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"VWO review for a data driven marketing team"
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September 14, 2018

"VWO review for a data driven marketing team"

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Overall Satisfaction with VWO

We are using VWO only for the marketing department on all our different websites. We are using it mainly to understand better the behavior of our web visitors and how we can improve the website for better conversion and better user experience. By using VWO to test new designs or pages, we are able to have data to back what we think is the best for the user experience.
  • Heatmaps automatically on all pages of the website
  • A/B testing quick/small changes on a page and see the results in term of form filled or button clicks
  • Split URLs for bigger A/B tests where we test some brand new designs
  • Targeting specifics users (new visitors, mobile users) for some A/B tests
  • The hypothesis part where we need to enter the hypotheses before doing A/B test seems to be useless in our case, as we do that more outside of VWO and don't really see the added value of that to be inside the software
  • The sampling of recording/heatmap seems to sometimes be pretty low for automatic recording, and the fact that we need to explicitly ask for one page to be tracked with more sample is sometimes a bit irritating
  • Improving the conversion of our website thanks to the A/B testing
  • Being able to understand better the customers pain points via recording and heatmaps
  • Having data to back our talks with higher executive when we are explaining why we are implementing (or not) some changes
We are using it for 1. Finding new things to test and 2. For checking if the AB testing has some positive impact behind just button click or form filled (is the experience better, do people stay more on the page, etc.)
While we use this feature less than others VWO ones, this is still great for checking or double checking some intuitions we have when we are talking about customer behaviors on the website.
I didn't know about this function but this seems to be a very promising one. I will check this as soon as I am done with this.
We use to have optimizly but when we test VWO, we were sold on the idea of having heatmaps + recording + AB testing on the same tool. We also really liked the fact that VWO data can be push back to Salesforce thanks to the integration with Bizible, that we also use: this feature was the reason we looked into VWO at the first place
I believe that the perfect scenario for VWO is when you want to test changes on your website and that you are really focusing on getting the data to validate your findings. By having the recording, the heatmap and the AB testing in one single platform is a perfect one-stop software to improve your website base on data instead of intuition