Easiest ROI conversation ever.
November 22, 2019

Easiest ROI conversation ever.

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Overall Satisfaction with Vyond (formerly GoAnimate)

My organization uses Vyond to create training content for our internal compliance policies and procedures. By having a short animated video summarize or demonstrate each policy we have seen a significant increase in the content compared to when we simply relied on our users to read each policy. The overall training experience consists of a video summary(usually lasting about 2 minutes), then a written summary, each user is required to download the policy, and finally answer 5-10 questions. The animated video is more economic way of creating content and easier to edit when we make changes to the policy than if we simple recorded live action videos.
  • In the newest version, the timeline allows you to control each asset individually in a way that mimics video auditing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Camtasia
  • I love the way you can replace an object and the new object will automatically take on the formatting of the object it is replacing including, location, size, expression, duration on the timeline, etc.
  • I really enjoy the spotlights on other user's videos. Even when I don't have time to read the full article, watch the full video, or attend the webinars, this is usually enough to give me new ideas to try out when making my own videos
  • I appreciate the ample notice when things are changing. For example, the platform will be updated at the end of the year, but I have had access to the new format since June(ish) so I've had time to play around with it and get used to it. By the time the legacy format is retired I won't have any problems adjusting to the new format or functionality.
  • While the upcoming change has been well communicated, the details of the change are a little fuzzy. A more complete message would have been better, for example, at one point I think there was going to be a change in pricing, but now I can't find any evidence of that. I'm not sure if it's because I misunderstood an email, or because the company changed directions, either way it was a little confusing.
  • While I love that Vyond holds webinars aimed at helping users improve the content they create, they tend to be a bit slow and stick to the very basics. I'd like to see more advances topics and an approach that doesn't assume the user has never used the platform before.
  • Money: Any of the Vyond plans is significantly less expensive than hiring a production company to record a live action video, but in many cases an animated video can meet the same need. This year alone, I have created approximately 20 animated videos for less than the price of a video camera.
  • Time: One of the most precious resources in life is time. While it can be time consuming to create an animated video, a live action video can take even longer when you factor in the need to coordinate schedules, write the script, and more often than not, re-shoot if there there is even a small change to the subject matter
Before signing up with Go Animate (now Vyond) I also tested Pow Toons and My Simple Slide Show. My Simple Slide Show simply wasn't dynamic enough for my audience and I felt that it didn't provide anything I couldn't achieve through other tools I already possessed such as Articulate Storyline or even Power Point with just a little more effort. Pow Toons at the time was very similar to Go Animate, but many of the features were more intuitive and allowed me to more closely control the assets in my video. Vyond has now made several updates to this functionality and I imagine PowToons has as well, so I'm not sure how they would stack up now (2 years after my initial decision) but at the time it was a clear choice for me.
I liked the product before, but I love the new updates to the timeline and the functionality such a the ease with which I can replace assets or personalize them. Being able to custom make characters is a game changer as it allows me to recreate parts of our company history and ensure that our new hires are just as invested in our product and culture as our veterans.

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I work for a small company, so everyone tends to be involved in a lot of projects. This can make it difficult to book time with the leadership team to record them for company announcements or other similar needs. Vyond is the perfect solution for a video that doesn't depend on other people's schedules. For added fun, I can make the characters look like our leadership team and even borrow their voices from meetings, conference calls, or other announcements. This lets me create the illusion that our leaders are directly sharing information with new hires or individual team members without actually requiring them to take time out of their day.

Using Vyond (formerly GoAnimate)

1 - I am the only person in the company that uses Go Animate regularly. As the Training Manager I use it to create short training videos to accompany our training documents, to ensure that our new hires are properly introduced to the company history, and create an intentional culture at my organization.
  • Create summaries of compliance policies to improve the retention of information
  • Recreate important moments in company history to ensure all employees are aware of this history and what it means for our business
  • Quickly generate a message to the team using the likeness and voice or our company leaders to ensure all employees feel like they are receiving important information directly from leadership even if they are unable to attend the in person announcements.
  • Recreate the events that lead to the founding of the company to ensure all new employees are aware of this history
  • To allow employees to visualize complex and slightly conceptual sections of our business process ensuring increased understanding of their role in the company and the company overall
I was recently at a conference where I learned that many of my peers also use Vyond, solidifying my opinion that it is the right tool for out needs. Further more, one of our content vendors also uses it, ensuring that I will continue to use it as I believe this will facilitate our collaborations in the future.