Reasons to move your videos to Wistia
Updated March 18, 2015

Reasons to move your videos to Wistia

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Wistia is being used by my organization to be up to date on the trends in marketing. Video marketing is a great way to engage prospects in a personal and interesting way. In addition to being an emerging trend, it also helps improve SEO and integrates with our marketing automation platform, Pardot. Wistia's extensive analytics allows the marketing team to assess how videos are performing. This helps the team decide which videos to use where and how to improve videos that may not be performing as well as anticipated.


  • The community forum on Wistia allows users to post questions, share strategies or even solicit feedback on their videos before publishing them through marketing efforts. This interactive feature is very attractive, especially for new users to bounce ideas off of Wistia employees and longtime users.
  • Customer support is always a necessity for learning any new platform. While Wistia is very intuitive and pretty 'fool proof', their customer support is excellent. Questions are answered in a timely and friendly manner, with no question being too minor. Support usually answers the questions clearly and provides blogs or additional articles to further back up their recommendations or answers.
  • The ability to integrate with a variety of marketing automation and email newsletter providers, such as Pardot, MailChimp and Constant Contact, is vastly important. To leverage videos across your marketing campaigns, and receive tracking every step of the way, is huge in this day and age. There is also the ability to add a 'turnstile' option to the video, either encouraging or requiring viewers to enter their email address to access the video. If you have a marketing automation tool, you can place the viewer immediately onto a list, potentially into a drip campaign about the materials covered in the video, and so on.


  • Exporting CSV files for reporting can be a bit tricky. They occasionally take several minutes to pull and are typically emailed with a prompt to download instead of automatically downloading. I've found pulling reports for shorter, specific time periods can help the wait time.
  • The video heat maps can take a bit of time to fully understand. It can be tricky to realize what the different colors indicate across a viewers history, and what that really means for your marketing efforts. Luckily there are blogs to help decipher the heat map and support using the analytics provided.
  • The initial investment is so small that I wouldn't consider reporting on ROI of Wistia, except that it allows for better insight to improve other marketing efforts such as Webinars.
  • Another positive impact has been blog engagement. Viewers look forward to seeing a different type of material published on our blog, instead of the basic articles - there are short, informative and engaging videos.
Wistia is best suited for companies that have employees with video editing experience at their disposal. The initial investment in the actual license is not a large one at all, but Wistia hosts video - they do not edit and create videos. If you're having a series of testimonials, or something or the sort, professionally done at a tradeshow - definitely invest in Wistia to promote those videos across social media, email campaigns and your website. A paid Wistia account has no Wistia branding and does not provide the opportunity for the viewer to get lost in a sea of other videos, potentially made by a competitor.

If you're consistently hosting webinars and posting the recordings, Wistia can also be used to host those 'videos' as well. If you're currently hosting webinar recordings in Vimeo or YouTube, you're missing the opportunity to see exactly how viewers are interacting with the material. Wistia analytics can be very helpful to determine how to better organize your material, what needs to be more thoroughly explained and where viewers are loosing interest.

Using Wistia

Wistia is reasonably priced, easy to use and integrates with our marketing automation platform - there is really no downside.

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