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August 27, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We currently use Axonify at our organization across multiple departments. As of right now, only our training team is creating content, but many different departments in our organization use it based on their needs. Axonify allows us to provide microlearning and leveled training to various job roles within our company and see where users are doing well and where they are struggling. Axonify also allows us to store training materials so they can be accessed easily for future reference.
  • Very easy to create content.
  • Good for sectioning out content (i.e. Group 1 needs to learn A, B, and C but Group 2 only needs B and then also D).
  • Fun games to make learning more fun.
  • Subjects and categories organization system can get a little confusing.
  • While there is support for mobile phones, there's not an easy way to test it on mobile devices without deploying it first.
  • Lots of options so it can get complex if you just need a straightforward solution.
Axonify works very well in our organization because we have different departments needing different things and skills. For instance, we have a software-focused department that needs to learn about our latest update. But not everyone in software needs to know every update, and then some only need a refresher. Axonify allows us to target these individuals and see how they are doing. We can then go in and see question performance and tweak if necessary. While Axonify is easy to use, the system and taxonomy of levels and categorization does have a learning curve. If you want something you can set up immediately, this may not be the best option.
Axonify has been great for support. We have a dedicated rep but I have also just posted to the official user boards and gotten feedback as well. Axonify also has a conference every year that is a great way to learn. You can also become certified in Content or Administration with Axonify if you so choose.
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November 05, 2019
Ana Karen Valles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Axonify to ensure every member of our workforce is up to date on current procedures and compliance topics. This is particularly important because small mistakes or misspoken words can lead to major compliance violations in our industry. To make matters worse, our business traffic is seasonal and it is not unusual for our leadership team to make small tweaks to our business processes to accommodate changes in our understanding of the regulation, growth since the last busy season, or requirements from our partners. The daily Axonify training ensures that no one misses an update and makes it extremely difficult for our workforce to simply forget a change has been implement. The daily reinforcement, combined with the hands on implementation, and coaching from the supervisors helps to make new procedures second nature in record time.
  • Update the platform in response to feedback from current users- ex. Many of the features I wished Axonify had when I first signed up for it are now live, such as guided learning, the ability to add certification to guided learning paths, and the ability to tie outside metrics and behaviors directly to Axonify training frequency and scores
  • Reinforce employee knowledge to ensure employees don't forget content they don't use frequently- ex. as long as an employee signs in to train regularly, you can be assured that they will learn what they need to because the Axonify algorithm prioritizes reinforcement questions on topics that the learner hasn't seen recently and topics that the learner has the lowest scores in. The end result is that the platform is always customizing the content watch learner sees to help improve the individual's weak points. This means that of an employee is under performing, we know it is either because the process is not working, or the employee is unwilling to follow the process, not because he or she doesn't know any better
  • Foster competition and excitement around completing certain training milestones- ex. the Leaderboard can get pretty competitive as employees compete to reach the top. The platform also lets you auction off different prizes on the platform using points earned by answering questions correctly, thereby indirectly creating an incentive to complete training.
  • I have never worked with a company that did such a great job at walking a new user through the implementation process. A year and a half after implementing the platform I still have a regular call from my rep (Erin Bresser) during which we discuss my company's training plan, pain points, strategies, upcoming features, and anything else training related. I could not ask for more or better support from a vendor.
  • I love all the different content options I have. I can use the bare bones basics and simply add questions directly into Axonify, or I can support those questions by building a complex course, video, animation, or even downloading content from the Content exchange directly from Axonify. This means that weather I have a day or a year to prepare content, I have the ability to produce a functional and productive experience for my workforce
  • My biggest pain point with Axonify is that I don't always understand the logic behind the organization of the platform-i.e. why are there 2 separate places to pull reports from? Why is extra training not listed in a way that can be filtered by topic, or maybe organized in folders? Why can you only manage Event Attendance from the Admin Zone and not the Leader Zone? This may just be a personal preference or peet peeve, however it is minimized by the fact that the platform is constantly being updated and in many cases these small inconveniences have been addressed and ameliorated
  • I wish there was a more clear way of seeing what an individual has access to, it is not difficult to reference the individuals access type and team to figure this out, but I would prefer to have a more visual (maybe a hierarchy) method of figuring this out
  • I wish we could divide permissions in a more granular way, currently this is just me wanting more control, but I've worked in other roles where this limitation would have represented a more substantial problem
  • While the App is an excellent way to take reinforcement questions, learners sometimes get stuck if they try to take courses through the App. Further more, the App does not give access to the Admin Zone (this would come in handy when I get ad-hoc-requests during meetings)
  • The Learner's view of some of the features, such as the Guided Learning, could be improved to help more easily illustrate to learners what their learning patch will look like
Axonify is an excellent tool for any workplace that meets any of the following criteria:
  • Has very complex processes or that implements regular changes to policies or procedures (building spaceships, synthesizing plutonium, etc.)
  • Is in a highly regulated industry that requires regular compliance training (i.e. finance, childcare, medical, etc.)
  • Has roles with a high risk of injury necessitating regular safety training (warehouse workers, welding, etc.)
The reinforcement function ensures that workers are always aware and up to date of changes AND most importantly, learners are always working on improving their weaknesses.

It is not an ideal platform for industries that are not highly regulated, do not have a high risk of injury, or for workers with very simple and consistent roles, since once it is learned there is a small probability that a worker will need a refresher on any of the content.
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September 12, 2019
Grant Adendorff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Axonify has been deployed to the most critical areas of the business, which are varied in type, namely from customer-facing staff, to call center agents, to management staff. It addresses different business issues, as it's deployed to a variety of departments i.e. it addresses customer service training needs in the call center, product knowledge needs amongst the frontline retail staff, as well as leadership and management training for management.
  • It facilitates a rapid change in business culture.
  • It forces the L& D team to get closer to the business and truly unpack what underpins the business challenges and requirements.
  • It makes learning smarter, more efficient, meaningful, and impactful.
  • The speed to market of learning is significantly enhanced.
  • It motivates, inspires, and encourages staff to learn.
  • Reporting functionality needs to be enhanced.
The training tool is so adaptable it can be deployed just about anywhere in any organization, but for the best immediate results you should focus on the customer-facing staff for initial deployment purposes. The higher the staff in the organization, the greater the degree of difficulty in finding and curating the appropriate content, and this could prove challenging to smaller organizations. However, Axonify has ready-made off the shelf training to help new users cater to this need.
There is a dedicated Zendesk, and replies to queries are prompt and useful. They also have support mechanisms on their website.
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September 09, 2019
Paige Vurpillat, MA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My professional services learning audience spends on average one hour a month
conducting some learning and engagement activity - broken up into
micro-learning sessions of about 6 minutes each. The knowledge growth average
is 13%. What other learning methods can give me this kind of data, keep learning
fun, and engage a diverse tech workforce? The use of daily questions, intro training/guided learning, and DiscoveryZone have made a significant impact on
the learning experience across our professional services group. The business problem Axonify helps us address is the rapid need to disseminate product information and gauge "learning" versus just information sharing via email. We have
realized rapid increases in onboarding ability, product training, and building
up knowledge around strategic initiatives that are important to the success of
our business and entry into a new market.
  • Ease of content creation and organization.
  • Effective micro-learning and knowledge retention delivery.
  • Effective learning engagement features like points, gaming, and rewards.
  • The chief complaint from my learning audience is that they cannot pick their path between options like daily questions, new topics, and exams.
Axonify is well-suited for just about every organization with a need to disseminate information effectively for the purposes of learning instead of simple information sharing. My
professional services learning audience has a knowledge growth average
is 13%. Our sales and support functions have had similar outcomes. If a role or function in a business is very static, you may not see much engagement.
I always have a response within a business day. In over three years of use, I've only experienced one unexplained outage.
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August 27, 2019
Aston Moss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Axonify across our entire business: stores, DC and Support Office. Keeping learners current, speed to deploy learning material improved, established the only 1:1 link with our employees, sales and margin improvement, safer environment and team members, increased the credibility of HR within the business (which is always a challenge).
  • Engages learners. Makes learning fun.
  • Requires us to make learning objectives clear and easily understood. The entire process has been embedded in our development processes and spread across our HR disciplines.
  • Has a suite of functions that enrich the use of the tool and they all integrate to provide a better set of measurable learning outcomes.
  • Getting some raw data rather than processed data on some reporting would be helpful.
  • Overall, I have very few criticisms of the product.
Axonify is so much more than a platform. It integrates and reinforces the basics of microlearning. We've now applied these to other aspects of our learning framework to great effect. The platform is so multi-faceted and it has driven us to consider how we can truly engage the business and demonstrate the value of Axonify and learning. It provides the ability to observe and record changes in behaviors in the workplace and to connect these back to the learning - showing both the impact on the learner and the effectiveness of our training. It's enabled us to deliver competencies in areas we would never have dreamed of 2 years ago. Axonify is technically fast and easy to implement. It needs lots of content to get the most out of it but fair to say, most organizations (ourselves included) underestimate the body of knowledge required to operate their businesses and rarely acknowledge this information inside its employees' heads (and not necessarily always well captured in the corporate memory).
Team, both local and global, are there when we need them. Local reseller has been awesome in support of us and also serves to connect the community of users.
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August 29, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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The Axonify platform is being used across our operations and customer experience teams. The platform makes it easy to deliver required information/learning content to these targeted groups of employees in an engaging
way, with ongoing reinforcement to ensure knowledge growth and retention. In
addition, the reporting capabilities ensure that we are hitting the mark when
it comes to knowledge growth, and it helps leaders to understand knowledge and
confidence anomalies on their teams.
  • Support and service: The Axonify team consistently delivers when it comes to support and service. They are responsive, they seek out the right solutions for us, and they take the time to understand our business/our challenges to ensure that they are providing viable suggestions and solutions.
  • The platform is designed well and it is user-friendly. Additionally, it has become very clear that the team at Axonify is constantly working to make improvements based on feedback from their customers.
  • We are still early in the game, but to date, there has not been anything negative.
Axonify is well suited for any organization that is looking to provide ongoing, engaging training to employees to ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence that they need in order to perform successfully in their roles. It is also well suited for situations where information is constantly changing, and employees need to retain information. Axonify's daily training ensures that information is learned and retained.
The support has been amazing. The team at Axonify was dedicated to ensuring our success at launch, and continues to offers ongoing support post launch to assist with engagement, administration, and full utilization of the platform.
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March 29, 2017
Michael Dismuke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Axonify is used to serve our safety and compliance training to the majority of our workforce in all departments (C-Suite Executives excluded). Some of the subjects included: Must-Know company trivia, the employee handbook, office ethics, safety, fair housing, property operations manual, best accounting practices and random surveys. Axonify helps us test the knowledge of our work force and look for gaps in knowledge. We use that information to build webinars, eLearning or ILTs that match the current needs of our users. The surveys allow us to collect reaction data to make sure morale and engagement in learning is kept high.
  • Great user interface. Intuitive. Simple. Clean look.
  • Easy to access reports that deliver well for C-Suite presentations.
  • Simple gamification structure with well-thought out reward design.
  • Amazing customer service team that passes on our feedback to design team and, get this, oftentimes actually implements our ideas. Gotta love that!
  • Bite-sized learning that is served quickly while maintaining high-quality.
  • The results display for surveys tends to cut off comments. There should be a better export option to save editing time on our end when generating reports.
  • I would like to be able to see the amount people spent to win prizes on the Reports>>Winners page.
  • Live Polling, registration, and electronic QA feature in Events section (like EventMobi).
Axonify is perfect for serving up MUST-KNOWs to staff. Safety and compliance related topics are best. Axonify is not currently suited as a full-on LMS for more intensive training, like webinars or soft skill training. Due to this, there is not as much incentive for high-level executive employees to engage since they usually have a good handle on compliance training and find it a waste of time.
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What is Axonify?

Axonify is a learning solution for frontline employees. The vendor states employees love its fun, fast, personalized experience so much that 83% of them come back to train 2-3 times a week, and that their high engagement gives its AI-powered platform lots of chances to reinforce the important things using bite-sized microlearning content and other techniques proven by brain science to make sure people remember what they’ve learned. The vendor describes its results as behaviors changing on the frontline in the right way, to make a meaningful impact on business results.

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Watch Axonify is the modern learning solution for frontline employees that actually works. Why does it work so well? Because employees love the fun, fast, personalized experience so much that 83% of them come back to train 2-3 times a week. The super-high engagement gives our AI-powered platform lots of chances to reinforce the really important things using bite-sized microlearning content and other techniques proven by brain science to make sure people remember what they’ve learned. The result? Behaviors on your frontline change in all the right ways to make a meaningful impact on your business results.

Watch See how onboarding with Axonify starts employees off strong then keeps a good thing going for as long as they are with your organization.

Watch Discover how easy it is to deliver consistent communications to your entire frontline workforce, right in the training solution they use every day--no email address required.

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