A Great Tool For What You Need.
February 01, 2014

A Great Tool For What You Need.

Shawn Oudavanh | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Our whole organization utilizes Webex for different needs that we have. Webex is great for meetings and sharing presentations when our organization is spread throughout the wold. It helps communicate new changes and training to our teams in other countries. My primary use of Webex is to assisting our clients with bugs or troubleshooting anything within our software. With the software I support it involves looking into our client's servers and system because there can be so many factors when it comes to other organization's environment.This allows me to interact with our client, see their desktop, and take control if I need to. Sometimes the issues that we face when troubleshooting is that the issue is complicated and complex. Webex allows you to record the session so if needed you can view it later. Also the recording service is a great way to save a training session and have it viewed later on. The integration with Microsoft Outlook is a great feature. It is easy to schedule a meeting and with a click of a button in Outlook i can add my Webex info into the meeting. When I need to do a quick meeting There is a "One-Click Meeting" button in Outlook that launches a webex meeting and emails me the information that I can forward to whomever.
  • Webex is great for virtual meetings even with international clients or team members.
  • If you need a meeting setup right away it is easy as a click of a button.
  • It is a great recording tool for any kind of session such as support, meetings, training, or even just a conference call.
  • During initial setups it can be a little confusing.
  • The look and feel is a little rigid. It feels like it is in need of a smoother UI update.
  • When a new user is introduced to webex and they are asked to share their desktop, it maybe a little difficult for the user to navigate to the correct buttons.
  • Webex helps us give a better understanding of how our client's system is setup. This allows us to support our customers efficiently.
  • Webex lets us build rapport with our clients and are customers know we are a Webex away from the support they need.
  • With different schedules and meetings everyday our group sometimes cannot attend import release changes. With Webex it is available on demand.
Webex is well known by many other companies. It is easy to use and versatile. This familiarity builds a standard to conferencing and users are more comfortable using it. If you want to be safe with a choice of the many conferencing tools out there, Webex will be your best bet.
This tool is great for any sort of conferencing needed. If you need only audio conferencing this may not be the best option for you. Webex allows you to share files and desktop sessions. You can have multiple presenters if you need to share different presentations or ideas. It really does meet the need for any kind of conferencing.