Videxio - Exactly What Videoconferencing Should Be!
October 22, 2018

Videxio - Exactly What Videoconferencing Should Be!

Jackie Bassett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Videxio, a Pexip Service

We are using Videxio for videoconferencing of interviews we are doing on a project. We are also using it for in-house videocalls with our 100% remote professional staff and our clients. We first discovered Videxio on this TrustRadius site! We have used nearly every videoconferencing tech there is: Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype etc.., then finally settled on Zoom.

However, once we started increasing the volumes of calls we were doing it became clear that even Zoom was still to complex and our interview projects were backing up, never a good thing to have happen. So we were really in a scramble to find something fast, secure, easy to use and priced right. From TrustRadius we found the one tech we'd not heard of yet: Videxio. It's exactly what we needed to process volumes of videocalls, both for this project as well as for our increasing internal videocomm needs and client growth.

  • Easy to use: It integrates with whatever calendar system you already have.
  • Great end-user experience: End users, both in-house and our clients all can access a dedicated Videxio room in one click. No need to download any app, and when videocalls are all back-to-back, overruns of 1 to another because an app download is required is no longer an acceptable option (a problem most other such tech still have).
  • Customer Support: As easy as Videxio is to get started with and use, since we got it on a Friday, we tested it out over the w/e and their customer support was just as great as it has been during normal business hours.
  • Security: Since it's a dedicated room, we don't have to worry about clients mistakenly coming in to a private conversation with another client. A dedicated room also leaves cybersecurity to thier in-house experts.
  • It's hard to find anY cons. But perhaps, the "getting started" manual which is available, and they do send it when you first start, which is needless and far too big whould be replaced by a 15 minute videocall. That's so much better a way to go as no one has time to read so much anymore.
  • We were able to quickly reduce the backlog of video interview work that was stuck in queue.
  • We wasted no time searching through the 30+ other competitors in this space, many of which we had already tried, because Videxio had every thing we could not find up until then.
  • No negative impacts, in fact, because TrustRadius helped us find Videxio very quickly, we actually reduced the time it took to get our project back on track.
We were with GoToMeeting far too long, but we had settled in and so many others were just as clunky and expensive. We did try Zoom, but it was more complex for the price then we wanted. Videxio is a solution we'll be with for a very longtime.
Specifically, if you have reason to have multiple videocalls in a day, and especially if that's a long term pattern, Videxio is the best choice of any of the 30+ others out there. Also, if your videocalls are always running over and you're concerned about security/privacy/confidentiality issues, Videxio will remove those problems.

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