Workable Works!
February 22, 2018

Workable Works!

Erin Holm | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Workable

We use Workable for all of our recruitment needs as our applicant tracking system of choice. About 20 members of our organization, across various departments, have access. We hire on a fairly consistent basis, and Workable helps us keep track of candidates, interviews, evaluations, and reporting. We have it integrated with our company careers page, as well as our company Facebook. As the recruitment coordinator, I use it daily to ensure candidates are coming in, and moving through the process efficiently. Workable is user-friend, so makes this an easy process, even for those who don't use it on a regular basis.

We've also seen value from the various job boards Workable connects us with for free. Many of our candidates come from the free Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn pages, which Workable connects with. This makes posting jobs in multiple places very easy.
  • Visibility - Workable presents your open jobs in a very prominent manner, and makes it easy to see how many candidates are in each stage.
  • Connectivity - Hiring mangers/users of Workable are informed when emails are sent from candidates, and correspondence is stored within the platform. Prior to using Workable, we were having trouble keeping track of messaging going between the recruitment coordinator, hiring managers, and candidates. Although it's not 100% accurate, it has helped with this issue.
  • Reporting - We appreciate the reporting tools Workable has within its platform. We're able to see how we're doing with our hiring, and where we can make improvements, simply by running a report. This is a fairly easy, and user-friendly setting, as well.
  • Support - Workable has recently added a chat feature to their support, which has been incredibly helpful. Previously, you had to send in a request, and it took a bit to get responses. However, now asking a few questions is very easy.
  • Resources - Thankfully, this platform is more than just an ATS. Workable's blog, templates, and training information, among other things, are very helpful. If you have employees who are new to interviewing, there are interview kits within the ATS you can provide. They also have great suggestions when it comes to reviewing your interview process. I've recently been accessing this information, and am thankful I found it!
  • Although Workable is user-friendly, there are times where I find the platform to not be particularly intuitive. There's been several times I've asked a support person how to access what I think is a fairly common-sense feature, and they've said 'we actually don't have that, but that's a great idea! We'll pass that along to our product support team'. An example is the Talent Pool - you would think candidates that apply for a role, but aren't actually a fit could be put in your talent pool, almost like a holding place. Nope - not an option. They have to submit their information through another portal. This, among other features, gives me the impression that actual recruiters/HR professionals were NOT consulting when adding new features/creating the ATS. There's a lot of potential here, but it doesn't seem that anyone actually using the platform was consulted when designing new features.
  • The People Search function seems to be an after thought, and not particularly helpful. This could be that not enough people are in Workable's pool, but I've yet to find it useful.
  • Although Workable will post your jobs to other job boards (Indeed, Glassdoor, etc), it does not communicate with those boards, and you as the use have no access to what's being shown on those boards. I recently had an issue with a role on a board, and had to contact support. I was told I'd have to utilize my Glassdoor account to fix the issue. The problem - I don't have one! My only contact with Glassdoor is via Workable. There has to be a better way for the two to communicate.
  • Features can often be buried within the platform. There have been times where it's difficult to find certain things. Your jobs page is your home screen, which is helpful, but finding items not on that page can often feel like a treasure hunt.
  • Easier access to our candidate pool, and better management of applicants.
  • Quicker turnaround for hiring - we are without employees in various for less time, which is great.
  • Better communication with candidates, and easier to keep track of the communication. This has allowed for fewer candidates to get 'lost in the shuffle', which could turn into a negative few of our organization.
Although I have mentioned some flaws with the features within Workable, overall, I find it to be a helpful tool. It's a great way to house all of your candidates, and keep the interview process moving forward. Because we have various hiring managers using the platform at different times, it's nice that it is user-friendly. Some use it more often than not, so the fact that it isn't over complicated is helpful.

Also, with the integration options that are available, it does a nice job of connecting our various resources outside of Workable. It is rather all-encompassing.

My suggestion would be to think through the features that are being added a bit more. There have been multiple times where I have asked support people about a feature, and they've said 'unfortunately, it doesn't do that. We'll pass that along!'. These are not outlandish requests. They are what most professionals utilizing this system would want/need.

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