[In My Opinion:] DON'T!!!!
October 15, 2021

[In My Opinion:] DON'T!!!!

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Overall Satisfaction with Viewpoint Spectrum

Our whole company switched to [Viewpoint] Spectrum last November. It is used for construction service, sales, part sales, receiving, everything. We realized, unanimously, that getting [Viewpoint] Spectrum was the absolute worst decision our company has EVER made [in our opinion]. None of us know how this decision got approved. [In our experience,] this software does absolutely nothing to help us do our jobs; it only adds work. The whole point of switching was to automate things and take some of the work away. BEWARE: [in our opinion,] this software WILL NOT help you calculate anything; [in our experience,] all sell and unit prices must be entered manually. [In our opinion,] everything is MUCH more manual than it was with our "ancient" system. Also, [in my opinion,] this program is bugged to hell. When you enter a contact name on an order, it NEVER sticks [in my experience], so now we have to print every order and write the names in. Another point of getting [Viewpoint] Spectrum was so that we [could] scan images into orders, so we don't have to print anything. However, unsurprisingly, [in our experience,] this doesn't work either. So now, we have to keep hard copies in a filing cabinet as well. When I have customers in front of me, I [feel I] look stupid because a lot of times the screen bugs out, the loading circle spins indefinitely, or records are "locked" and I can't access anything [in my experience using it]. I [feel like I] can't even put into words how inconvenient this is. [I believe that] [Viewpoint] Spectrum has known about these issues, and despite how easy of a fix it is, [I feel that] they simply do not care that they are burning businesses to the ground. [In my opinion,] not a day goes by where someone doesn't cuss out the system. [I believe] everyone [at my organization] absolutely hates it, and [I think] the CEO doesn't use it and doesn't know how bad we or the company is failing because of this. I [believe and] predict that if we don't change systems soon, we are going to suffer. [Personally,] I don't understand how there are ANY good reviews of this system... [I believe] they must have been written by CEOs who don't use the system at all. [In my opinion,] STEER CLEAR, or [I believe] you will regret getting this system!!!!!!!!!!! [In my experience,] it's not easy to make the switch twice...
  • [In my opinion,] nothing.
  • [I believe it could improve] viewing records.
  • [I believe it could improve] calculating.
  • [I believe it could improve via] retaining the information I type in, instead of me having to print it and write on the paper.
  • [I believe] UI Improvements [are] needed [as I feel it is] hard to navigate.
  • [I believe it] needs a SERIOUS debugging.
  • [In my opinion,] it takes at LEAST twice as long to do our jobs now.
  • [I feel like] we are paranoid about something not being printed correctly because of [what I believe are] buggy text fields.
  • [In my experience,] we still have to refer to a physical file cabinet with paper, even though a main point of switching was to go paperless.
  • [In our experience,] screens can now be "locked", so we can't see something if our coworker is also looking at it.
  • [I believe that] the financial hit our company took from this switch was astronomical. [In my opinion:] Beware!

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[Personally,] I can't imagine a company where [Viewpoint] Spectrum would work well. [In my opinion,] it does nothing to benefit anybody. [I feel that] we took a major downgrade going with this software.

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Viewpoint Spectrum Support

[In my experience,] nobody has ever answered about my problems using this system. [I feel that] the fact that a year has gone by, and text that I enter in text fields still doesn't stick, is asinine.
Slow Resolution
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Less knowledgeable
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Yes - [In my experience, I have reported bugs] almost weekly. [In my experience, I] still never got an answer once.