As an intro to teleconferencing and screen sharing, UberConference is great!
February 23, 2018

As an intro to teleconferencing and screen sharing, UberConference is great!

Alicia Gates, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with UberConference

UberConference is the first software we used to allow us to conference call and/or screenshare with both employees and clients. Our staff is 100% remotely based, so being able to talk to our clients and staff helps us fill in the gaps in communication. It allows our team to build connections and culture and allows a trusting relationship to develop between our staff and our clients.

When training either staff or clients, the screen share capability is of the utmost importance. It allows us to have real time communication, like we're sitting side by side, instead of trying to email screen shots back and forth. Ultimately, it enhances our communication capabilities which makes it easier for our staff to do their work and makes our clients happy.


  • UberConference makes it easy to teleconference with more than one person. Sometimes you need to have 3 or more people on a phone call, and we don't have a phone system that supports that, so UberConference is how we can accomplish this. It's great because you just dial the phone number and you're in!


  • The screen sharing function, though it works just fine, seems to take up a significant amount of bandwidth and many times I see a frozen screen instead of fluid video streaming. I've used other softwares that seem to be better at this, so while the functionality does work, if I need to screen share often I will use a different software for that purpose.
  • More and more people are video conferencing these days, and that's one functionality that UberConference does not have. If they want to remain competitive, they may need to add this feature.
  • UberConference has been a great solution for our organization because we don't have another way to teleconference with more than 1 other person. It solves that issue for our organization. But if another software we use gains that functionality in the future, I doubt we would keep UberConference.
  • Zoom
UberConference and Zoom have overlapping functionality, but not 100%. UberConference does teleconferencing really well - it makes it very easy to call in and collaborate with a group of people. But for screen sharing, Zoom outshines UberConference. Zoom doesn't use as much bandwidth, it's easier to switch screen sharing back and forth, and it doesn't freeze as often as UberConference does. And then Zoom's video conferencing just takes remotely based work to a whole other level. We can have full team meetings with Zoom, meet with clients, train our staff, etc., and it works great.

We keep UberConference for the teleconferencing, but we basically use Zoom for everything else.

If you don't currently have a way to teleconference with more than 1 other person, UberConference is a good solution for that. If you need screen sharing capabilities as well, that's just a bonus feature for you. But if you have remotely based clients or staff and you want to develop good relationships with these people, video conferencing is a must. 80% of communication is non-verbal, so being able to SEE one another changes the dynamic of the conversation for the better.

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