TIBCO Cloud Integration - the best cloud based integration tool in the market
Updated July 24, 2022

TIBCO Cloud Integration - the best cloud based integration tool in the market

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

We have been suggesting TIBCO Cloud Integration Scribe Online as our preferred tool for all the integration scenarios that includes Dynamics 365. For clients who prefer on-premise we suggest scribe insight. Currently, we have implemented Scribe Online in 2 of our projects. It involved moving Data from legacy systems to Dynamics CRM.
  • Scribe online helps support complex integration scenarios especially in case of XML structure with parent-child relationships.
  • Scribe online interface is very user friendly and intuitive.
  • It doesn't require any programming skills to implement to complex scenarios.
  • We faced one issue with The XML Source component of Scribe Insight which wasn't not in the Scribe Online version. "Repeating nodes are not supported for cousins, siblings, etc. Multiple repeating nodes must be related linearly to repeating nodes that already exist. Thus, a new repeating node must be a grandparent, parent, child, grandchild, etc., to an existing repeating node." The product can be updated to include the repeating nodes support.
  • Scribe Insights Interface can be updated and be made more user friendly - basically like the Scribe Online interface
  • Cost is also one of the factor, usually, when it comes to Dynamics CRM/365 Integration most of the places, we have customers using KingswaySoft instead of Scribe.
  • We were able to deliver quickly and efficiently, the integration solution compared to if we had to write our own custom tool to do so.
  • With Scribe not we are able to provide solutions across different products and not just limited to Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365.
  • In one of our projects, we went live within 4 weeks, for which the Informatica team had already taken more than 2 months.
  • We are integrating it with Dynamics CRM Online as well On Premise.
20 - They are the integration team.
With Scribe Online, we were able to deliver the solution to our client much faster for one of the Dynamics 365/CRM project. Informatica had its own share of challenges, especially around the learning curve for the tool and also the performance and monitoring aspect. With Scribe Online we were able to get a huge improvement in performance which we could not imagine with Informatica's connector for CRM.
Yes with TIBCO Cloud Integration, specifically with Scribe, we are able to quickly provide efficient solutions to our customers and business, which was not possible earlier.

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We delivered multiple projects successfully using TIBCO Cloud integration.
The most important lessons is that instead of writing custom tool / code which would take up more effort, time and cost, the organization should go with time-proven solution like TIBCO Cloud Integration for all the integration needs.
For a big enterprise which has multiple products - be it on-premise or cloud based - TIBCO is best suited for all the integration needs with all the different connectors available. Scribe is the top product specially when it comes to any Dynamics CRM / 365 integration needs. There is no other product in the market similar to Scribe, other competitors are more of SSIS based.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Support for real-time and batch integration
Monitoring console

TIBCO Cloud Capabilities

The biggest advantage as an organization we got was the time to market, now after just couple of required approvals with Architects and Security Team, immediately we can provision the required cloud services. TIBCO being industry leader - it is easy for us to trust and quickly implement as well.
Earlier being a bank everything was on-premise, so all our solution were on-premise based, but with the challenging times, the bank took the direction to move to cloud and partner / implement the best cloud solutions and replacing all the legacy on-premise solutions, that is we opted for TIBCO for all our integration need specifically the TIBCO Cloud API management.
Our organization had was using TIBCO Scribe Insight for integration / data migration requirements as on-premise based solution, so we migrated all these integration solutions to TIBCO Scribe Online. We got all the required support from TIBCO support team as a part of the process, they were able to guide as well as resolve all the challenges we faced in the migration process.
Yes we started with TIBCO Cloud API Management first and now slowly planning to explore, analyze the other capabilities provided by TIBCO Cloud such as - SpotFire for Analytics tool to replace our on-premise analytics tool and EBX as our Master Data Management tool.
  • user friendly tools
  • faster time to market
  • security features - making it reliable and trustworthy solution
We always had key architects and managers from TIBCO involved as part of the implementation to guide on any issue faced. They were able to directly connect with product team for quick resolution of any critical issues faced.
Yes. TIBCO was more than keen to listen and in fact from their side wanted us to share all our feedbacks as detailed as possible which not only helped them to showcase the capabilities and also improve not only for us but for other customers also.
  • Data migration was much easier to manage and improve with cloud based tools
  • Data integration were equally reliable and secure as our existing on-premise api management tool used.

Requirement & Considerations

We were looking for an Enterprise level cloud integration solution for our client, that is not just limited to specific suite of products offered by one organization or other. TIBCO has been the product of choice and proven product with its history of success in the industry, which made it easy for us to select TIBCO Cloud Integration.