. Tests different headlines, messages, images or videos to find what engages an audience most effectively

Echobox Email

✓ Generates emails and newsletters in seconds optimized to increase open rates and click rates

✓ Saves time and remove the guesswork from designing and building emails

✓ The AI attempts to maximize open rates and click rates by personalizing content, choosing send times, templates and content ordering for each individual subscriber

✓ Echobox automatically A/B tests different template layouts for each email

✓ Uses RSS feeds to populate different newsletters or even different sections of the same newsletter

Echobox Social Features

  • Supported: AUGMENT: Echobox continously analyses published website content to predict virality - so users can post less but deliver more traffic.
  • Supported: AUTOMATE: Speeds up workflows by using artificial intelligence to automate some or all social media sharing. Trained off 245 million data points, Echobox’s algorithms helps to drive reach and unlock time-savings.
  • Supported: A/B TESTING: Organic A/B Testing for Facebook to get to know an audience. Tests two variations of the same post to increase CTR.

Echobox Social Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Buffer, SocialFlow by Piano, and Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud are common alternatives for Echobox Social.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.7.

The most common users of Echobox Social are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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February 27, 2024

What’s in the Echobox?

Ross Perkins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The entire social media teams of Sun Sport and Sun Online use Echobox to share and schedule posts, as well as reshare old posts for overnight content and evergreen features. Echobox is also used for identifying the total number of link clicks and in conjunction with tracking codes, helps us see overall the total traffic across different sections.
  • Clear schedule and easy to read
  • Easy to edit
  • Slow to switch to other pages
  • Doesn’t always share posts from other media partners
Echobox is easy to read and will also load every article specific to the category into the news feed; this means sometimes we see good stories which we’ve missed and still have a sporting relevance. It’s easy to reorder stories and reshare stories from previous weeks, keeping the same caption. It would be great if somehow when a story has gone out, the option to reshare it comes with the exact original wording and photo comp of the post, instead of reverting to the default setup. Echobox can be slow to switch to other pages, sometimes not even doing this at all and is stuck on the same page, so you have to again click on the relevant page you want to switch to. Echobox is extremely useful for looking at link clicks, for A/B testing which gives us the best possible chance to sell a story, and displays the information in a very clear manner.
Ngodrup Méndez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox Social to publish our articles on multiple social media platforms simultaneously and schedule them for the future, in addition to employing artificial intelligence for the copy.
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Easy account linking
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Simpler configurations
  • Clearer service pricing on their website
For media outlets and businesses, Echobox Social is a great tool for scheduling posts on multiple social media platforms simultaneously, saving you a lot of time and ensuring that the post will be made.
Chanita Thanapitch | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The GQ Thailand crew is simultaneously managing three different social media sites. We want to make sure that the content we provide is both relevant and meets the expectations of each platform's audience. Based on the system score, we use the Echobox tool to choose which content should be scheduled for publication.
  • Echobox determines the ideal time to publish posts and generates more accurate analytics.
  • Its reshare feature identifies articles on our site and makes them widely read and commented on again, regardless of their publishing date.
  • The A/B testing option provides our editing staff with a better understanding of how to write the effective headline.
  • The analytic report can be improved with more metric on social engagement
  • A notification alert for schedule post to be approved will be really useful.
  • Echobox mobile application will be more convenient to work with more than mobile web.
Save time and effort as we have more time to work on our material instead of worrying about scheduling the post manually everything the new articles are published. As for the downside of using Echobox would be the time suggested for scheduling which sometimes can be very early in the morning or late night when the users are not usually only. And that results in low engagement, obviously.
Raweewan Kwangklang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The tool is used by Editorial Team for publishing action and the Marketing team for analytics & report. As we are fighting against Facebook's feed algorithm, Echobox helps us in improving the organic impressions, reach, and engagement. The result of the tool gives us the precise decision on which post should we invest in.
  • The scoring system gives us the idea of which scheduling mechanism we should use for the ultimate result.
  • The ability to edit on text and image of the post before scheduling gives us more room to improve the performance.
  • Its algorithm enables us to select the most ideal times for the contents to perform better with the audience.
  • Automation and post scheduling features have made our lives easier by saving time and employee attention, allowing us to focus on what is most important - content.
  • The ability to approve the 'AUTOFEED' for reshare function.
  • Notification when autofeed share or reshare post is published via Echobox.
  • Analytics report with more metrics on social media engagement
Echobox helps you save time in managing social media posting/scheduling. Moreover, it helps you decide what will be the best date & time to post to result in maximum performance on impressions, reach and click. However, the downside can be system bugs for the autofeed function such as double share on the same content with a slightly different URL pattern.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a media outlet, our company relies heavily on social media to drive traffic and engagement to our website. Echobox has been an essential tool for our social media editors, simplifying our posting process and saving us a significant amount of time. The platform’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface made it easy for our team to learn and incorporate into our workflow.
  • One of the standout features of Echobox is its AI-based algorithm, which includes the time-slot feature. This feature allows us to schedule posts for the most optimal time, increasing the likelihood that they will be seen and engaged with by our audience
  • We also appreciate the platform’s ability to reshare older content that aligns with current trending topics
  • The time-saving workflow and comprehensive social media analytics are also notable benefits.
  • For our team at, the most important features of Echobox are the ability to cross-post on multiple platforms or accounts, the time-slot feature, and the social media analytics.
  • These features have helped us streamline our social media management process and achieve our traffic goals effectively.
Echobox has proven to be a valuable investment for our media company. It has helped us achieve our traffic goals and made our social media editors’ lives much easier. The platform’s user-friendly design and innovative features have made a significant impact on our social media strategy, and we look forward to continuing to use it for continued success.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We publish articles at the ten-minute level. So, a lot of content indeed. Imagine how much time Echobox has saved us, if you know that he has completely abolished the manual sharing of content on social networks. So he does everything himself. Ours is just to work on the site. Besides publishing himself, he also thinks and predicts for us. It calculates (and guesses) the right time and audience to market a specific article. This brought us a significant increase in visits to our media site.
  • Evaluation of article virality
  • Resharing old articles that "out of nowhere" brings a lot of traffic to the site.
  • Excellent analytics
  • Instagram often loses connection with Echobok, although it seems to me that it is Instagram, not Echobox, because the connection loss happens when we try to log in to the same profile from multiple devices.
As a media portal, we publish articles that are very current and must be shared immediately, and we also have articles that are not so urgent. In both cases, Echobox proved to be outstanding. Marking the article as "breaking" he publishes it on all related channels and social networks within 15 minutes and we have always had an excellent reception from the audience. When it comes to articles that are not so urgent for sharing, Echobox shows all his superiority here - just be patient and believe that he will find the right time and the right audience. Totally unbelievable.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User, being a pure player, we do rely a lot on our presence on social media. This is definitely at the core of our strategy as a company. Echobox made our social media editors’ lives much easier. It is an intuitive, very useful and quick-to-learn tool. We use to spend so much time posting on the different platforms individually. With Echobox, having all of our accounts on one tool has been a substantial time saver. The feature that sold us on going with Echobox is the time-slot one, adding a score above the posts, suggesting if that is relevant at that time, and letting the algorithm post at the most suitable time.
  • The AI-based algorithm, with the time-slot feature
  • Resharing old contents that match trending topics
  • The time-saving workflow
  • The social media analytics
  • Instagram Reels and TikTok integrations (coming soon!)
We share multiple stories and podcast episodes every day, and Echobox allow us to post them on different platforms or accounts very easily, and at the most meaningful time.
We also reshare every day some old stories from our archives, which drive sometimes a lot of traffic thanks to the time-slot feature.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I post every article we write on Twitter and Facebook using Echobox. The software give me a ranking of what content is better for each plataform. And we move on from that. Works smoothly
  • Echobox shows me the number of the chance any article would be liked by our followers before I post it
  • The software shows me what quotes from the article I should use in the post
  • If they could be used on Tik Tok it would be great for us
During the day, when everybody is very ubsy doing interviews, posting articles and sending them to our clients, I dont need to be concerned about all our social media. It saves us a good ammount of time doing everything inside Echobox plataform
March 02, 2023

Well done, Echobox

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are having a great experience with Echobox platform. Everything that we need until now is fast, easy and intuitive. I specially liked the way that it suggest posts automatically and the scores above the posts, sugesting if that is relevant or not for that time. My team and I are satisfied for now.
  • Indicate the best social media to publish your article and get great engajament
  • Schedule articles to be published during all the time
  • Once we publish more than 10 articles a day, the speedy to appears on platform is important and they delivery that.
  • The score that show us which is the best moment to publish the best article
  • More languages available to the users.
  • Tik Tok should be on the group of social medias that they work with
In a team with few members this platform helps a lot to keep our social media up. If your company is a little bigger and you have time and money to mantain a social meadia team, it could be a better way to provide your content.
February 28, 2023

Saving time

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox Made my life and my Ag Fight co workers' lives much easier. It's simple to use and very intuitive, which save us a good amount of time besides increasing our engagement in social media (in our case, specially on Twitter). I use the plataform to know what is the best moment of the day I should post our contents. As a journalist, specially for internet, being the firt to publish it is the most important thing. But on social media I just realized it is different. So depending on the article, Echobox prefers publishing the content a bit later during the day, in a specific moment their AI realized would bring us more engagement. Which works pretty well in our small company case scenario
  • One thing I like is the fact that some content can be used more than one time on Twitter. Reposting content that is not old and still warm gives us good traffic
  • Once I publish any content in our website, the rticle shows up at Echobox with a number. As higher as the number is reflects on the chance of getting better engagement. Simple like that
  • Everythin is fast. I publish, Echobox read and tells me how good it is for each social media. After that I schedule the article and even let the AI works by itself during hours when nobody is working
  • Since I'm Brazilian, and our whole team is based in Brazil, would be great if the whole platform was translated for Portuguese. There are no many English speakers in Brazil, to be honest. That would make it easier
  • Tik Tok. Would be nice if somehow Echobox could provide their AI for Tik Tok Users
There are hour in our schedule where nobody is working. That is normal, specially for a very small company like Ag Fight. But Echobox is programed to publish on social media according to our needs. So depending on the day, if for some reason the readers feel more into reading martial arts articles around 4am, our plataform will publish it even if nobody is around. I just need to set up the AI to do that
Aleksandar Ivanisevic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For a years we have been seeking for a Social Media Management Tool that could help us to prevent seasonal or algorithmic drops of website traffic. We tried dozen of other tools, some of them are very popular, but non of them have had all we need. Finally we discovered Echobox which solve our main problem and few more. It uses Artificial Intelligence as a reverse Facebook algorithm to find a piece of content on our website that has a great chance of going viral at a particular moment. It also uses reshares of old content that match trending topics. It takes us to a whole new level within the media industry and brings us growth of social media traffic by 100 %.
  • Getting the right moment for sharing a post which eventually goes viral
  • Resharing an old content that match trending topics
  • Have a great analytics to measure the best performing posts
  • You can also track your competitors with benchmarking tool
  • Sometimes our Instagram suddenly disconnects
Echobox is great multi-tool for a large scale publishers as online media, with a huge number of posts published and shared on a daily basis (at least 20 posts). For publishers with just a few posts per day I think Echobox wouldn't be the best choice as a Social Media Management Tool. But they also can use it for benchmarking or newsletter
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox for the automation of social media posts (Facebook and Twitter). Echobox solves the problem of hiring someone who is 24/7 programming the publications, in addition to doing it in a way that can reach more people using artificial intelligence. Echobox's scope of use does not limit posting outside of office hours, which makes it a great advantage for our needs.
  • Post Automation
  • A/B Tests
  • Technical support
  • We would like to have better prices for the subscription
  • Integration to more social networks, currently available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Implement custom UI for mobile, it is difficult to manage Echobox for mobile
Echobox is a specific tool for digital newspapers and magazines, in our case (digital newspaper) it has worked very well for us. I believe that for other areas outside of these two (newspaper and magazines), the tool would not work and another should be considered, like Hootsuite, Buffer or Later.
Axel Vicente | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox to improve traffic from social networks and to have more strategy in the content distribution. The Echobox algorithm has helped to achieve the traffic goals in our newsroom. Echobox is a perfect service that help us to achieve the newsroom goals.
  • Content distribution is more effective.
  • Echobox Analytics helps to take better editorial decisions.
  • Allows to do AB test to get better perfomance in social media.
  • The algorithm allows you to choose the best time to share content
  • Instagram posts and stories could be better.
  • It must improve the content categorization, specially the evergreen articles.
  • Actually Echobox can not post articles by geolocation.
Echobox logarithm allows content to be published at the appropriate times. This allows content to perform better and to achieve traffic goals easily.The AB test function represent us a better CTR in our posts at social media.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Autofeed feature simply replace a social media specialist to send news of our websites to social medias.
  • Send all web news to Facebook
  • Choose the best time to publish
  • Test the best headline when necessary
  • How to exclude specific stories from publishing: not specific enough
  • Exclude specific time frame to publish
If you think you need a social media specialist to publish your web news on social media, let's Echobox to do the job. Surprising results.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a news organization with an online presence, we were heavily dependent on social media for the growth of our website. For years, we were losing a lot of time scheduling and publishing posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. It was an arduous job. We are also a relatively small company, where every pair of hands counts, and we had to have a person dedicated just to sharing posts. With Echobox, all of this was automated. But even more importantly, we were able to receive the new data which actually helped us grow our website even more. Nowadays we are attracting more readers, and they can expect better and juicier headlines because of what we learned from Echobox. It is also a very intuitive tool, which meant that even our less experienced colleagues could start using it right away.
  • Sharing posts on social media
  • Measuring the potential popularity of articles on social media and websites
  • Managing several different social media easily and instantly
  • The interface could be better and more up to date
  • Since it is based on AI, it could benefit from more users, which would mean better suggestions
  • I know everyone speaks English now, but customer support in more languages, like Serbian, could come in handy
If you are looking to semi-automate the process of sharing posts on social media like Facebook and Twitter, I believe there is no better tool to do that. Our journalists really took to it after just a couple of days, and now we cannot imagine our website and social media profiles without Echobox.

On the other hand, we've still not tested what it can do with Instagram and LinkedIn, and with the particularity of these two networks, I'd still hold my judgment on that.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox to share content on social networks. There is a clear difference in the dynamics and productivity of work when we use Echobox and when we don't. It saves us time, makes it easier to create exciting content, and thanks to it we have more visitors to the website and a better response. We usually use Echobox to share between 50 and 100 posts per day.
  • All social networks are in one place.
  • Changing the order of posts and scheduling posts is fast and efficient, just a few clicks away.
  • It provides many tools for creatively designing posts on social networks.
  • Additional recommendations are needed for the timing of social media posts
  • Better statistics of already hatched content
For example, during the previous presidential election in America, Echobox was helpful because we could easily handle a large amount of content. Since the situation changed often, we could change the order of important information even faster. Echobox has proven helpful in all "crisis" situations for the media. I have not had a problem where it was less useful
Niccolò Fransoni | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
One of the best tools for Social Media.<br>It allows to save huge amounts of time in our social media department and quality is of the highest!<br><br>For editorial planning, there is no tool ad this one and I highly reccomend it to alla Social media professionals arround the world.
  • Artificial intelligenze
  • Social media planning
  • Automated posting on social media
  • Automated copywriting
  • Costs
Editorial planning is fully automated and you can save a lot of time daily.
It chooses the articles to launch, when to launch them ad with which copy.
Alexandre Faria | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox proved to be a very useful and valuable tool for our portal, in addition to increasing our reach on social networks, we were able to gain a lot of time for other important activities. Automation made it possible for our team to focus on other activities of paramount importance for the smooth running of the company, another important point to be highlighted is the agility of the helpful support team, who always attended to us quickly and efficiently, this service was very important for adaptations aimed at better functioning for our style of portal. In summary, Echobox is a product that is worth contracting, we are sure that this partnership will last a long time and that we will reap great results for our portal.
  • Increasing reach on social media
  • The artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Support quality
  • Cost-cutting
  • Post images configuration
  • Time zone issue for support
  • Get support in Brazil
Echobox proved to be a very valuable tool for our portal, thanks to its easy implementation, we were able to start services quickly and simply, without configuration problems. Its intuitive dashboard allowed us to master the tool in a very easy way, thanks to these facilities, we were able to reap the rewards of the partnership quickly, our social networks reached levels above what we had and our team has the time and freedom to perform other important tasks for our portal.
gaetano di meglio | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox is the ideal solution for editors. The interface platform is usable, intuitive and allows a fast implementation of services. The yield in terms of growth on social networks is excellent. Excellent after-sales service.
  • excellent content targeting
  • Customer service
  • platform reliability
  • Newsletter
  • greater personalization on the possibility of excluding or including certain items
  • engagement monitoring
  • stars service
Echobox is truly a reliable partner. There are no difficulties or unsuitable circumstances
Jasper Sonderen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have several brands that are active on socials. Echobox helps us to efficiently manage these brands on the platforms they operate on. In particular, staying ahead with the algorithm of Meta, for example, is a time-consuming task for us. Echobox helps us by continuously responding to changes in the algorithm(s). This allows us to continue to serve content to our customers 24/7.
  • Efficiently manage socials of multiple brands
  • Stay ahead with algorithms of socials
  • Birds-eye view of past and scheduled content
  • Content automation tool does not work for us
  • Content is not always very 'human'
Echobox helps our content managers on a daily basis to efficiently share all the content we have created on all the different channels we are active on.

We've seen a good increase in the results of some of our brands. For one brand we see a rise in spikes of social traffic and a structural growth in social traffic can be seen for a other brand.

Because we work with many people on different brands, it is great that there is an overview of all content over all of our brands. We can easy see which content has already been scheduled and which content has yet to be placed.

Echobox also offers automatic planning in which Echobox makes its own articles based on existing content. We notice that with this function does not work for us, as the content it creates is not really 'human' and needs a lot of attention to get it right.
Stratos Moraitis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox is the "swiss army knife" of social media tools. It has so many features you can use to distinguish and leave your competitors behind, while at the same time it is really easy to use and practical. The most important feature is its algorithm, knowing what to post and when to post it for you, based on your audience, and this feature doesn’t just work on auto-pilot, but you can intervene at any time to modify what and when a post is being published, according to your judgement and priorities. Scheduling posts has also become a simple and easy task with just a few clicks. Other Echobox indispensable features include the capability of changing an article photo to avoid restrictions and bans on Facebook, changing an article title so you can correct any spelling mistakes or choosing a more appealing title for your social media audience. Its A / B testing has also helped us understand what our audience prefers, whether it be the text accompanying an article or photographs. We have been using Echobox for more than a year and based on the great results we get, sometimes we wonder how we were managing with the complexities and the ever-changing rules and features of social media platforms.
  • An article's virality rating
  • Post scheduling
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Posting Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Nothing noticeable yet. On the contrary, Echobox has surprised us several times, adding new features that make our life easier.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Echobox to automate and schedule posts for our website's social media accounts.
  • Echobox AI times when to best share our posts
  • Increase pageviews
  • Saves time
  • Added functionality to add first comment to posts
With Echobox, their AI automatically chooses the best time to share posts on social media and timing article releases to when readers are most active. Echobox automatically shares evergreen topics that are currently trending, amplifying organic reach. My experience with Echobox for my website has been great so far, and we had 4x 20,000-plus pageviews days in a row after switching things over to Echobox (a feat not conquered in some time), which is promising!
September 12, 2022

Great tool!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The best thing is the automation of tasks to share content on social networks. One of the main advantages of Echobox is to find the best time windows for publishing on the different social networks, added to the integration with analytics of each of the fan pages that we manage, which allows us to make better decisions. In our company, we have more than 100 social network accounts, and thanks to Echobox, it is very easy to keep the organization of each one. In addition, you have analytics that easily show you what you did well and what you need to improve.
  • It helps you with organizing many accounts at once and allows you to cross-post between them.
  • Post automation is great as it allows you to get your work done much faster. The robot learns fast, and its posts seem to be made by a person.
  • It gives you detailed information about your posts that allows you to make decisions about them.
  • The Instagram stories part could be better. The formats it has are very basic; however, you can upload a photo that you previously edited.
We have more than 100 accounts to manage, and Echobox has helped us keep them 100% active and with content that works; between the organization of the accounts and the team and the analytics that it shows you on each page it has allowed us to make the right decisions.
Viktoras Kesminas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox is used to publish news articles to our Facebook profile. Since media has a really high information flow we encountered a problem of putting all this info on our Facebook and not being punished by its algorithm. Echobox analysis helps us maximize the number of published posts. Also since there are few admins, all not in the same room, we had a double content publishing in Facebook problem. Not it's easier to see what other users created and to see if it was published already.
  • Post planning.
  • AI post suggesting tool.
  • All in one window solution.
  • Posts in AI auto-feed suggestion when published sometimes appear in all new article feed, so it is possible to double publish. Once from auto-feed AI suggestion, once from new articles feed. It happened a few times. But now we just learned and double-check if it was not published by other users.
  • It is perfect on desktops and tablets. On mobile phones, it could be more responsive. or have a mobile app. I personally do not use it on mobile, but sometimes this functionality would be great.
  • Sometimes user disconnects too quickly, it takes some time to get back to Echobox and for most of them, I was disconnected.
It is perfect if you have a huge content feed and try to maximize your posts on Facebook without being penalized. Much easier to use than Facebook Creator studio and has all the needed functionality in one window. So in one window I can monitor other users' activity, plan Facebook posts and see which posts were published. Another great thing is statistics and post-reshare functionality. So older greatly reached posts we can easily reshare. It works great with advisory, cultural, culinary, or other types of "not getting old“ posts.
Andrea D'Addio | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are an online newspaper that publishes around 6 new articles per day. We have been using Echobox since mid-March. Our performances on Facebook have dropped by an average of 80%, and on Instagram, we do not see any improvement, indeed it gets worse every week. In addition, many features on Instagram are prevented, no surveys, quizzes, or other forms that could increase engagement. We talked several times with customer care (always kind), but the advice was quite trivial (using emojis was one of the last). Perhaps Echobox is useful for realities other than ours, for us for now it has been a waste of money. They have not yet responded to our partial refund request, even though they admitted weeks ago that our performance was deteriorating. We were convinced by their analysis, but we were wrong. Their tool is probably no longer suitable for today's Facebook, while we think it has never been absolutely suitable for Instagram
  • nothing
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